Handstands, Fruit Salads & Dinner Parties

Last night I had a lovely snack – 1 cup (ish) of roasted salted peas!  I have no idea what the ingredients or calories are for these guys, but they were great.  I got them yesterday at Milk Pail.


Before I ate this morning I did Sadie Nardini’s 30-minute yoga routine.  I did a handstand away from the wall for about 5 seconds!  That’s a HANDSTAND, not just a headstand.  Crazy, I know.  Bobby was watching with a shocked look on his face.

I read over at The Chic Life that oats + OJ are a good food combination (as in we get more from them together than separately – a food synergy) so I decided to work that into breakfast.  Instead of my usual whipped banana oat/wheat bran, I did a whipped minneola orange oat/wheat bran!  I had the other half of the orange on the side.


I also had more of that avocado chocolate frosting (1/2 avocado, 1 tablespoon chocolate PB2, stevia, 2 teaspoons chocolate almond milk) mixed into the oats, and some miso soup.

I have this Wii & Dinner Party thing tonight with a meetup group on facebook.  It should be pretty fun – just girls, and I think we’re all pretty young.  I’m bringing a fruit salad to share.  I’m a little nervous, but hopefully I’ll meet some nice people.


In the bowl: 1/2 cantaloupe, 1 orange, 1 grapefruit, 1 nectarine, blueberries, & grapes + lemon juice and a dash of sea salt.  I had to make another whole salad because I killed the one I made yesterday right before I went to bed.  Yum, yum, yum.

How do you meet new people?  Do you get nervous?  Any tips would be welcome, and I can post a summary if I get enough!

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  1. NIIICE!! I still have yet to master a handstand, haha 😀

    When I meet new people, I DO get nervous; but I just make pleasant conversation and hope for the best.

  2. I get pretty nervous meeting new people but if you have something in common you already have something to chat about so it makes it much easier! HAve fun tonight!

  3. It can be a little nervous to meet new people, but after some time, you feel comfortable and let loose. =D Hope all goes well!!!

  4. oh YAAY on the handstand! how did the orange + oats combination taste? was it still creamy?

    and don’t worry – you’ll be fantastic at the get together. if you’re 1/2 as charming + adorable at the party as you are on your blog, you’ll be just fine!

  5. Those peas sound yummy! I bet they would be easy to make too – if I actually cooked outside of making tofu and SP fries 😉

    Don’t be nervous!! Have confidence – remember, people DO want to get to know you 🙂

  6. wooooo..handstands… I’ve never be able to do it yet! So glad you did it! you should give me tips then!

  7. oh, have fun to night! i’m always nervous but i try to remember that they probably feel exactly the same! just relax and go w/ the flow!

  8. Thanks for the link love! 🙂

    I def get nervous meeting new people! I just try to suck it up and will myself to be confident. Sometimes, a deep breath beforehand helps. 🙂 Good luck!

  9. I think we all get really nervous meeting new people! But don’t stress about it you’ll do great 🙂 A handstand without the wall! Thats awesome 🙂

  10. Meeting new people can be hard! when i moved out to LA 2 1/2 years ago, i didn’t have even one girlfriend out here. it was rough at first! but i just accepted every invitation, and made plenty of invites myself. i found a college alum group (i went to school in dc, but there are a handful of us in LA) and met up with them. i found a sorority alum group (again, no one i knew) and met up with them. i befriended every nice, normal girl i worked with. i asked people to happy hours, and went to many random dinners and events with friends of friends of friends. sometimes it was no fun at all. but i just kept putting myself out there, and now i have a great group of some of the best girlfriends i’ve ever known!!! it all started with one girl from work, and then i met her roommate, and then i met her roommate’s friend from high school, and the chain keeps going and going, and now i have my group of girls! i still put myself out there a lot though, way more than i ever did before moving out to LA, because you never know who you might meet!!

    whew, sorry for the novel 🙂 have a great time!!

  11. I wonder if I could still pull off a handstand. Probably not a good idea because I just know I’ll end up breaking something.

  12. Nice job on the handstand!!!! Wow!

    I love meeting new people, it’s really easy for me to break the ice with my name though…Not a lot of Olgas in New England haha.

    Just be yourself! And SMILE 🙂

  13. I am also terrible at meeting new people, with my friends I’m extremely comfortable and silly, but with new people I kind of just shut down. I’ve realized though that just being myself is the way to go, if I shut down and get quiet I’m perceived as snobby when really I’m just shy.
    Hope tonight goes well for you! Have a great time!

  14. Hi Maggie

    I just found your blog from Gina’s blog : )

    I definitely get nervous when I’m meeting new people- I’m always worried im acting like an idiot or something! i have a hard time thinking of things to say when i first meet people too- and can be really quiet..

    then once i get going im unstoppable and may become extremely obnoxious and annoying because i wont stop talking.. lol what a switch!!! : )

  15. Roasted salted peas sound delicious. Unfortunately I think salt is the best part about having peas anyway!
    As for meeting new people…when I moved to England I had to use the few people I did know to meet others. It was hard and I probably haven’t done a great job. If you already have the new people in front of you, the Wii seems like a great activity to have fun and interact!

  16. omg too much goodness! Great work on the handstand 😀 I’m REALLY Excited to hear about your meetup!! I read Caitlin’s post about meetup.com and i wanna try that for sure, That wii/dinner party sounds SO fun! Have a great sunday, and thanks for putting me on your blogroll 😀

  17. I’m just catching up on your last few posts, that chocolate avocado frosting is a must make for me now! Sounds awesome.
    Good luck meeting new people! I do find it difficult too, but its always better after the first awkward few minutes. Have fun!!!

  18. ooh, i am loving the look of that fruit bowl! i am so glad that it’s almost summer berry season!

    orange juice and oats sounds like a great combination! especially with the oat bran. i meant to tell you–i bought some oat bran after seeing it on your blog a while back, and i love it!

  19. Did you like the orange juice oats? Sounds pretty tasty to me.

    Maggie, your fruit salads are killing me. They all look so delicious. I’m sure the other girls will love them.

    How do I meet new people. Well, I’m still living in the town I grew up in, and so I feel like I don’t go anywhere without seeing people I know. However, Chris and I are moving soon, and I only know 1 or 2 people out in Colorado, and so I’d love to read a list of tips about meeting new peeps!

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