Random mixed dessert (rice, yogurt, apple, honey)

I made the most amazing random dessert tonight.  My favorite way of making dessert is to put a bunch of random foods (sweet, obvi) that I like in a bowl and then to mix them up.  Bobby thinks I’m nuts.

This story starts last night.  We were up late and I was hungry and all we had to eat was leftover rice in the rice cooker.  It was white rice, which I really don’t eat, ever.  But I was lazy and I figured, why not try again? I heated up some honey so that it was nice and drizzly, poured some over the rice, and ate.  Holy yum!  Maybe I do like white rice.

Tonight I wanted to try my rice concoction again, but I wanted to jazz it up a little this time.  I took whole milk plain yogurt (bought today at TJ’s – I’m trying to eat more like a European), chopped up half of an apple, added about 3/4 cup of cooked white rice, and drizzled hot honey overtop.  Holy yum again!!  It was so good.

This morning Bobby did yoga – I am so proud of him!  I think he was so happy that I found a way to eat white rice that he decided to try something that I love.  He’s going to try to do yoga once a day for the next week, and if he notices anything (better flexibility, strength), even just a little, he’s going to try to keep doing it!

Is there anything that you always thought you didn’t like that you tried one day and found you really did like it?

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  1. WHOA awesome combo. I KNOW I would love that just by the sounds of it. Mmmm.

    I’ve done that with a lot of foods. I used to hate mushrooms, peanut butter, bananas, cottage cheese, seafood… I refused to touch them. Then I just randomly tried them one way or another one day and discovered their awesomeness. I think mainly my taste buds just grew up though and I stopped being afraid of different foods.

  2. Hm I would have to say brussels sprouts, 2nd time was a charm! I think I was that way with yoga too, I finally took it at a really nice studio a couple months ago, and it was such a sweaty, great, relaxing, amazing workout that I discarded all previous assumptions! And now I’m a member 😀

  3. I love dessert messes! Warm rice is really good with melted nut butter. That is awesome Bobby is giving yoga a try. Even with one class a week, I’ll bet he’ll notice some changes. Hmm, I rarely exercised growing up. Now I love it. Would not touch a sweet potato back in the day, and now I could not live without them. 🙂

  4. creamcheese!
    didnt try it until I was 25 (and Im jewish so that was a ‘horror’) as like the whitecreamylook icked me out 🙂

  5. Wowey – looks great!!

    I thought I hated a lot of foods before I tried them again: onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, yogurt – what did I used to eat?!

  6. Great idea with the rice girl! I NEVER would’ve thought of that! I know we have a nice big box of Uncle Ben’s in the pantry so I am very tempted to give that dessert a whirl! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. That’s awesome that he’s doing yoga!

    Love your concoction- most of the weird mixes I try just don’t work out. But it’s fun to experiment! Mmm honey.

  8. eek! white rice! I hate it too! but that concoction actually sounds quite good…maybe I’ll overcome my hatred of white rice too!
    for me it was BROCCOLI…used to want to throw up whenever I ate it, but now it’s my fav veggie EVER.

  9. that rice dish does sound really good. sometimes throwing random food together turns out amazing… and other times it tanks.

    the food that i always said i hated, but later in life was OBSESSED with was cottage cheese. since i became a vegan, i haven’t had it, but i used to eat a container a day with honey. oh my gosh. i can practically taste it right now.

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