You know you’re an addict when…

… 60 minutes of power yoga feels like a short session.

Yesterday’s free yoga podcast was a 90-minute class with Philip Urso (Salt Pond Yoga) but I only had time to do the first 60 minutes.  I did my own ending (headstand to savasana).  The class I took was called “High Power SPY Vinyasa” and can be found by searching “Yoga classes – Baptiste Power Vinyasa” in iTunes.

Yesterday’s oatmeal was the usual heart-healthy serving of oats:



  • 3/4 cup dry oats, 1.5 cups water
  • salt, cinnamon, stevia
  • 1/3 cup Greek yogurt (added at the end)
  • sliced Asian pear
  • blueberries


I decided to take a break from power yoga this morning and instead I just walked to the grocery store to pick up some necessities (yogurt, lime and lemon juice, syrup).  I will probably do some Ashtanga on my own this afternoon.

I made a great find at Trader Joe’s the other day – vanilla mini meringue cookies.  There is 1 calorie per meringue.  One serving is 100 minis!  The tub comes with 5 servings, and it was gone in two days.


This afternoon I have to go out looking for the last component to my Secret Cupid present, but that’s the only thing I have planned so far.  What is the weather like where you are?  Here in Mountain View it’s a cloudy and cool 57 degrees, but the forecast for today claims that it will get up to 70F.  I don’t believe it though!

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  1. You’re going to regret asking about the weather in NJ. Yesterday it was in the 50s and I had my sunroof open and no coat on. I went out at 5 am this morning and there was 3 inches of snow on the ground…at least it wasn’t the typical Jersey mix — snow, ice, sleet, slush and I made it to Yoga OK. Btw, I love the way you artfully arranged your oats and fruit (and much admired wooden spoon)

  2. Cute little bowl there. Ithaca’s weather??? Woke up and it was zero. It got up to 15. Beautiful and sunny though! Maybe a tiny bit of snow predicted for tonight ;^)

  3. You are a yoga machine 😀 I bet those meringues would be good in oats!? Maybe a little crunch or melt?? Hm i wonder…We have a high of 78 in good ol’ LA today!! Yikes, i like it but i know it = global warming, crazyyyy.

  4. I think I have that same green bowl, neat!
    Your breakfast is looking quite beautiful, Im diggin the arrangement, lady!

    Weather is going crazy down in FL! 60’s and windy right now, but supposed to drop to the 20’s, yes 20’s!! tonight. It’s been warm and sunny summertime otherwise! 😛

    Thanks for your lovely comments, btw 😉

  5. Your blog has become my inspiration to my daily yoga practice! thanks so much for sharing your workouts and links to these greats yoga sessions!

  6. I’ve got to try that bigger serving of oats!!!

    I love the mini meringues! I treat ’em like mini marshmallows and put them in cocoa or on top of chocolate pudding, or mix ’em with chocolate chips and graham crackers for a little smores mix. Yum, I need to get some!!!

  7. Your oats look so pretty!

    It’s cold here in Winnipeg. Just cold.

    I feel the same way about walking as you do about yoga 🙂

  8. I know exactly what you’re talking about! My yoga classes at home are 90 minutes, at school they’re 75, so whenever I do a 60 minute class it feels like nothing! Once I tried one of the 20 minute free downloads and have no idea how that is enough yoga for anyone!

  9. it’s 10 degrees and sunny here in williamstown, MA. i love the idea of greek yogurt in the morning oats, yum…i will try that tomorrow morning. thanks for the free yoga heads up!

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