POM Wonderful & More Macrobiotics

Janny from POM Wonderful sent me a case of POM’s pomegranate juice to try last week.  POM’s juice has a whole slew of benefits – their site claims that it promotes cardiovascular and prostate health and is an “antioxidant superpower”.  The case that I received was expired, but only by a few days… so I tried it anyway.  I’m okay so far.


POM’s juice is very strong – it has a strong and tart flavor, which I really liked.  If I were into drinking my calories I would probably be all over drinking this plain.  Instead, I diluted mine with some seltzer water – it was really good!  (This was pre-macrobiotic experiment; I don’t think seltzer would be very macrobiotic.)  Bobby tried it as well but he couldn’t drink it unless it was diluted with a lot of water.

I’m submitting this post to The Chic Life’s Weekly Food Challenge – pomegranate juice!  I saw Lee do this the other day and I couldn’t resist.  I poured some POM juice into my shampoo, conditioner, and bodywash.  I love it!


I think that POM juice would be a good sweetener in baking as well.  One thing I’ve learned about macrobiotics is that it’s good to use natural fruit juices to sweeten things rather than processed sugar.  I’ll be sure to update you if I decide to try it out.

Macrobiotic progress…

  • Yesterday I ate all of my meals at the table, not doing anything else.
  • I “only” had 3 pieces of fruit yesterday.  I substituted with grains!
  • Sugar withdrawal is getting better.  I was pissy last night but I feel good today so far.
  • More miso soup with breakfast 🙂  I like this part.

Here’s my first dinner (I ate some fruit and a few whole wheat wraps later on = “second dinner”) – this was baked kabocha squash and carrot soup.  I did end up putting organic ketchup on the squash, but that was iffy – things in the nightshade family (eggplant, tomato) should be used sparingly, and sugar is a no-no.  I’m learning a lot, and I think that the major thing that I’m taking away from this experiment so far is that I need to ease into this.  It’s not like going vegan/vegetarian, which I can do immediately – this is a much longer and more intricate process.


I’m diggin’ it though.  I’m having a lot of fun.  What is one food that you could/would never give up? A week ago I would have said yogurt, but I’m not so sure anymore.  I’m gonna go with squash for now, just cuz I love it.

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  1. A whole case of Pom? Nice! At least it’s not too expired…you should be fine. 🙂

    Thanks for entering the post! Sorry there’s no prize this week, but thanks for playing anyways.

    As for the question…that’s tough! I would say chocolate off the top of my head, but I actually think I could give that one up. Maybe pasta? Or rice? Hmm…

  2. do you make your own miso soup? i cant seem to make mine taste like the ones at restaurant, its more bland. thats why i stick with the instant ones =(. haha i don’t think i can give up bread! especially french baguettes.yum

  3. They sent you expired juice. That’s kinda wack! I love to use juice when sweetening granola and I’ve used it in muffins as well.

    I am not sure about the food. I think I would say yogurt, but I am not sure. Maybe bananas.

  4. Yay! I hope the package got to you in one piece. I realized later that I might have not packed it tight enough (things were still rolling around). I was a little worried, but you’re so close, so it didn’t go through such a tough trip. 🙂

    Yay for POM juice, but ah that sucks that they sent you an expired bunch.

    There are so many foods that I am in love with. In the past I would probably say that I couldn’t live without meat, but we all know that’s not true. haha, but just off the top of my head, I would probably say rice. haha yeah, totally Asian. I find myself sometimes craving rice and Sometimes I snack on it. It’s really nutty and I love the aroma of Jasmine when it’s cooking.

  5. I have POM diluted in water too, but I’ll try to find other ways to have it!
    something I can’t give up? you know me, squash/pumpkin! 😀

  6. Hi Maggie! Thank you for your comments on my blog–yay for tall chicks 😉
    I am pretty sure I could never give up rice. I made the switch from white to brown (90% of the time), but that’s the best I can do! I remember reading all about brown rice being a wonder food in my macrobiotic book. That is what siwtched me to it.
    Definitely recommend The China Study for you! I would really be interested in talking with someone about it. I am still eating meat now, but I have cut back hugely. I think I am definitely moving to a more meatless direction. Salmon and shrimp are hard to give up though!
    Ok, sorry for the long comment. Glad you’re enjoying your POM!

  7. I could never give up oatmeal!!! NEVER!!

    I used to eat my food at the table doing nothing else until school started and I had to eat by the computer to get things done. I miss it actually.

  8. I could never give up ANY sort of bread product – Atkins?! Psh ya right!

    You are doing great on this macrobiotic diet!!

  9. I agree about Pom, its kind of high in carbs for me, but I never thought to dilute it!

    I can’t live without cheese! 😀

  10. i think it would definitely have to be oatmeal! or maybe hummus or almond butter. but i think oats would be the food that i absolutely need…
    going macrobiotic may be a complicated transition, but it seems like you’re doing great!

  11. I am loving your macrobiotic adventure. I want do more research on this.

    I seriously don’t think I could ever give up broccoli. Fortunately, it never seems to get eliminated from any diet! Oh, and then there is of course almond butter. I totally have this fear that I will someday have a child who is allergic to all nuts. What would I do if I couldn’t keep any nut butter in the house? Totally irrational I know, but I’m a crazy almond butter lover that way.

    Have a wonderful day Maggie!

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