There’s a party in my salad

I’m always jealous when Sarah goes to Sweet Tomatoes.  When I found out that there’s one less than 2 miles away from our apartment, I had to go.  Bobby let me pick the restaurant tonight, so I took us to this lovely salad buffet feast.

I was going to do it right and listen to Sarah – 2 plates – one for business and one for fun – but then these awesome broccolis (joan’s broccoli madness) hopped on the business plate and my plans went out the window.  I had 2 plates, and they both looked pretty much the same – 2 party plates!  Okay, they weren’t completely party plates – it was more like a business/party mix both times.  Some of the things that I remember dumping on these plates…


  • Joan’s Broccoli Madness (non vegetarian) (amazing! some really creamy dressing.  and probably bacon.)
  • Strawberry Fields w/ Carmelized Walnuts (vegan)
  • base: lettuce mix
  • toppings: carrots, jicama, sliced zucchini, tomatoes, sliced cucumber, mushrooms, blanched broccoli, beets, banana squash (whatttt), peas, corn, pickles, black pepper, and I’m sure I’m forgetting something…
  • dressings (on the side for dipping): honey mustard, strawberry vinaigrette, ranch

I also had some of Neighbor Joe’s Gumbo – I mostly just picked out the okra, tomatoes, and chicken.


Yum!  I also dipped the salad in the broth as kind of a dressing.  After I stuffed myself with salads, I had to have dessert.


The mousse was so good in all of its sugar-free glory.  I haven’t touched the fake stuff in a while, but the splurge was worth it.  I might have accidentally ended up eating about 3 cups of this stuff.  But it only has 40 calories in 1/2 cup, so I think it was okay.  I didn’t have much of the froyo because the mousse won me over early on.  I was really full for about an hour afterwards, but it’s going away now.

Here’s Bobby’s *first* plate – skinny boy can eat!  But I stole his broccoli madness.


Overall I was really pleased with tonight’s salad extravaganza.  Sweet Tomatoes is an awesome restaurant – it’s basically a buffet for salad lovers.  They have some other random items (teeny pizza slices, soups, pastas), but those are not the main event.  This place is all about salad.  Everything is labeled really well, and you know exactly what you’re eating.  They also have a very comprehensive menu with nutrition facts online.  I was really impressed with the restaurant itself – everything was incredibly fresh, and they had a great selection.

Have you been to Sweet Tomatoes?  What do you get at salad bar buffets?

18 Replies to “There’s a party in my salad”

  1. hahaha, the title of this post makes me SO happy!

    I dont have a sweet tomatoes near me, but I looove salad bars. for some reason, I prefer salad bars over salads made at home. EVen if they have the exact same toppings, it’s so much fun to have all of those fixin’s at your disposal 🙂

  2. I lovelovelove Sweet Tomatoes (I’ve noticed that in NorCal, it’s called Sweet Tomatoes, while back home in SoCal, we call it Souplantation). Oh my god. Everything is so darn good. I’m a huge fan of (um everything?!) their blueberry muffins. And cornbread. And pizza. And fro-yo? And SOUP & SALAD BARS. So. Deliciously. Evil.

    The only things they never got the hang of, even after all these years, was pasta. The pasta is always pretty disappointing.

    Yeah, this was a pretty over-enthusiastic comment. Haha. 😡

  3. I LOVE Souplantation! You showed great restraint…I always have to avoid the pasta station and just stick to the salads 😉 They do this incredibly cornbread, too. I’m glad you guys enjoyed yourselves!

  4. this seems the perfect place to eat for me, gigantic salad and healthy treats! 🙂 Unfortunately they are not in DC area. 🙁

  5. I’m always jealous of Sarah’s party salads, and now I’m jealous of yours! I actually adore salad buffets, it can be so satisfying to get a little bit of everything! We sooo do not have Sweet Tomatoes anywhere near me though 🙁

  6. Sweet Tomatoes! I’m so jealous. That’s my favorite restaurant. Unfortunately, we don’t have them in MN, so I can only go to them in Arizona.

  7. Maggie, now I’m jealous of Sweet tomatoes too! a freaking fiesta in a salad, indeed! for me, I like all the cheeses I can top on my salads!

  8. I always wind up with that crazy Joanne on both plates too. She is so tasty, I try to ignore her mayonaise and bacon bits. We all have our flaws.

    I am impressed with Bobby’s spread as well. Livy is actually the buffet champ in our house, believe it or not. I’m sure she’ll be proud of that in her teenage years!

  9. We have souplantation down here!? It’s basically the same, but i def get a huge part-ay salad, maybe pizza or cornbread, then the dessert bar!! I love places like that, so genius!

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