Menu Plan Monday (vegetarian)

Menu Plan for the Week of January 18 – January 24

Sunday Dinner – Vegan Mac ‘n’ Cheese (recipe coming soon if it’s good), sauteed snow peas & celery

Monday Dinner – Pasta salad (recipe coming soon if it’s good) and veggie skewers (zucchini, onion, red pepper, mushrooms, tomatoes)

Tuesday Dinner – Mushroom “risotto” with brown rice (recipe coming soon if it’s good), gingery bok choy

Wednesday Dinner – Scrambled tofu

Thursday Dinner – Gliding Calm tofu, stirfry of leftover veggies from the week

Friday/Saturday Dinner – One night out, and one night of omelettes with lots of veggies!

Desserts: frozen banana popsicles (recipe coming), pineapple pie (recipe coming), grilled oranges/pineapple, and fruits/berries with yogurts

Lunches: omelettes, nut butter sammies, hummus sammies, lunch meat sammies for Bobby, veggies, fruit, and leftovers.

More great menus can be found at Organizing Junkie!

This week I’m making an effort to PLAN and save some money.  We spend A LOT on groceries, and I’ve noticed that people around the blogosphere have been trying to cut back their spending.  So we’re going to try to save some more too.  Have a lovely week 🙂

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  1. L0000VE THE MENU F0R THE WEEK MAGS! And FAB meals that will SURELY satisfy that tumtum! I’m so proud of youuu… That Bobby knows his girl! =]

  2. awesome!!! i love your blog as it is, and now i will be able to get even more out of it since i myself am a vegetarian…all you bloggers are so awesome, coming up w/ all these creative recipes! sounds delish…

  3. Please update us on how the mac-and-cheese is/recipe! I’ve been on a quest to find my go-to mac recipe that both my boyfriend and I love, and haven’t been successful so far. 😀 The rest of your menu looks delicious, too!

  4. Looks great! I may have to integrate that tofu recipe in my stir fry this week.

    ps; my mom makes the best darn vegan mac and cheese I have ever tasted, let me know if you are interested, I would be happy to get you the recipe!

  5. Great menu planning! It always saves money when you plan – even if I stop by the store for ONE thing, the next thing I know my arms are full!

    Looking forward to your recipes!

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