Baking Cookies & Honest Foods

Yesterday I did my baking for Meghann’s Blogger Bake Sale – Vegan Chocolate Thumbprint cookies!  These were customizable and the winner chose to have almond butter in the center of the cookies (great choice!).


Last week Bobby and I received some Honest Foods products to try – granola planks and country squares!  Honest Foods has a new look, and new nutritional info – they cut a lot of sugar!  But the product still tastes delicious.


This is Bobby trying one of the country squares (Choco Peanut Butter) – it was very good.  I had to steal a bite of it before he finished.  We also got to try the Apple Ginger, Cran Lemon Zest, and Almond Trail Mix.  Apple Ginger is my favorite.  I had 1/2 of an apple ginger with some yogurt and chopped pear last week – yum!  The squares are perfect for an on the go breakfast (Bobby) or a healthy dessert (me).


We also got to try 3 kinds of granola planks – Maple Almond Crunch, Pomegranate Walnut Crisp, and Blueberry Vanilla Crackle.  I liked Maple Almond Crunch the best; Bobby like the Blueberry Vanilla Crackle.


I am really happy that Honest Foods revamped their products to have less sugar, and I will definitely be buying these again.  Have you tried them?  What’s your favorite flavor?

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  1. I tried some of the country squares back before they revamped them, and do remember thinking that they were a little unnecessarily sweet. I’ll have to try them again! Oh, and I liked the cranberry-lemon one. The PB chocolate one was as dry as a bone, which was kind of disappointing.

  2. whoa they changed their look! i had the trail mix which wasn’t my taste it had too much sesame seeds and i also have a box of the i think almond maple? is that a flavor? something like that. it’s pretty good

  3. I haven’t tried them but I want to! They are kinda high in calories, right? That is generally dangerous for me since I *love* granola! 🙂

  4. I love making thumbprint cookies! my fave are pb cookies with a jam-filled thumbprint 🙂 yours look beautiful!

    never tried any HF products, but the blueberry granola planks sound wonderful…

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