Review: Nature’s Path Oatmeal

The folks over at Nature’s Path sent me an incredible package of products to sample.  Their “minifesto” is:

At Nature’s Path, we live for healthy, great-tasting organic foods. It’s why we get up in the morning. But we are also a company that wants to do more than just sell breakfast foods.

In the package  (THANK YOU Nature’s Path!)…


  • Variety Pack Oatmeal
  • Toaster Pastries (Wildberry Acai)
  • Bars: Goji Moji Pure Fruit & Nut Bars, Crispy Rice Peanut Choco Drizzle kid bars, Chewy Chocolate Chip Granola Bars (Dark Chocolate), PeanutChoco Granola Bars (Chocolatey Drizzle)
  • Cereals: Flax Plus Maple Pecan Crunch, Flax Plus Red Berry Crunch, Whole O’s (gluten free), Smart Bran, Optimum Slim, Leapin’ Lemurs (Peanut Buttera & Chocolate)
  • Granolas: Vanilla Almond Flax Plus Granola, Pumpkin Flax Plus Granola, Sunflower Agave Plus Granola

The package got here just as I was about to make breakfast, so I decided to sample the oatmeal first.  I picked the Multigrain Raisin Spice.


I used 1/2 packet and 1/3 cup oat bran to make this delicious bowl of green oats:


Ingredients: Organic rolled oats, organic wheat flakes, organic evaporated cane juice, organic raisins (coated with organic expellerpressed canola oil), organic brown rice flour, organic corn meal, organic cinnamon, sea salt.

Nutritionals (per 1 packet, 50g): 180 calories, 1g fat, 39g carbs, 4g fiber, 18g sugar, 4g protein, 2% calcium, 8% iron.

Review:  The oats were fantastic.  Sweeter than normal.  The oatmeal plumped up nicely when it cooked – it had a great volume – possibly even more voluminous than oat bran??  I loved the texture and the taste, and I only wish I had added more spinach, because this bowl was sweet enough to handle a lot more that what I used.  The only downside – so much sugar!!  18 grams in one packet is a lot – I only used a half packet (mixed with oat bran) because I try to stay away from excessive amounts of sugar.

I had another bowl for lunch, and this time I decided to use the Flax Plus flavor.


Ingredients: Organic rolled oats, organic evaporated cane juice, organic flax seeds, sea salt.

Nutritionals (per 1 packet, 50g): 210 calories, 3g fat, 38g carbs, 5g fiber, 10g sugar, 6g protein, 2% calcium, 10% iron.

Review: Same prep as before (1/2 packet + 1/3 cup oat bran) + a spoon of natural peanut butter.  I liked these nutritionals a lot more than the raisin flavor, and the oats did not disappoint either.  I assumed that they would be sweet, so I did add some extra spinach for greens.  The flavor was subtle and the texture was nice and creamy (just like the raisin one).  Again, very voluminous.

This morning I went for the third flavor – Maple Nut.


Ingredients: Organic rolled oats, organic evaporated cane juice, organic hazelnuts, natural flavor, sea salt.

Nutritionals (per 1 packet, 50g): 210 calories, 4g fat, 38g carbs, 4g fiber, 11g sugar, 5g protein, 2% calcium, 10% iron.

Review: Same prep as before (1/2 packet + 1/3 cup oat bran).  By now I’m getting a bit tired of sweet oats.  The flavor was good, but the maple was a bit overwhelming (and I diluted mine with oat bran – I can’t imagine what it would be like to just use the whole packet).  I wish that the nuttiness had come through more.  I added a lot of spinach and these oats were still incredibly sweet.  I can still taste the sweetness in my mouth.  I would definitely recommend these for someone with a sweet tooth, because the flavor was wonderful, it was just a bit overpowering for me.

Overall:  I really like these oats.  They are fluffy and voluminous, which is the major reason that I usually choose oat bran over oatmeal.  The serving size is also good – 50g is a lot more than you would normally get in an instant oatmeal.  It’s about 1/2 cup.  I find that I always have to put 2 instant packets together, but I think that these packets are big enough so that you can use just one, with some additions like spinach or granola or peanut butter.  The packets are too sweet for me, but I think they would be great for most normal people.  So far my favorite is the Multigrain Raisin Spice (even though it has more sugar than the Maple Nut, it wasn’t overwhelming; it has more character than the Flax Plus).

To elaborate on why I think these oats are so sweet – I’ve pretty much cut out all sugar from my diet in the last few weeks.  At first it was accidental, but now I like it.  I think that my taste buds are changing.  I’m actually feeling a little bit of a sugar high right now from the Maple Nut flavor, but I don’t like it.  It feels like how I feel after I eat MSG (ugh – slightly dizzy, and some pressure in my head).  I haven’t even had fruit (aside from the few raisins that I normally put in my oat bran and the can of jackfruit that I opened last night) in a few weeks either.  I’ve found that I can pretty much eat as much as I want, whenever I want, as long as I’m not eating sugar.  Kind of crazy.  And I’m not craving apples anymore.  What?  I used to eat 6 pieces of fruit in a day.  I don’t get it.

