So Fraiche and So Clean

This afternoon I met up with one of my best guy friends, Tommy, from high school. He’s currently a grad student at Stanford. We recently realized that we live about 5 miles apart and decided that we had to hang out. I picked him up and we wandered around downtown Palo Alto for about 2.5 hours. We ended up going to Fraiche, a new frozen yogurt shop.

From Fraiche’s website: “Fraiche is a homemade, organic fresh yogurt and frozen yogurt café located in downtown Palo Alto. All of our European-style yogurts are made from scratch, in-house using local Clover organic milk and a special probiotic-focused culture. Our fresh yogurts are the basis for our frozen yogurt. So, whether you feel like fresh or frozen yogurt, you’ll still enjoy the same health benefits.” (emphasis mine)


This was my “Junior Natural” – plain and simple.  I skipped out on the toppings because I’m saving money (the Junior was $2.95, and toppings are $0.95 each).  I did add some generous sprinkles of cinnamon from the coffee bar.

By the time I got home it was late, and I made a simple dinner for us.  I had a 1 egg, 3 egg-white omelette (I was hungry from all the walking!) stuffed with Chinese greens, and lots of cilantro added to the omelette mixture.  I topped it with organic ketchup.  I made a simple salad on the side – cheddar, a pear, tomato, celery, and spring mix topped with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and s&p.  I had a bunch more salad than is pictured.


For dessert… I haven’t decided yet!  Probably my usual fruit-y snacking (we have a bunch or oranges), maybe a yogurt, and maybe a Healthy Choice Fudge Bar – these are so delicious.  Bobby and I are currently sharing some Rooibos tea, which we both love.  What is your favorite kind of tea?

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  1. Oh God, that yogurt looks good. I’m going to have to still have frozen yogurt every now and then – it’s too good to give up completely.
    I’ve just fallen in love with rooibos, so I have to agree with Bobby – green tea & rooibos.

  2. I’ll have to try one of the “Wade” podcasts. I really appreciate all your Internet yoga reviews…now if my silly hamstring would just start feeling better!

    Frozen yogurt…I love it so much, but why is it so pricey? That was quite clever to use the cinnamon from the coffee bar. I’ll have to remember that.

    OK, off to make some heart healthy oats! Happy Sunday Maggie.

  3. High five on the Fraiche. I don’t know how anyone lives without it! We have one on campus now…its excellent. I’m going to try cinnamon next time! You should try the ground flax, and the honey is a free topping. Dried figs are also to-die-for.

  4. Fraiche looks amazing! I am a huge frozen yogurt fan, my favorite being from Forty Carrots at Bloomingdale’s, and yours looks so delicious!

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