Sushi night, milk ice bars, salad update!

Saturday night we were going to go to Homma’s Brown Rice Sushi, but then we decided to make our own!  We got salmon (sake), masago (capelin roe), dried shrimp, kabocha, and a few other fun Japanese foods.

I made this little plate for topping the sushi (and I ended up trying these on kabocha too.  eh – I’ll stick with parmesan!).  This is pickled cucumber (Chinese), dried shrimp, and masago (roe).


And here’s the salmon (we sliced it ourselves):


Mid-prep (there’s the steamed kabocha; Bobby was in charge of the sushi rice by adding a vinegar/sugar mixture to white rice):


Final product (with nori seaweed of course):


After dinner we had these cool milk ice bars that we got at the Japanese grocery where we picked up the sushi goods:


These were great!  They have 57 calories each, and they are so rich and milky.  I savored it soooo slowly.  I will definitely be buying more after these are gone ($2.50 for the pack of 10; on sale).

Salad challenge update – Monday’s salad!


This big salad is rather ridiculous and includes:

  • spinach and romaine heart base
  • apple, tomato, umeboshi plums (from the Japanese store; this is also very macrobiotic.  They are very salty and I actually don’t like them much.  I did finish them but probably won’t have them again.  Good thing Bobby likes them!)
  • sauteed peas, carrot, celery
  • parmesan & masago (the roe again; we got so much I need to use it up!)
  • newman’s own lowfat sesame ginger dressing

I ate it all.  What is your favorite salad dressing?  Or do you go without?  My absolute favorite is Newman’s Own lowfat sesame ginger.  I never use anything else!

Menu Plan Monday (vegetarian)

Another relaxing weekend of yoga & snuggling.  We slept in and pretended we were back at Cornell.  It was fun.  This week…

Menu for the Week of April 12 – April 18

Sunday dinner – kabocha w/parm, butter, brown sugar + salad for Leng’s salad challenge (spinach, tomato, sauteed corn + onions, parmesan, Newman’s Own lowfat sesame ginger dressing); dessert – rice cakes spread with Greek yogurt + brown sugar, grapes, + a little bit of raw cookie dough (nom)


Dinner ideas

  • steamed kabocha with parmesan + brown sugar + butter (it’s good, I swear)
  • zucchini quiche/frittata
  • salads (greens + a topping + a protein + dressing optional)
  • egg scramble (using up groceries)
  • moving day! (lease starts Friday; probably will eat out)
  • YogaFit day! (eating out – too tired to cook!)
  • sushi?

Lunch ideas

  • salads (greens + a topping + a protein + dressing optional)
  • tuna salad
  • egg white omelettes
  • peanut butter sandwiches

Breakfast ideas

  • fruit + yogurt + granola parfaits
  • oatmeal/oat bran/wheat bran
  • toast (my new love)
  • cold cereal (bran cereal + new wheatabix) with fruit

Dessert ideas

  • fruit (duh)
  • milk ice pops (from the Japanese market – I had one on Saturday and it was so good!)
  • no more cookie dough!  (just kidding… this is a new favorite.)
  • rice cakes with yummies on top (Greek yogurt + sugar, peanut butter, jelly, whipped butter, etc…)

I’ve been trying to stick with Ashley’s after dinner challenge, but have been failing miserably.  I’m still trying though!  Fortunately every day can be a fresh start.  Do you have something that you’re trying to change, or a habit you want to break?  What’s your approach?

Yoga Chats & bow pose

I took a Hatha Yoga class (90 minutes) yesterday at noon.  I like this teacher (Julianne Rice) because although it’s generally a beginner class, she will definitely pay special attention to you if she knows you can go further.  We did a lot of strength work (plank variations) and Julianne helped me to finally find my true bow pose (I had no idea that this is one of the expressions of the pose):


It felt so much better than before!  I have always hated bow pose, but now I cannot get enough.  I was hopping off the couch every few minutes yesterday just to keep trying it again.

It’s a little bit hard to get into: you have to bring yourself over the hump of your pubic bone.  You need to really use your legs (especially your knees – I know the knee is not a muscle, but that’s what it feels like) to lift up and over!  You may want to put a blanket under your hips to make it more comfortable.

After yesterday’s great class, I decided to hop back on the yoga train. I have my next YogaFit training (level 2) coming up this weekend and I want to be very prepared for it. (I’ve been doing daily yoga, but mostly just 20-30 minute yogadownload sessions.)

Today’s class was a Dave Farmar podcast – “090106 Power Yoga with Dave Farmar“.  It was recorded in January of 2009.  It’s 75 minutes long; it starts out with sun salutations (some speedy ones), then gets into some deeper holds, a few crazy beautiful vinyasas, and ends up in a looooong pigeon hold.  He focuses on headstand throughout the class and offers that as a resting pose in addition to the down dogs and child’s poses.

After this class I made the same soup as yesterday – again, refreshing and just what I needed this weekend. Did you have a good weekend?  I’m feeling relaxed and ready for a new week!

Cleansing Veggie Soup

I’ve been feeling very blah recently (eating crap at night is the culprit), so today for lunch I made a really fresh and clean soup to help scrub out my body and snap out of this funk.  I hesitate to call this a “detox” soup because of the negative connotations that come with the word detox… but that’s what it is.  It reminds me of the leek soup cleanse that is recommended in the book French Women Don’t Get Fat.  (Here my own cleansing leek soup recipe.)

Cleansing Veggie Soup


Ingredients (serves 1-2)

  • 2 leeks, chopped
  • 1 carrot, grated
  • 2 cups chopped cabbage
  • salt & pepper, to taste
  • parmesan for topping (optional)
  • brown sugar for topping (optional)


  1. Boil about 2-3 cups of water.  Add all the veggies and the salt & pepper.  Continue to boil for about 10 minutes.
  2. Scoop the veggies into a bowl (leaving the broth in the pot).  Top with a tablespoon or 2 of grated parmesan and a few teaspoons of brown sugar.
  3. Optional – you can drink the broth if you feel so inclined.

I do feel better after eating this.  It was the perfect post-yoga lunch, and while it was very light, the parmesan and the brown sugar made it really delicious and even filling.  I ate the whole thing, but it definitely makes enough for 2 or even 3 people if they want smaller portions.

What’s your favorite food to make your body feel better?  I love eating large amount of veggies, obviously 🙂

New trend & Couscous love (cat!)

FitSugar says the new diet book trend is antidiet books.  The article mentions Naturally Thin (Bethenny Frankel), The Big Skinny (Carol Lay), The Skinny (Louis J. Aronne), Master Your Metabolism (Jillian Michaels), The Daily Fix (Alexa Fishback), and even books like The Omnivore’s Dilemma and In Defense of Food (both Michael Pollan).

I hadn’t heard of some of these so I’ll definitely be checking them out.

What’s your take?  What’s your favorite antidiet book?  I plan on reading Master Your Metabolism as soon as I can get my hands on it…

This cuteness has been taking over my life:

01 couscous02 couscous04 couscous03 couscous

Do you have a pet?  Do you want one?  Couscous makes me very happy 🙂