Crazy Asian Salad!

Check out this beauty of a crazy asian salad:


  • base: head of romaine
  • toppings: sauteed white fungus (Coco likes this too), shiitake mushrooms, green peas; steamed kabocha; pickled cucumber (from Asian market; not a pickle!)
  • protein: parmesan cheese
  • dressing: annie’s lite gingerly vinaigrette, shiso fumi fukikake (salty thing you usually put on rice; it’s purple)

I just wanted to address something.  Issue 1: the salads you’ve been seeing recently are NOT the only things that I’m eating.  I cannot and will not photograph everything I eat.  For me, it’s obsessive and unhealthy so I don’t do it (anymore).  I’m not going to write about everything I eat either, because that’s just as bad as taking all the pictures.

Issue 2: the reason that I’m breaking down the salads this way (base, toppings, protein, dressing) is for Leng’s Salad Challenge.  Do NOT think that a few tablespoons of parmesan and bacon bits count as my protein intake for the day.  I like my salads the way I like them (full of veggies, and no beans!) and I’m going to keep them that way.

I AM eating enough (though possibly not enough this week due to my high activity level = moving) and I have been spot-checking my calorie counts the last day or two to make sure of that.  Each of these salads is 350-500 calories on its own (PLUS whatever else I eat at that meal).  By the way, these salads are huge.  I use a whole head of lettuce for each one, and several cups of cooked veggies.

I’ve also been enjoying lots of this:


And I just finished this guy (while watching an ANTM marathon on Bravo):


  • base: head of romaine
  • toppings: sauteed leeks and woodear mushrooms (try them!  found @ local Asian market); steamed kabocha; pickled cucumber (again – NOT a pickle)
  • protein: parmesan cheese
  • dressing: trader joe’s raspberry vinaigrette

Thank you all so much for the response to my post on birth control.  I’ll definitely keep you guys updated as time goes on and I see how my body reacts to going off of it.  I can’t really tell yet what the changes are since it hasn’t even been a week.

What are your weekend plans?  I had a training session today (SAT math teaching) and I think Bobby and I are going out to dinner tonight (possibly with the cousins).  Ikea might be on the agenda at some point, and maybe a hike tomorrow.

14 Replies to “Crazy Asian Salad!”

  1. How come you prefer not to include beans? What are ways that you like to eat your protein? I like beans, but sometimes I get bored of them. 🙂

  2. I love all of your salad creations! They give me a lot of ideas for my own!! (Ha – I just read Shelby’s comment, twins!)

    By the way, I got sucked in to Bravo’a marathon today too!

  3. Weekend plans are dedicated to our dog, which got today! 🙂 Stay tuned for the post!

    Love your salad. I love all sorts of mushrooms dried and fresh.

  4. sauteed white fungus??? I’ve never had it that way. how do you prepare it? what do you add when you sauteed it? I’m so curious about it!
    and another curiosity, did u receive any offensive comments about your eats?
    weekend plan? you mean Sunday? Working and hopefully some yoga!

  5. oooh! a new type of mushroom to try! I have never had woodear mushrooms; i’m super excited! Your salads look truly amazing. Have fun on your hike, if you go!

  6. gosh i am so glad that ive found another salad fiend. ive always been embarrassed by the size of my salads, but NO MORE! you have inspired me to try squash in salad…so i picked some up to try monday. yay hooray!

    yah, whats the white fungus? sounds like something my husband scrapes out of his toenails…hehe!

  7. I’m always getting new ideas from your salads – although I don’t know what a lot of things are – so thanks for introducing me to new things. Okay – the sauteed fungus – can we get a whole post on that 🙂

  8. I love making huge salads too! But I suspect that’s because I’m such a volume eater sometimes.

    P.S. Totally jealous that you got to watch the ANTM marathon! I want Bravo, boo…

    Hope the rest of your weekend goes wonderfully! 🙂

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