Serious yums

I don’t think I mentioned this earlier, but Bobby is away this weekend on a skiing trip in Tahoe.  I could have gone, but I don’t usually choose to go to cold places!  So I stayed here.  When I’m alone, I tend to revert to eating my favorites – lots of fruit, yogurt, peanut butter, and veggies.  That is my ideal diet.  Here are some yums (but by no meals all of them) from this weekend…

A Breakfast


  • rice, yogurt, Trader Joe’s high fiber cereal, peanut butter

Lunches and snacks


  • pumpkin fries with maple syrup AND organic ketchup (I promise it’s good – didn’t you ever dip breakfast sausages in ketchup and syrup?  It’s the same concept)
  • pear with yogurt, cereal, and peanut butter

First dinner


  • pumpkin fries with organic ketchup and maple syrup (again, yummy!)
  • sliced peach (these weren’t that good… starchy.  I guess that’s what I get for buying the first peaches of the season.)
  • roasted broccoli with garlic & chili powder

And desserts (many varying desserts – my favorite meal)…


  • orange, strawberries, yogurt, coconut, maple syrup

I can’t wait until my sweetie is back, but I certainly do enjoy this way of eating!  It’s good that Bobby keeps me in line and makes me eat grains though.  I don’t really crave them and would probably just go without if it weren’t for him.  Happy Sunday!  I’m off to the farmers’ market…  What are you plans?

9 Replies to “Serious yums”

  1. Mmm. Ketchup AND syrup? Tasty! I kind of like being alone like that sometimes- its nice to eat whatever you want and all. Have fun at the farmers market! Am hoping to catch up on some work today. In a relaxing sort of way, of course:)

  2. Oh love your eats of filling up on vegetables and fruit! Simply tasty! Enjoy the farmers market! As for me, I have lots and lots of textbook reading to do.

  3. now when I’m ‘lazy’, I always resort to yogurt and granola for dinner and of course round it out with some veggies and a piece of fruit. :)It feels great to eat without influences, right?

  4. Haha – add hummus and that’s my preferred diet as well!

    Hope you found a lot of goodies at the farmers market!

  5. YUM! Girl, we need to get together and do some eating WITHOUT the guys! I always skip on grains too because produce is so much better! I’m trying to get all my grains in when I wake up by having huge bowls of cereal. 😉

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