Tips for Awkward Social Situations

I got a really great response to my question – tips for what to do when meeting new people?

Now here are the tips: (I hope I didn’t miss any!)

  • VeggieGirl says: “just make pleasant conversation and hope for the best”
  • Becca A says: “if you have something in common you already have something to chat about so it makes it much easier!”
  • Sharon says: “It can be a little nervous to meet new people, but after some time, you feel comfortable and let loose.”
  • K says: “Don’t be nervous!! Have confidence – remember, people DO want to get to know you.”
  • Melissa S says: “try to remember that they probably feel exactly the same! just relax and go w/ the flow!”
  • Diana says: “I just try to suck it up and will myself to be confident. Sometimes, a deep breath beforehand helps.”
  • Biz says: “just be yourself and you’ll be just fine!!”
  • katecooks says (I love this one – so many ideas): “…i just accepted every invitation, and made plenty of invites myself. i found a college alum group… and met up with them. i found a sorority alum group… and met up with them. i befriended every nice, normal girl i worked with. i asked people to happy hours, and went to many random dinners and events with friends of friends of friends. sometimes it was no fun at all. but i just kept putting myself out there, and now i have a great group of some of the best girlfriends i’ve ever known!!! it all started with one girl from work, and then i met her roommate, and then i met her roommate’s friend from high school, and the chain keeps going and going, and now i have my group of girls! i still put myself out there a lot though… because you never know who you might meet!!”
  • Olga says (this is great too – find something unique about yourself): “it’s really easy for me to break the ice with my name”
  • Danielle says: “just being myself is the way to go, if I shut down and get quiet I’m perceived as snobby when really I’m just shy”
  • Emily says: “Just be yourself!”
  • Lara says: “when I moved to England I had to use the few people I did know to meet others… the Wii seems like a great activity to have fun and interact!”
  • Erin says: “its always better after the first awkward few minutes”

I hope you can use these!  I think the most common idea was to just be yourself, and remember that everyone else probably feels the same way.  It never hurts to find something that you have in common to talk about either.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. i hear ya, girl- college is all about awkward social situations, which can be especially challenging for an introvert like me!

  2. GREAT list! I love how we can learn from each other, beyond just fitness and nutrition but healthy living overall as well 🙂

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