Golden Beets & Wheat Berries (Weekend Herb Blogging, Macrobiotic)

I think I misspoke in my last post!  I didn’t mean that I can’t have any fruit on the macrobiotic diet – I can have some (I’m thinking 1 piece a day is a good goal).  Currently I eat at least 5-6 pieces per day so it’s hard for me to cut back to just one.  You’re also not really supposed to have citrus fruit, which is why I mentioned the oranges.  Sorry for all of the confusion.


I made this macrobiotic (I think?  Correct me if it’s not please!) dish for dinner last night with some delicious Golden Beets that I picked up at the farmers’ market yesterday morning.  I’m entering this recipe to Weekend Herb Blogging, hosted this week by Cheryl @ Gluten Free Goodness.  My “herb” is Golden Beets – a beautiful, golden-orange variety of the more common red beet.

Golden Beets & Wheat Berries



  • 3 medium golden beets
  • ~1 cup bean sprouts
  • 1-2 teaspoons grated fresh ginger
  • 1/3 cup dry wheat berries – cooked this comes to almost a cup
  • turmeric, chili powder, garlic powder (no salt)
  • freshly ground sea salt (optional), to taste
  • a splash of apple cider vinegar, which I actually forgot, but it would be really good


  1. Cook the wheat berries.  This can be done in advance.
  2. Chop the beets into ~1cm cubes.  Save the greens for later – they can be cooked like any other greens!
  3. Steam the beets, sprouts, and ginger for about 10 minutes or until the beets are tender.
  4. Reheat the wheat berries and mix them together with the steamed veggies, spices, and vinegar.

This dish is really good, as long as you like beets.  Beets are definitely a rather odd vegetable, and I had never had golden ones before.  I liked them a lot – they’re a little bit sweeter than the normal dark red variety, and make for much easier cleanup – no staining!  Bobby does not like beets but he did like the wheat berries and sprouts.

Other macrobiotic meals I’ve had…  Breakfast (heart healthy 3/4 c. oatmeal with a few T raisins, miso soup, and tea which I had afterwards).


Snacky lunch thing (heart healthy oatmeal with cinnamon, lots of sauteed beet greens, organic farmers’ market salsa, and the rest of the beets & wheat berries – unpictured).


Do you like beets?  Have you ever tried the Golden kind?

26 Replies to “Golden Beets & Wheat Berries (Weekend Herb Blogging, Macrobiotic)”

  1. ooooh! now i understand more 🙂 how interesting! i’ve read about teh macrobiotic diet once.. it’s supposed to be very balanced and healthy 🙂

  2. I love golden beets!!! They are SOOOOO much sweeter than the purple ones. I think wheat berries are my new favorite grain, so that dish is perfect. Hopefully I can round up the ingredients so I can make it!

  3. I don’t like beets in general, the only one that I like is the red one.
    You had miso soup in breakfast? wooooo… is that something special in macrobiotic diet?

  4. ooh, golden beets. your dish looks delicious! how are they in terms of taste? do they taste like red beets?

    i didn’t know that miso soup was macrobiotic! cool! i am really intrigued by the macrobiotic diet, so i am looking forward to seeing what you think of it as you continue. have a lovely, lovely tuesday!

  5. Oh wow I have never seen golden beets before! I didn’t know what they were. I have never been a beet fan…in fact I think my dad was the only one who ate canned beets at Thanksgiving. Maybe that is why I don’t like them (they were from a can!). I dont even know if I have had them fresh!

  6. the only time i’ve tried a golden beet is at seasons 52. i was eating my veggie plate and bit down, and looked at my fork. i got really worried because i thought it was a potato and i had asked for no potatoes…
    our server came over and i asked him if it was a potato– he took out a flashlight, examined it, and said: no ma’am, that is a golden beet.
    it was pretty funny 😀

  7. Wow, I’ve never even come across golden beets before, never mind try them! But these look amazing! To be honest I rarely have beets because the uber-staining properties of the red beets scare me a little… give me the golden kind any day!

  8. that looks like a tasty, healthy, treat! thanks for sharing and i’m so jealous that it’s warm enough to go to a farmer’s market near you.

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