Fun & Free Day

Last night’s dairy (ricotta) was okay with my stomach – I felt slightly bloated when I went to bed, but I woke up fine.  Good!

I woke up around 8:30am this morning when Bobby’s alarm went off.  I puttered around for a while, then I did the 30-day shred workout without the video (OnDemand was broken, but luckily I have it written out HERE).  I also did 15 minutes or so of the 20×20 method’s perfect pilates.  It was kind of a ballet/yoga routine – I like workouts that incorporate yoga.

I showered and made breakfast – a heart healthy serving of oat bran (3/4 cup, for those wondering!) with half a large banana, cinnamon, salt, and some PB2.  I also had miso soup (wakame, red miso).


Lunch (around 2pm) was an Ezekiel pita with peanut butter, carrot sticks, broiled swiss chard, and homemade ketchup.


I did some yoga (25 minutes on my own), and then around 4pm I had a snack of yogurtStrauss Family Creamery Organic Maple Nonfat Yogurt.  Now I am kind of pissed – the nutritionals on the package and the nutritionals online are different.  It looks like the ones on the package were calculated incorrectly, so I’m going to go with the ones online.  Nutrition facts (per 1 cup serving): 170 calories, 0 grams fat, 30 grams carbs, 12 grams protein.  I had a little less than a cup, plus some kamut puffs, cinnamon, and PB2.


My stomach did not like this yogurt so I decided to bake something with it to use it up.  My dairy experiments are not looking good – maybe dairy just does not agree with my tummy.  After the yogurt I went for a few squares of my unsweetened pom jelly.

My yogurty baked good was kind of an oat bran cake.  I cut it into 40 squares, and each square has a little less than 40 calories.  I had 3 to make sure they tasted good – they did!  I’ll post the recipe tomorrow.


For dinner I walked into Mountain View to meet Bobby at the train station.  We went to Xanh, a trendy Vietnamese place.  I got the Xanh Salad (made vegetarian with tofu instead of beef).  It is huge.  Here’s the description: marinated beef (fried tofu), mixed greens, yellow and red bell peppers, sliced mango, sliced green apple, avocado served with vietnamese crackers, white sesame, and XANH sauce.  There was definitely pineapple in there too.  It was incredible.


I ate everything except for a few bites of tofu (to Bobby) and part of one of the crackers (I had the whole bottom one and part of the top one).  I wasn’t going to eat the humongous crackers that it came on, but I tried one, and couldn’t stop myself…  It comes in two layers – here it is separated:


After we got home I had a few more squares of yogurt cake for dessert, and now I’m just sitting on the couch relaxing.  Bobby’s going to the convention tomorrow too, so I have another free day.  Farmers’ market perhaps?  What was the best farmers’ market you ever went to?  I love the one in Ithaca, NY – fabulously amazing prepared foods, and the best flatbread pizzas I’ve ever had.

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  1. I’ve never been in a farmer market, can u believe that? take pics if you go today!
    love your healthy oatbran for breakfast! This stuff is sooo good, right? I’m trying different recipes for it!
    oh…check out my Exotic Food Challenge ideas… I want to hear about your suggestions!
    have a lovely sunday!

  2. I haven’t gotten to go to many farmers markets, but there is one by Grand Army Plaza in Park Slope that always makes me smile.

  3. I’m glad you made sure the oat bran cake tasted okay before posting the recipe. 🙂 Sounds delicious. Sorry about the dairy issues as I’m right there with you. Why does Greek yogurt have to taste so good!

    I love farmer’s mkts. Unfortunately, Nashville does not have the best. They’re working on it. However, I do LOVE Pike Place Market in Seattle and the market on Granville Island in Vancouver – both AMAZING!

  4. what a great dinner! it sounds amazing!

    and can’t wait for that recipe! i have lots of oat bran and yogurt that i need to use!

    best farmers market: Victoria Square in Melbourne, Australia. Beyond amazing!!!

  5. My favorite farmers market was in Park City Utah. They had tons of local produce, but also jewelery, art, etc. I love farmers markets, and am always anxious for warm weather to come because that is when they start! I love supporting local business and this is a great way!

  6. oh, that salad looks divine!

    my favorite market is one that i used to visit when i was living in berlin. it’s called the turkish market. it’s right on a beautiful canal, and as you can guess, is full of beautiful turkish food and cheap produce. that market spoils all other markets for me!

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