Menu Plan Monday (vegetarian/vegan/macrobiotic)

4 days until the cruise!

This week’s menu planning was easy – we’re going on a cruise that begins Friday, and we’re heading to LA on Thursday.  I forgot that vacationing means using up produce, so I have to eat about a bajillion pounds of fruit this week.


Menu for the Week of March 22 – March 28


dinner – okonomiyaki (Japanese fritatta – eggs, cabbage, leeks mainly)

dessert“carb watch” pitas with peanut butter OR fruit


dinner – sweet & sour stir-fry to use up veggies & kabocha

dessert – fruit!


dinner – sushi (probably?) with a former roommate & Bobby

dessert – fruit!


dinner – either eating out or using up veggies in a stir-fry, depending on what is left

dessert – fruit!


dinner & dessert – restaurant in LA (to be determined)

Friday & Saturday – cruise food!

Lunches – pitas, peanut butter, kabocha, lots of veggies, & hummus

Breakfasts – miso soup, oats, pitas, fruit (so much to use up!), leftover okonomiyaki

16 Replies to “Menu Plan Monday (vegetarian/vegan/macrobiotic)”

  1. i loooove kabocha! what a great meal plan to use up all that produce! 😀 i can’t wait til you stash me in your suitcase so that i can meet john mayer… right? 🙂

  2. We have many similar ingredients and meals, I love it! Not surprising though really if you think about it.

    My goal this week is to start doing more yoga. Wish me luck!


  3. I’ll definitely loading up on fruits and kabocha!
    so excited for your cruise! can’t wait to see pics of it! 😀

  4. Oh wow, you are going to have such a wonderful time on your cruise…especially now that you’ve got the last couple of days planned out, nothing to worry about but eating LOTS of fruits and veggies before you leave 😉

  5. Exciting about your cruise! Those pitas look very delish. I love fluffy carbs.
    I always end up having to eat tons of produce before a trip too. I desperately need to go acquire more of it now though, because I came home to a very empty refrigerator!

  6. and LA!! 😀 You’ll have to yelp some restaurants, there are tons of good ones you’d love! I was thinking about my guest post..and i was thinking of revamping an old one i did about job hunting/finding something to do that you LOVE..esp b/c you’ve talked about doing the same thing on your blog- let me kno what u think!

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