Sushi night, milk ice bars, salad update!

Saturday night we were going to go to Homma’s Brown Rice Sushi, but then we decided to make our own!  We got salmon (sake), masago (capelin roe), dried shrimp, kabocha, and a few other fun Japanese foods.

I made this little plate for topping the sushi (and I ended up trying these on kabocha too.  eh – I’ll stick with parmesan!).  This is pickled cucumber (Chinese), dried shrimp, and masago (roe).


And here’s the salmon (we sliced it ourselves):


Mid-prep (there’s the steamed kabocha; Bobby was in charge of the sushi rice by adding a vinegar/sugar mixture to white rice):


Final product (with nori seaweed of course):


After dinner we had these cool milk ice bars that we got at the Japanese grocery where we picked up the sushi goods:


These were great!  They have 57 calories each, and they are so rich and milky.  I savored it soooo slowly.  I will definitely be buying more after these are gone ($2.50 for the pack of 10; on sale).

Salad challenge update – Monday’s salad!


This big salad is rather ridiculous and includes:

  • spinach and romaine heart base
  • apple, tomato, umeboshi plums (from the Japanese store; this is also very macrobiotic.  They are very salty and I actually don’t like them much.  I did finish them but probably won’t have them again.  Good thing Bobby likes them!)
  • sauteed peas, carrot, celery
  • parmesan & masago (the roe again; we got so much I need to use it up!)
  • newman’s own lowfat sesame ginger dressing

I ate it all.  What is your favorite salad dressing?  Or do you go without?  My absolute favorite is Newman’s Own lowfat sesame ginger.  I never use anything else!

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  1. that salmon is BEAUTIFUL! my fave dressing depends on the kind of salad- i really like honey mustard, but i also love a good homemade vinaigrette

  2. You are WONDERFUL!!
    I love making my own sushi, but have NEVER attempted with fish, only settling for veggies. This is inspiring! And what a great find, those ice milk bars look delish!
    Isn’t Kabocha squash the best? I have yet to find a better squash. I’m going to try my buttercup one tomorrow, i’ll compare the two. I used to think they were the same / my grocery store labeled them as the same thing, but I now have one of each, and they look quite different…it will be hard though, for the buttercup to triumph over kabocha.
    I’ve never actually tried whole umeboshi plums…I have umeboshi paste, and I use it a bit on steamed veggies (VERY small amount) sometimes, and when we make sushi we line the bottom of the nori with just the tiniest line of it. I find it gives quite a nice zing to the foods, but the whole plum might be a bit much.
    Phew. Sorry for the long comment. Your post was just THAT wonderful 🙂

  3. Those bars look awesome!! I could go for one right now! 🙂

    I love Newman’s Own Caeser. The oil based one, not the creamy one. Or, just a house vinagrette wherever you can’t go wrong w/.

  4. i looooove your japanese cuisine! oh my gosh i WANT so badly to make those milk ice pops! they were my favorite when i was in taiwan.

  5. Very cool Japanese food! The milk ice pops remind me of the Asian red-bean popsicles I used to have as a kid–just lightly sweet and really delicious. 🙂

    I actually think I might have found my new favorite salad dressing today!! I bought Annie’s Lite Honey Mustard Vinaigrette and it kicked ass on the salad I had for dinner. New fave, for sure.

    I also wanted to let you know that reading all your posts about yoga made me want to try it for the first time yesterday. And I really really loved it! 🙂 I can’t wait to improve.

  6. It’s sad to say but my favorite dressing of all time is ranch. haha I do love that salad dressing at Japanese restaurants though.

    that umeboshi is interesting, I know people eat that with rice but I don’t know I thought it would be sweet and you say it’s salty I don’t know if i want to try it anymore!!

  7. oh girl i eat that size salad if not bigger every single day. its TOTALLY ridiculous but i crave so bad. so, you are not alone in your mass quantity veggie love. 🙂

    i love balsamic with lemon juice, but i like it sweet. so i usually sweeten the lemon with a bit of stevia. usually mixed greens, cherry toms, and cukes. but soon ill be craving mixed greens, cukes, and strawbs! come ON summer!

    in other news…i keep expecting to see you in one of the tabloids that i read on the exercise machines…they are covering the john mayer cruise lately. 😉

    i need to talk to you about sushi sometime.

  8. Tough call–I used to not use any salad dressing…then I discovered Annie’s. I really like her Goddess and Woodstock dressings.

  9. i’ve tried different healthy dressing, and i think the best dressing ever is still balsamic + good quality of olive, because it conserves the original taste/flavor of the salad. Of course, if the salad is just lettuce and tomato, a flavored dressing will be needed.
    How big is your salad bowl? I’ve been wondering if I’m eating enough during this salad challenge since salad tends to be low in cal.

  10. i love how interested you are in japanese food 😀 your homemade sushi bowl looks great!! the salmon looks fresh and delicious. and those ice lollies look so japanese – what a lovely name for them too, i don’t know if it’s translated on the packet but the big letters say “white rose ice bars” 😀

  11. Dh makes the most amazing sushi. I love the homemade stuff! The grocery stores here all sell sushi now and the difference is amazing.

    My favorite salad dressings are Newman’s Own Honey Mustard and Annie’s sesame mushroom vinaigrette.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog.

  12. Love the sesame ginger!! I always have some on hand! I also recently found this great low cal, low fat Greek dressing that I have been obsessed with. Oh, and Trader Joes has a great one I think it is Champagne Pear w/ Gorgonzola.


  13. Those milk pops look really interesting I’ll have to try to find them!

    My husband doesn’t like umeboshi either…there are only two Japanese foods he really doesn’t like – umeboshi and natto.

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