Menu Plan Monday (vegetarian)

Another relaxing weekend of yoga & snuggling.  We slept in and pretended we were back at Cornell.  It was fun.  This week…

Menu for the Week of April 12 – April 18

Sunday dinner – kabocha w/parm, butter, brown sugar + salad for Leng’s salad challenge (spinach, tomato, sauteed corn + onions, parmesan, Newman’s Own lowfat sesame ginger dressing); dessert – rice cakes spread with Greek yogurt + brown sugar, grapes, + a little bit of raw cookie dough (nom)


Dinner ideas

  • steamed kabocha with parmesan + brown sugar + butter (it’s good, I swear)
  • zucchini quiche/frittata
  • salads (greens + a topping + a protein + dressing optional)
  • egg scramble (using up groceries)
  • moving day! (lease starts Friday; probably will eat out)
  • YogaFit day! (eating out – too tired to cook!)
  • sushi?

Lunch ideas

  • salads (greens + a topping + a protein + dressing optional)
  • tuna salad
  • egg white omelettes
  • peanut butter sandwiches

Breakfast ideas

  • fruit + yogurt + granola parfaits
  • oatmeal/oat bran/wheat bran
  • toast (my new love)
  • cold cereal (bran cereal + new wheatabix) with fruit

Dessert ideas

  • fruit (duh)
  • milk ice pops (from the Japanese market – I had one on Saturday and it was so good!)
  • no more cookie dough!  (just kidding… this is a new favorite.)
  • rice cakes with yummies on top (Greek yogurt + sugar, peanut butter, jelly, whipped butter, etc…)

I’ve been trying to stick with Ashley’s after dinner challenge, but have been failing miserably.  I’m still trying though!  Fortunately every day can be a fresh start.  Do you have something that you’re trying to change, or a habit you want to break?  What’s your approach?

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  1. great menu plan for ideas for my week too! 🙂
    I’ll try sauteed corn with onions, I bet it’s sweet!
    As you can see I’m setting up to change a lot of things now, what is magical is that once I set that goal in my mind, I had a mental switch immediately (because I am really determined to do the change this time), so it wasn’t hard so far (only 1 day down), but we’ll see how it goes. But i can feel it won’t be too hard. okay, my point is a lot of time we find the change hard because maybe unconsciously we’re not sure about the change, so we resist it, but when you do, any change won’t be too hard. 🙂

  2. looks like some fine disehs there, esp the photo.
    Habits to change? None according to me, although I wonder what my wife might say?

  3. I think you know mine. I did not have a good day yesterday!! Agh! so mad at myself! Your menu looks great. Its so different than how we eat. I really need to try some of your recipes!


  4. Your meals (especially that salad!) look great – and I keep meaning to try milk ice pops… And I actually just started a challenge similar to Ashley’s – nice to know that there are others out there trying the same things! You should check out springpad’s weekly meal planner – it’s a great way to organize your menus and recipes and I think you’d really like it!

  5. Great food ideas Maggie!! Good luck with your after dinner challenge!! For some reason I’m just not an after dinner snacker. I’m thankful , but we all have our area’s to be improved:)

  6. ooh! kabocha! I LOVE kabocha! but never tried it with parm…gotta have that soon!
    a habit I’m trying to break is negativity…I tend to be pessimistic and worry way ahead all the time!

  7. I just linked to Ashley’s after dinner challenge…wow that is a difficult one. I wish you luck on that. I know I’d be struggling.

    The habit I’d like to break is sleeping late and waking up late. I guess it’s the life of a student because I schedule my classes when I want it. I still don’t like the fact that I’m no up at early dawn. My method of fixing it is to just keep work at it. Some days I wake up early in the morning, so I know that I will eventually get there.

    Salad looks great Maggie!

  8. What did you think of the kabocha? I’d never heard of it until I met my husband who fell in love with it in Japan. Now it’s my favorite squash.

  9. I’ve been trying to stick to Ashley’s challenge as well, but I’ve given myself a litle wiggle room. Instead of just an apple, I’ve been subbing any fruit that sounds good. To me, as long as I am in control of what I am eating after dinner and it fits reasonably into the rest of my day’s eats, I consider it sticking with the challenge!
    Love reading through your weekly meal plans–they always give me good ideas. Good luck with moving!

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