Date night @ Sprout Cafe in Palo Alto

Bobby and I went out tonight to a new place in Palo Alto called Sprout Cafe.  It was recommended by a reader (thank you!!) who thought we might like it – and we LOVED it.

Sprout Cafe is a salad, soup, and sandwich place.  They have make-your-own salads, as well as various signature salads, sandwiches, “small bites” (summer rolls, potstickers, etc…), and some delicious sounding drinks.  We both opted to build our own salads.  You pick a base green, 6 standard ingredients, and a dressing (other ingredients are extra).  Each salad comes with a slice of whole wheat bread.  This was mine:


  • greens = hearts of romaine
  • toppings = broccoli, firm tofu, kalamata olives, red bell peppers, sweet corn, & apple
  • dressing = chili lime vinaigrette

This was Bobby’s (I was so proud of him for getting a salad – and he loved it):


  • greens = mixed greens
  • toppings = alfalfa sprouts, celery, firm tofu, red bell peppers, crispy wontons, & sesame seeds
  • extra = herb grilled chicken breast (+$1.95)
  • dressing = sesame ginger dressing

The only complaint I have is that you’re limited to 6 toppings ($0.50 for extras).  The basic salad starts at $6.95, and while it’s pretty big, I like to have more of the extras in my salads.  There was a lot of lettuce compared to the amount of toppings.  We will definitely be back though.  Next time I’d like to try the soups as well.  Also, the ambiance was great and there was an abundance of iced cucumber water for free.

After Sprout’s lovely light dinner, we both had room for dessert.  We headed over to Fraiche, that great frozen yogurt place just a few blocks away.  I came here last weekend and got the plain yogurt, and this time I decided to get the soy yogurt (topped with cinnamon).  Bobby got a plain & chocolate swirl with strawberries.


There is a reason I got the soy instead of the dairy, which I will go into more in a future post/announcement…  I have to say the soy flavor was fantastic – I liked it more than the regular.  What is your favorite thing to do on a date night?

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  1. Hmm, what could the announcement be?! 🙂 Well, our date nights have changed since we moved – we love going bowling, making dinner together, going on walks to see all the farm animals, etc. 🙂

  2. I love just sitting and talking with the hubs on date night. We rarely get an uninterrupted conversation at home, so it is nice to just talk. My least favorite thing is to go to the movies…I can’t sit still that long and you don’t get to even talk to the person you are with!!!

  3. great date night, especially that soy frozen yogurt, looks amazing!

    my fav night out with my bf used to be dinner at a very fine and romantic restaurant and cinema. But now, we’re living thousand of miles a part, my fav. date night would be stay-home, a good movie or book on my couch! 🙂

  4. i know i’ve told you how great your new layout is, but can i say how much i really really like it because you have birds on it?! heheh!! i know, i’m a dork.

    and date nights, best part about it is the dessert…cause i always choose. 😉

  5. What a fun night! Love your eats, especially that dessert! I love going out to dinner on date nights! That’s what we did last night!!!

  6. Ok, let me just say I LOVE your blog. I can’t believe I haven’t found it until now.

    The salads look great but the soy yogurt looks even better. I wish I had a place like that around here!

  7. That frozen yogurt looks so amazing. I’m being way more vigilant on eliminating dairy and it’s good to know there are places that serve up delicious soy-gurts!

  8. I wish we had a yogurt place like that around! Looks great!

    We usually like to do dinner and a movie type dates. Most times, we just do a good dinner. Sometimes, we’ll hit up a coffee shop for dessert after.

    🙂 Diana

  9. Oh my gosh, what a fabulous time! And both salads look great!
    And love your dessert

    As for me, I love just relaxing with the person, and from time to time, catch the sunrise – seriously… sooo beautiful!

  10. Love date nights. It’s so fun to go out every once in a while and enjoy my husbands company, and not having to clean the kitchen after cooking is a huge bonus!

    Sprout Cafe sounds like I place I would love. Build your own salads is a great concept. We have a place sort of like that here, but I won’t go back because last time my salad cost $20, and it was so not filling. They’ll empty your wallet with all those extra charges!

    Soy yogurt…oh my, are you going to go dairy free?!? I think I’m going to try for the month of March. I have some soy yogurt sitting in the fridge that I have to try. I think that might be the determining factor. 🙂

    Happy Sunday Maggie!

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