Survey of 8’s & more salads & earth love

Lots of green today! (Happy Earth Day!) To celebrate I had another green breakfast (can this count as my salad?  Just kidding…):



  • green tea
  • 2/3 cup oat bran + ~2 cups water
  • 2-3 tablespoons raisins
  • vanilla
  • 2 cups spinach blended in @ the end


My real salad was this:



  • base: head of romaine
  • toppings: steamed kabocha
  • protein: parmesan
  • dressing: annie’s lite gingerly vinaigrette


Erin tagged me in this survey of 8’s…

8 Things I’m Looking Forward To:

  1. Teaching yoga
  2. Learning
  3. The summer
  4. Enjoying my new apartment once everything is unpacked
  5. Getting a TV
  6. Getting a dog (eventually)
  7. Helping my students 🙂
  8. The Future!

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

  1. Carried lots of stuff from my old apartment to my new apartment (both 3rd floor!)
  2. Ate a salad
  3. Ate green oat bran
  4. Tutored math
  5. Breathed
  6. Listened to music
  7. Played with Couscous (cat)
  8. Hugged Bobby

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

  1. Play the violin (well)
  2. Travel the world
  3. Speak Russian
  4. Speak Chinese
  5. Speak Japanese
  6. Be a getaway driver
  7. Fly
  8. Be more relaxed

8 Shows I Watch:

  1. Real Housewives of NYC
  2. Biggest Loser Couples (this season)
  3. House
  4. Private Practice
  5. Grey’s Anatomy (might quit this; getting dull!)
  6. 30 Rock
  7. erm… I don’t think I watch any other shows.

I’m tagging anyone who wants to!  Or you can answer in the comments…

19 Replies to “Survey of 8’s & more salads & earth love”

  1. I really need to try that green oat bran combo!!! Such a great way to begin your day with veggies! 🙂
    Have new yoga podcast recommendation?
    I’ve been doing Philip Urso’s class and I’m liking it! 😀

  2. fun survey! i recently decided to give the blogging thing a try, so maybe i will do this survey on my new baby blog, as an introduction type of thing. …being a getaway driver would be awesome!

  3. Couscous…what a cool name for a cat!
    Do you remember a commercial that aired about 10 years ago. It was trying to promote couscous – playing it up as the new potato. It stuck with me, because of a line where a woman tells her lazy husband in exasperation, “You’re such a couch couscous!”

  4. Green tea in your oats sounds majorly adventurous to me! I seriously wish I was endowed with music talent too. In my craziest dreams, I’d probably want to be a fantastically good cellist or violinist or maybe a singing sensation on Broadway. In my dreams… 😛

  5. I am still eternally grateful to you for introducing me to the wonder that is OAT BRAN. I want to try the spinach version!

    I want to learn more languages. English and French can get me around almost anywhere, but I want to learn a language that has a different alphabet. Like Japanese!

  6. I just did my 8 things on my blog, too!
    I like your addition of greentea to your oat bran! have you ever tried adding green tea POWDER? it’s awesome! esp with a bit of milk!

  7. I’m still working up the courage to try those green oats 😉
    Ugh..I’m kind of over Grey’s lately too. I wonder if they’re going to write Merideth’s (Ellen Pompeo’s) pregnancy into the storyline?

  8. Fantastic lists!! What kind of dog are you interested in getting? I’ve had quite a few in my life!

  9. I have yet to do green oats but I want to! I love the idea of blending the raisins in. I’ll have to give that one a try.

    And a salad topped with kabocha wins my heart.

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