Annoucement… and dinner!

Some of you guessed my secret – I’m going to get certified to teach yoga!  I signed up this afternoon to take YogaFit’s Level One training in March.  YogaFit is a well-known organization that offers various trainings and conferences. They also have their own DVD and clothing lines.  There are many different paths and options for yoga training, and from what I’ve found, YogaFit seems like a great choice.

I want to thank the darling Polly (Yoga is Yummy is her blog; it’s lovely) for talking to me about all of her yoga experiences and for being part of the inspiration to take this step.  And sometime next week I’ll have another exciting thing to share, but you’ll just have to wait and see what that is.

This morning (well, at noon) I took a great Hatha Yoga class.  I don’t usually do the slow yoga, but it’s growing on me.  The instructor did more sun salutations than you usually get in a Hatha class, and she definitely picked up the pace.  We talked afterwards and I think I’m going to take her class on Wednesday as well.

In other news, I had an awesome Korean dinner at a new place – Jang Su Jang in Santa Clara (on El Camino).

The meal started with hot rice tea

And then the side dishes came out (we got seconds of these; Bobby and I always eat way way way too much food when we get Korean)…

Here are descriptions:

  • regular kimchee (1st pic, top left)
  • sweet cucumber kimchee (1st pic, top right)
  • sweet picked radish (but not daikon; 1st pic, bottom left)
  • daikon kimchee (1st pic, bottom right)
  • rice mush patty thing with sliced cucumbers and sesame seeds (2nd pic, top left)
  • seaweed and cucumber salad (2nd pic, top right)
  • apple cucumber onion mayo salad (kind of like waldorf salad; 2nd pic, bottom left)
  • sprouts (2nd pic, bottom right)

I got a Korean miso soup with my meal (cabbage in there too)…

And then the star – vegetarian Bibimbap!  This is a mix of steamed veggies (sprouts, spinach, various mushrooms, carrots, cucumber), crumbled tofu, some dried seaweed, a fried egg, and a big lettuce leaf, sprinkled with sesame seeds.  I topped it with lots of spicy red sauce and gave the rice it came with to Bobby.

At the end they brought me another miso soup for some reason, but I didn’t complain and ate it anyway!  Quite yum.  For dessert they gave us complimentary yogurt drinks.  I had some of mine but it was kind of odd so I gave the rest to Bobby (he loves them).

I found out about Jang Su Jang because my coworker took us there on Wednesday for our free engineering lunch (he’s Korean). It’s Jang Su Jang’s grand opening and they were packed both times. I don’t say this lightly – it’s the best Korean food I’ve ever had.

Now I am definitely stuffed, but in a very pleasant way.  I love Korean food so much.  BUT, this stuffed feeling will not stop me from having my usual dessert of fruit.  I really can’t end a night without my beloved apples!  Is there something you can’t go a day without?  For me it’s fruit (apples in particular), and yoga.

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  1. Tea is something I can’t go a day without! -lol-
    And I know what you mean about apples. I need to go shopping, since I only have one in my fridge remaining. I always need an abundance of them in the fridge, or else I feel off.

    Good luck with getting your certificate Maggie!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! You’ll make a great teacher! That’s awesome Maggie! Your eats over the past few days looks beautiful! I’m glad you tried the meringues!
    I can’t go a day without prunes! Don’t laugh! I even bought a box on vacation – they’re like candy to me! 🙂

  3. oh wow congrats on the news!!
    I’ll have to hit up this Jang Su Jang place when i go back!! that bibimbap looks amazing~
    lol i don’t like that yogurt drink either and always give it to someone else. many people think i’m crazy for that.

  4. good luck with the yoga certification!! i think you’ll be a great teacher. i’d totally go to your class if i went to your gym.

    that korean spread looks awesome. you guys definitely had your fair share of deliciousness.

    i can’t go a day without apple juice and bananas. i have a glass for break with this banana concoction i always eat- nut butter, cacao nibs, and raisins. it’s heaven!!

  5. Congratulations! That is really amazing. I hope to become certified to teach one day. Good luck and I really truly cannot wait to read all about it.

  6. Congrats!! You will be an amazing yoga instructor!

    My foods: PB of some form and cottage cheese apparently 🙂

  7. Congratulation on working toward becoming a certified yoga instructor! I’m actually thinking about becoming one because I AM definitely yoga/pilates lover and can’t live a day w/o them ;]

    please let me know how it goes!!!!

    btw korean food is very healthy and yum! i know this because I’m korean and i’ve grown up eating all those healthy korean food. of course there are “unhealthy” food but traditional korean food are really nutritional and good for us 😉

    i’m glad you liked korean food! and yes, bibimbap [w/o rice] is one of my favorites as well!

  8. Yay – I am so excited for you! I can’t wait to hear more about your experience with YogaFit.

    Love Polly – isn’t she awesome?

    Vegetarian Bibimbap…um, YUM!

    I cannot go a day without nut butter. I eat at least 2 TBSP a day if not 3 or 4. It makes me happy.

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