I’m tired! (but not of salad)

Moving is so exhausting!  Up and down, up and down, up and down!  3 flights of stairs is a workout!  Today I bought a new TV, which I brought on up.  I went grocery shopping twice (yep, up the stairs with those).  AND I started out the day with a lovely and relaxing, but challenging… yoga podcast (60 minutes, Baptiste power vinyasa)!

Yoga – I did the Philip Urso podcast that I talked about last week.  I definitely did not get as sweaty today as I did last time.  I’m thinking it was because of the temperature?  It was chilly in the apartment this morning; last week when I practiced it was much warmer.  Does this happen to you?  Different intensity depending on the heat?

I have been very salad-y recently, probably in preparation for the summer.  With dinner last night I enjoyed this beauty:


  • base: romaine heart
  • toppings: sauteed carrots, zucchini, mushrooms, cauliflower; steamed kabocha
  • protein: parmesan, vegan bacon bits
  • dressing: annie’s lite honey mustard

And then this morning I made a “salad” out of my oat bran (by definition – it counts):


  • base: 2+ cups spinach (added at end; more today than before) + 2 cups water (for cooking)
  • toppings: 2/3 cup oat bran, 2 tablespoons raisins
  • protein: hm… missing this.  oat bran counts?
  • dressing: vanilla, salt (mixed in while cooking)

This afternoon I was running around like a madwoman trying to make my house look presentable.  I had a student coming over at 3pm and I do NOT let people in my house unless it’s spotless (I’m a nut).  I’d just gotten the TV and I was running late and I had no time to make anything.  I steamed some kabocha and threw it on top of lettuce – tada!  A salad:


  • base: romaine heart
  • toppings: steamed kabocha
  • protein: parmesan, bacon bits
  • dressing: annie’s lite honey mustard

I’m currently watching my nice new TV (Jeopardy) and figuring what I want to eat.  Do you have to have a clean house before people come over?  Do you like cleaning?  What’s your favorite cleaning thing to do?  I love vacuuming with my Dyson 🙂

I owe you, my readers, some better posts – I promise, they’re coming!  I’ve been so busy the last few days that it’s hard to find time to blog.  But I have a lot to say about a few choice topics, and I hope you’ll be interested (here’s a sneak peek: yoga, birth control, and dairy).  Have a great night!

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  1. I LOVE salads but they never make me full!!! Do you find that you get hungry sooner after eating salads?? I really love the looks of all your eats Maggie!! YUM to everything!!

    P.s. Just a heads up, if you like salsa I’m doin’ a giveaway with 3 possible winners! <3

  2. I despise moving, it seriously gives me anxiety. We are going to be moving into a 2nd floor apartment when we head back out west and I am dreading the stairs with the heavy boxes!

    OOH and I love to vacuum. I am sure my downstairs neighbors hate me because of it!!!

  3. I like to make an effort to have the house clean before ppl come over. I hate vaccuuming, but we have a Dyson, too! My favorite chore is laundry, and I like cleaning the bathroom, b/c it’s easy. Just spray and wipe – everything is a hard surface!

  4. I’m just the same…no visitors unless a VERY clean apartment! My favourite cleaning thing is probably…organizing, and then cleaning the kitchen because it is SO satisfying!

    Do you always eat the peel on your squash? I do sometimes, but I’ve heard you shouldn’t if they aren’t organic….any thoughts?

    And about intensity when the room is a different temperature…I definitely agree! I think if its a bit chilly in the room, the body puts all its energy into getting the muscles and extremities warm enough to stretch, and therefore can’t expel as much heat and sweat. Also, when it’s chilly it is just harder to get going and move (trust me, I live in the arctic wasteland known as Canada!).


  5. i clean, too, if i know that people are going to come over and see my room. ha! i like the dyson, too! it’s an incredible vacuum!

    my mother makes purple oats each morning: taro + oatmeal 🙂

  6. I definitely work harder at any exercise if the air around me is cooler! And vacuuming feels SO satisfying if your vacuum cleaner is really powerful. You feel so accomplished once all the dirt and dust and hair is gone. 🙂

  7. I think not only the room temperature affect the workout intensity, but also our body depending on the day react differently.
    I like to have a clean house, my favorite cleaning thing to do? clean the kitchen, because I enjoy so much in it preparing delicious food!
    oh… i tried your method of sauteed veggies before adding to the salad and I loved it, it’s half warm half cold salad!
    looking forward to read about dairy! 🙂

  8. I don’t like to clean, but I like things to be clean, which often puts me in an awkward position 😉
    Can’t wait for future posts, those topics sound interesting! Good luck with the rest of your move–sounds like the worst is over!

  9. I always have to clean when people come over. Long and I mainly split u the chores. He does the vacuuming (we have a dyson also 😉 ) on the rug and cough and a little bit of the bathroom. I clean the entire kitchen and tidy up everything else. The bedroom we pretty much ignore. We don’t expect ppl to go in there.

  10. I need to make a strong effort to clean tonight. We leave town tomorrow. And there are few things worse than coming home to a messy house.

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