Lovely oatmeal, soba, and yoga. Ahhh-dog.

Today’s oatmeal was divine.  I also had a large Asian pear on the side.


  • 3/4 cup dry oats, 1.5 cups water
  • salt, cinnamon, vanilla
  • 2 tablespoons wheat germ
  • 1/4 cup chocolate almond milk
  • blueberry maple syrup (I love flavored maple syrups)

I also wanted to share a recent meal. I ended up changing Tuesday night’s menu plan meal (it was supposed to be soba noodle sushi) to just plain soba noodle soup. This was actually the bowl that I made for Bobby’s lunch yesterday (he came home to visit me!) because I didn’t snap a picture on Tuesday.


  • soba noodles
  • “meat” of choice (Bobby likes chicken; I like tofu)
  • bean sprouts
  • celery
  • cilantro

It was very simple to prepare – just boil the water with the broth cube, add the noodles, and “meat” of choice (for me this is tofu), then about a minute before the noodles finish you add the veggies.

I did some new yoga this morning too – Sarah (LovIN My Tummy) recommended an ExerciseTV video called “Yoga Sculpt“, which was about 25-30 minutes long.  I liked it!  The instructor offered some nice modifications to make it more difficult, which I took advantage of.  After Yoga Sculpt I did my favorite Tom Morley video (20 minutes) – Buns and Thighs Yoga.

I find that the shorter videos/mp3s tend to get me sweatier than some of the longer sessions that I do.  This is probably because the instructors try to really pack in a workout in those 20-30 minutes.  Have you experienced this?  Thoughts?

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  1. I just got hip to Exercise TV and it rawks! I haven’t tried any Yoga yet (confession: I hate yoga *yikes*) but I’m doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and an abs one – I forget which. What I like about the shorter workouts is that I can do one in the AM and one in the PM and not feel rushed and still get a great sweaty workout done.

  2. it’s true that sometimes shorter workouts are harder than long workouts except those from

    soba noodle looks delicious! 😀

  3. perfect oatmeal! flavored maple syrup sounds amazing, especially blueberry flavor! 🙂

    I don’t know very much about the practice of yoga, but I would think your assumption about shorter classes to be true. Makes sense to me!

  4. ahhh both meals look amazing! i haven’t had blueberry maple syrup, and you just reminded me of how much i used to love it. that’s such a good idea to put it in your oats!
    have a wonderful friday!

  5. Yeah, the shorter yoga sessions do seem more intense. I think the same thing about 60 minute classes vs 90 minutes. With the longer sessions, there is usually more stretching and a longer Savasana. I think that is why I prefer them.

    Still loving the oats? Me too!

  6. I tried the Philip Urso in your post a couple days ago and while it was challenging, it was just sooooo boring. I couldn’t finish! I feel like with Dave Farmar, it feels like you’re in the class with everyone. Maybe I was just having a scattered day. 😀

  7. That bowl of oats is making my tummy rumble! Gorgeous!

    I’m getting more interested in trying yoga. I need to get more flexible. It’s just that all the stuff I did in PE class was so boring.

    Any tips for getting the most out of a gym group yoga session?

  8. Glad you tried the Yoga Sculpt! I like Tom Morley too, he is so funny when he almost falls over or starts breathing really hard. I like how “real” he is and how its not all scripted and perfect!

  9. hi Maggers!

    Yes, shorter yoga sessions can be pretty much a kick in the pants. But I do love short yoga, long yoga, and in between yoga. As long as they don’t rush. 😉 It’s all quite yummy!

    One of my favorite short yoga DVD’s is…

    Baron Baptiste Unlocking Athletic Power … it basically ROCKS. 🙂


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