I Heart Housewives

Ever since reading Naturally Thin I have been a bit obsessed with The Real Housewives of New York City.  I was a New Yorker for a brief period of time, and I loved it.  The show makes me miss the city even more.  I’ve lived in Greenwich Village and the upper east side…  I prefer the upper east side, but that’s just me 🙂  I even watched the A-List Awards on Bravo last night (which were actually not very A-List at all…) just to see them.  Do you watch?

Today’s salad was another not-salad, unfortunately.  It was okonomiyaki (Japanese frittata) made with:


  • base: spinach, organic purple cabbage
  • toppings: mushrooms, organic leeks
  • protein: egg whites
  • dressing: organic ketchup, mayo, tonkatsu sauce; fried in sesame oil

Today’s yoga was majorly intense.  It was only a 60-minute class, but I was thoroughly challenged.  Bobby walked by me and said, “wow, you’re never that sweaty.”  It’s true!  I don’t sweat much.  But I was soaked midway through this class.  The class was a podcast by Philip Urso (I’ve done two of his other podcasts: here and here).

It was a Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga class (one of my favorite styles; Dave Farmar does this kind).  It was constant flow until the very end, which I LOVE.  (I find that Dave Farmar has more long holds than I like; I want to flow!)  So if you’re into FLOW, check out Philip Urso.  The class I took today can be found HERE (Fast HOUR of Power – 03/29/2007).

What’s your favorite style of yoga?  OR, if you don’t practice yoga – what’s your favorite form of exercise? I love Baptiste Power Vinyasa, and as for other exercise… I’m a walker.  I also love to dance.

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  1. yay another okonomiyaki! i’m a little hatching beginner at yoga…. infact i’ll probably shouting out for some advice via blogging later. as for exercise, i like running & elliptical!

  2. I love power flow vinyasa a lot…. I find it more challenging and more dynamic. And I also love to walk, when I lived in Argentina or Shanghai, I walk at least two-three hours a day instead of taking public transportation.
    Maggie, I forgot to ask you in the email, do you know any yoga retreat place for a getaway?

  3. I totally want to live on the Upper East Side…but maybe that’s just the Gossip Girl in me 😉

    It depends on my mood. Sometimes I like flowing yoga but then other times I just want a nice deeeep stretch. Ahh.

  4. the okonomiyaki looks amazing. what did you do for the batter besides eggs? Or you just used eggs and no flour? either way, I’d love several stacks of those!

  5. I am no longer a distance runner and my back appreciates it, but walking and weights have filled in nicely.
    Quite a dinner up there, tasty!

  6. I LOVE Real Housewives of NYC! Bethenny and Jill should have their own comedy hour. Love.

    I didn’t watch the awards, how was it? My favorite exercise is spin! I don’t do yoga.

  7. I love vinyassa as well! I really enjoyed this time of yoga I used to do in Rhode Island called Forest yoga. It was like a power vinyasa in a mildly heated room. I miss that.

  8. I can’t afford cable tv on a college student budget, so no Bravo for me. 🙁 But when I’m at home with my parents, it’s seriously one of my favorite channels. I loveee Real Housewives and Top Chef and Project Runway. 😀

    I’ve been meaning to ask a really embarrassing beginner’s yoga question! 🙁

    My gym offers some classes on Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga, but I haven’t any idea what the difference is. They both sound too advanced for me, so I’ll definitely be sticking to my beginner’s classes for now–but I was still curious as to what each kind of yoga focuses on. (And you’re sort of my go-to yoga bloggie, so I thought it’d be best to ask you.) 🙂

  9. That frittata looks delicious! I. Love. Real. Housewives!! Honestly, every season, every location! Love ’em!!

  10. I’m an ashtanga yoga girl, but I do appreciate all types (although I do know that Bikram definitely isn’t for me)! Yoga is just simply wonderful! I also love to walk, hike, rollerblade and bike in the sun 🙂
    That Japanese frittata looks delightful!

  11. Maggie,
    You know I love the sweaty flows! 🙂 Dave Farmar does hold the poses a bit too long sometimes. My quads will be shaking, but I love his long Pigeon holds at the end! I just tried going to a new studio here in town (well, new to me) that teaches the Iyengar style of yoga, but no one was there…weird. Wasn’t meant to be I guess.

    Mmm, there you go with that Japanese frittata again – looks so good!

    How are the new calcium chews and the Ahi tuna jerky?

  12. I am totally obsessed with Housewives of NYC! My interest was the opposite though…I started watching the show and now I’m going to read the book 😉

    Your breakfast looks good. I love making eggs with an Asian twist. I’ve been doing oyster sauce lately. Salty, I know…is it macrobiotic?!

  13. I watched some the a-list awards. I will have to catch a re run to watch the rest. It was funny. The New York Housewives are my least favorite of all the Housewives. They are so snobby and I cant stand Kelley!! Did you see the interview with Kelley and Bethenny on the red carpet? Such an awkward moment!!


  14. YES! I watch every season – OC, ATL, NY, and I can’t wait for Jersey!
    I don’t do yoga anymore, but I used to LUFF ashtanga. I did it in Portland and it was amazing.

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