FAQ (Part 3)

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8. Coco asks, “what’s the best book you’ve ever read. why?”

Ah – I don’t know if I can pick one!  In terms of health books – I think French Women Don’t Get Fat (by Mireille Giuliano) is definitely a favorite.  Her advice is real and healthy, and I like her voice.  As for fiction, I would probably say that my favorite recent book was Good Omens, by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman (he wrote Coraline).  I have no idea what my favorite book of all time is, but that one was really fun.  It’s a funny fantasy novel that’s slightly apocalyptic.  The characters are great and the writing is hysterical.  (There are the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse – but Pestilence has been replaced with Pollution due to the discovery of penicillin).  I also used to be rather obsessed with the Harry Potter series, but I’ve gotten over that.  I have been reading Godel, Escher, Bach for the past 5 years and I still haven’t finished it.  It’s a great book though.  I haven’t touched it lately.  Check it out if you’re a math nerd.  You can also friend me on Goodreads.

9. Coco asks, “what’s the best movie you’ve seen lately. and why you liked it?”


I’m not a big movie person.  I tend to get very distracted, even in theaters.  BUT, I did absolutely love Marley & Me, which I saw a few months ago.  I don’t think that I looked at my watch or got distracted at all during the whole movie.  I’ve also read the book and I highly recommend it.  I think that part of the reason that I liked the movie so much was because I knew what was going to happen.  I always have to ruin endings for myself (I always read spoilers).  I also liked it because I could relate to the story – I grew up with a crazy yellow lab.  Bobby and I just got Milk from Netflix so I think we’re gonna watch that tonight or tomorrow.  I hope I can pay attention.

10. Coco asks, “Does Bobby read your blog?”

Bobby does read my blog.  He doesn’t comment much, but he reads it every day.  He did a guest post once (a restaurant review).

Thanks for the questions. I have more to answer, and I promise I’ll get to them shortly…  If you have additional questions, leave ’em in the comments!

11 Replies to “FAQ (Part 3)”

  1. awww Maggie – i’m glad you’re doing well so far! have you tried the sauteed kabocha + garlic?

    i really want to see that movie; i heard it was adorable!

  2. I am exactly the same way as you! I have a hard enough time in movie theaters, but being in my apartment is the worst. I never understood how people love Netflix and are always getting more movies — I cannot sit through a single movie in my own apartment! I get so distracted! In the movie theater I often end up daydreaming. I have never heard of anyone else like this before!

    I also loved Marley and Me. Also read the book first and loved it. Also like spoilers — I knew who the killers in Scream were going to be and that made the movie SO much better for me!

  3. I’m so glad you’ve found an effective way to deal with the binging feelings. And all the beta carotene from the kabocha is doing wonders for your eyes/vision. 🙂

    That’s great that Bobby reads/knows about your blog too! I can’t say the same for my BF. (And you were really close! He’ll be interning at Amazon in Seattle. Super cool that Bobby works in Mountain View!)

  4. thanks for answering my questions! Love all your answers! 🙂 I ordered Marley and Me on blockbuster, I hope to get it soon!

  5. Your blog is so inspirational! Thank you for being so honest with your hardships. It’s not easy to be that open with such personal issues. I know you are the example for many sufferers though. You’re a great woman Maggie!

  6. I’m so glad to hear about how you are managing your binges. I think I need to set some ground rules, too. Those are some good pointers. Thank you for your honesty.

  7. I saw Marley and Me, and it was so good…and so sad at the end! I usually don’t get all emotional over movies, but it was a good one. 🙂

  8. AAH!! I wish I’d read your blog before I boarded the plane because they had marley and me as one of the movie options and I DID NOT watch it because I thought it would be bo-ring!
    btw, I’m so glad you’ve found a way to curb your binges! that’s a problem many of us have to deal with. and as for “binging” on kabocha…no such thing for me, haha!

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