(Wait – I stopped eating sugar “accidentally” – because I just wasn’t craving it – right after I went off of the birth control pill.  Coincidence?  I don’t know.  Has this happened to you?)

I’ll try the Apple Cinnamon flavor later today, or tomorrow… stay tuned.  I also tried the kids bar, but I’ll save that for later too (it was yum).

What’s your favorite flavor of oatmeal?  Or favorite oatmeal topping?  I love oat bran + raisins, blended.  (With spinach of course.)


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  1. I feel no matter what I ate for lunch (little or a lot), I always get an intense afternoon hunger. Is that due to habit or do I really need to eat? I tried to hold it off, but I just keep thinking about it, so I give in and have a meal. Do you get this craving?

  2. Woah lucky lady! look at all that yummy stuff 🙂

    My favourite oatmeal topping is raisins and cinnamon…mmm…(i still have yet to try green oats…soon, I hope).

    BUT, when I make whole oats, and am craving something savory, I top it with some flax oil, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, and dulse flakes, and it is DELICIOUS.

    Until today, I also haven’t had any fruit in 2 weeks. I’ve been eating some green apples today to help cleanse my liver (so says my naturopath)…and they are nice, but I definitely find I can do without them, now that it’s been so long. I’d rather have a big bowl of oatmeal and raisins! But warmer weather is on its way, and in the summer, nothing is quite like fresh berries (which are easy on my tummy), cherries, plums and apricots. yum!

  3. Ahh jealous! Their cereal is so good.
    For me, oatmeal is not oatmeal without some nut butter for protein staying power.

  4. That sugar thing is really interesting. I would say I go through phases, but overall I like things much much less sweet than most people. I have a sweet tooth for what I consider sweet, but not for what most people like.

  5. Looks like a good product! I don’t think I’ve ever eaten anything by Nature’s Path.
    Banana is an essential ingredient in oats for me! I love maple as a treat, too, and definitely some kind of nut 🙂

  6. thanks for the review! i’ve got some nature’s path coupons burning a hole in my wallet right now.

    i like my oatmeal mixed with equal parts oat bran and wheat bran. i usually throw in some protein powder just to get some protein in after my morning workout. love some raisins though.

    have a great weekend!

  7. Nature’s Path has got to be one of my very favorite companies. Their food is just so good!

    I’m not into very sweet things either. The only thing I crave is Carob Chips and fruit. I hate desserts because they make me feel so heavy and lazy.

    My favorite oatmeal topping…nut butter! It’s just not the same without it.

  8. Maggie,
    Just been catching up. I love that dessert has always been your favorite meal…mine too. I just need a little something sweet after each meal, even if it’s just a plain bowl of oat bran or a sweet potato. Both of those totally qualify as desserts to me. 🙂

    I’m like you in that I try to avoid sugar, and the cravings really do go away. I think oat bran taste so good on it’s own. Even with nothing added to it, I love it! I’m still dying to try your Neon Green Oats, but I could not find Kombucha squash at my local grocery store. I’m going to look for it at Whole Foods when I get home next week. Dying to try it.

    Thanks for the oatmeal review. You totally scored with your package from Nature’s Path. I love their pumpkin flax granola. Yum!

    P.S. Sweet Marley…loved that dog. 🙂

  9. Wow, what a great haul! I love my oatmeal plain, and topped with plenty of fruit and maybe some granola. 🙂

  10. WHOA! I am so jealous of all your Nature’s Path loot–they’re one of my fave brands.
    I love almond butter and wheat germ in my oats:)

  11. great product review Maggie, I know want to try them out too!
    You really cut back on fruits??? woooo…..that’s amazing!!! I remember you had 6 fruits a day that made your macrobiotic diet hard, but now, no one? wooooo….. I think the only fruits that I really like are berries now… so I might try to cut back on other fruits too to see what happens.
    What other things you’ve noticed? What do you mean by you can eat whatever you want and whenever you want?

  12. Nice pkg Maggie! Wow! I’m more interested in what you had to say about sweets though! The cravings really go away?!

  13. oh wow! that’s a great package! my family eats quick cooking oats that we buy in bulk, although i’m trying to wait for them to finish it so i can go out and buy some oat groats, steel cuts and regular oats!

  14. Wow your reviews are impressive! Thank you so much for the stellar reviews. I’ll have you know I went through your blog and added some of your reviewed items on my grocery list. This oatmeal is going on it. Thank you hun!

  15. I love Nature’s Path’s cold cereals, my favorite is the multibran flax flakes.

    I try not to consume a lot of sugar either, with the exception of natural sugars. I started watching my sugar intake a while ago when I realized that I was probably consuming too much of it. I used to drink a gladd of orange juice with breakfast often, and it usually resulted in my blood sugar spiking and then getting REALLY low a few hours later. I’d get really shaky because my blood sugar was too low and it used to freak me out. I eat a lot of fruit, but those sugars don’t bother me. I eat cereals that have low amounts of sugar per serving, I stopped adding sweetener to my oatmeal, and when I bake I try to use natural sugars (maple syrup or agave). It’s been working for me so far and I don’t even miss the excess sugar. When I eat things like baked goods or ice cream now (which is rare) they taste TOO sweet to me. I guess my body just isn’t used to it anymore.

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