YogaFit level 2, and salad of course!

Since I am The Salad Girl, here are my two salads from yesterday and today… (I think this is what was in them.  I can’t remember exactly.)



  • base: romaine heart
  • toppings: steamed kabocha!; sauteed eggplant, carrot, mushroom
  • protein: parmesan, bacon bits
  • dressing: annie’s lite honey mustard vinaigrette



  • base: lots of cups of spinach (5?)
  • toppings: sauteed mushrooms, carrots, leeks; steamed kabocha!; tomato
  • protein: parmesan
  • dressing: the last of newman’s own lowfat sesame ginger

I packed today’s salad to take as part of lunch since I had my YogaFit level 2 training today (and tomorrow!).

Friday’s yoga was a 60-minute power class by Philip Urso, but it wasn’t nearly as sweaty and challenging as my Thursday class.  It was from 12/14/2006 if you’re interested in a simpler power flow.  It was fun, but I definitely preferred the intense Thursday class.

As for today’s yoga – it was amazing.  This morning we had a 75-minute class to start off the day.  It was typical YogaFit style – warm up, sun salutations, work (lots!), and a cool down.  Today we learned a few more advanced poses (wheel, splits, standing splits, boat wide leg toe hold, shoulder stand, plow, etc…) which was fun.

Today’s session was a lot more introspective than my last YogaFit training.  We worked on communicating with ourselves, letting go, understanding the obstacles that we have/create for ourselves, and how to learn from all of this.  My friend sitting next to me said it best, “we can’t lead where we haven’t been.”  We journaled a lot.  I wrote several pages of single-spaced, tiny print – and I didn’t even write down 1% of what I wanted to.

My teacher had a few book recommendations – The Power of Now, Growing the Positive Mind, and a children’s book called You Are Special by a Christian writer named Max Lucado.  They all deal with the idea that you are your thoughts, and that judgement/expectations/competition shouldn’t matter (part of the YogaFit essence).

This post is only a smattering of everything that I experienced today.  After each of these trainings I feel so full of enlightenment, information, and hope – I just wish I could put it all down on the page.  For me, today was incredibly inspirational and gave me hope!

What inspires you?

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  1. Mmmmm your salads look wonderful, as always.

    I get my inspiration from lots of places- but walking and writing really do it for me.

  2. Your salads always look lovely and balanced. 🙂 As for what inspires me… hrm. I’d have to say it’s usually other people who inspire me (as opposed to getting inspired by a picture or a place, etc.)!

  3. kabocha in the salad?? mmmmm……. yummy~~~ I saw you add sauteed mushrooms… have you tried raw mushrooms? it’s really good, I love it!
    So glad that you liked your training today…. I love how they remind us to be peaceful and happy with ourselves. We’re our thoughts! 🙂

  4. Putting kabocha in salads is a great idea. Tastes great and adds some nice color.

    I’m inspired by lots of things. But reading all the blogs has been excellent inspiration for improving my food, fitness, and life in general.

  5. I love Kabocha! Have yet to put it in my salads.

    Hmmm what inspires me…? I’d have to say Positive people do. It’s just crazy how someone’s attitude on life can rub off on someone so easily. That’s one of the reasons why I try to stay positive. I know that everything that I do rubs off onto the people around me. Negativity = out the door please!

  6. Great idea to put kabocha in salads!
    When you steam it, do you just cut it all up in chunks and just use a normal steaming basket? I usually bake my squash, but am definitely interested in trying steaming!

    I love the introspective aspect of yoga! It is something that can always be worked on, looked at, and incorporated into our daily life, on and off the mat!

  7. Maggie,
    What a positive and uplifting post. You totally make we want to go sign up for a YogaFit training right now. I really do want to look into it. I don’t have a desire to teach yoga, but I still think I would really benefit from something like this after you suggested it to me. So thanks for that.

    P.S. Good to know I’m not the only one who consumes 5+ cups of spinach on one meal. 🙂

  8. I like this post 🙂 And I love your giant salads! I get inspired from reading uplifting blog posts from the food/health blog community. If I’m in a funk, I can usually always find something around to lift my spirits and get me going!

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