A New Breakfast :)

First, check out my Recipe page – I finally organized ALL of my recipes and they’re in one place for easy access.  Let me know if you try any of them.

I’ve been having oat bran every morning for over a week now.  I don’t want to get sick of it, so I decided to try something new-ish today.  It was still oat bran, but it was cold!  I made “overnight oat bran”.


  • soak overnight: 2/3 cup oat bran (dry measurement), 2/3 cup almond milk, ~1/4 cup water, cinnamon (I think I might have used too much actually)
  • add in the morning: 3 tablespoons PB2 (not macrobiotic), 2 tablespoons water

I’m not really sure how I feel about overnight oat bran.  It tasted a little odd, and I think I prefer the chew of cooked oat bran.  It was a good experiment though.  I’ll have to see how it does with the full-ness factor.

Before I had my overnight oat bran I did some gentle yoga from YogaDownload.com.  First I did Detox Yoga #2 (20 minutes), and then I did Gentle Hatha Yoga #1 (20 minutes).  I’m getting into slower yoga since I’ve been sick, and it’s kind of nice.  I’m appreciating it more than I used to.

In the news:

My friend (and fellow yogi) sent me that article yesterday.  A lot of the points that Bittman makes are ones that us food bloggers already know – whole grains are full of fiber, keep you full longer, and help you maintain a healthy weight.  He offers some new ideas as well (a polenta pizza, breakfast risotto, and breakfasts from around the globe like Chinese congee).  Check it out if you have a chance.

Don’t forget to check out the Recipes page – it’s broken down by meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner, salads, soups, sides, desserts) and most of them are vegan/vegetarian.

Happy Friday – what are your weekend plans?  I’m still pretty open, but I’m looking forward to a nice dinner out with Bobby.

18 Replies to “A New Breakfast :)”

  1. I just did some gentle yoga, as I’m feeling under the weather! It is nice to take it slow some days and give the body a rest. I did the Gentle Hatha from yogadownloads actually!
    The grains info is cool, I need more breakfast grains in my life. They are soooo good!

  2. I liked Mark Bittman’s article too, and we rec’d his veg cookbook for Christmas and it is the BEE’s knees I’ll tell ya. he really explains thing well and comprehensively and simply too!

  3. it’s so nice that you experience new ways to prepare the same ingredients! I love doing that! 😀
    I’ve never tried overnight oats yet, although I saw it in many blogs. I guess I’ll try it when spring/summer comes. I just don’t think it’s good for my stomach to have cold breakfast yet!
    I’ll dig into your recipe page! 🙂

  4. I kept reading on your “About Me” page that you had a recipe tab but I could never find it…I’m so excited to try them out!!!

  5. Sorry I made you crave a Krispy Kreme! Yay for the recipe page 🙂

    No weekend plans here – just taking it easy!

  6. The oat bran looks like brown cream of wheat. Is the texture similar? Cream of wheat was a comfort food growing up, but I don’t eat it anymore because of the lack of fiber.

  7. Ok, lovin’ the recipe page. I had no idea you had so many to share! I’ve been wanting to make a homemade Larabar-type thing so I’ll have to check that one out soon.

  8. P.S. You are so lucky you prefer broccoli to pasta! I can eat ridiculous amounts of pasta, which is why I have to ration it out so I don’t go nuts! But you’re right–the veggies really help with the bulk + deliciousness!

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