Ice Cream for Breakfast!

How can you make green oat bran even greener?  Add Green Tea Ice Cream of course!



  • 1/2 cup oat bran
  • 1.25 cups plus a splash of water
  • 1/4 cup green tea ice cream (full fat and totally yum)
  • dash of salt
  • 3-4 cups of spinach

It was green-ilicious.  It fueled me well for a nice walk on the treadmill.  After 3 days of intervals, I decided to tone it down.  I did 60 minutes between 5-7% incline, varying speeds, for a total of 3.80 miles.  Then I called my mom and walked at 3 mph, 2.5% incline for another 30 minutes (~1.5 miles).

Yesterday’s treadmill workout was less intense than the previous two days, but still good cardio.  I alternated between 4.0 mph and 5.0-5.5 mph for 60 minutes – heavier on the 4.0 mph towards the end.  This was all around 6% incline.  I went 4.55 miles and followed it up with 10 minutes of slow walking (2.5 – 3 mph, 2.5-3% incline).  Now…

I have a dilemma.  I am supposed to be a yogi.  But I haven’t been able to get into yoga the last few weeks.  I’ve tried a few of the podcasts that I normally love, but they just aren’t doing it for me.  I like sweaty incline walking and I love the stepper.  When I start doing yoga I think how I would rather be doing something else.  I have gone through several changes recently – I stopped my birth control pill, my eating has changed, I stopped doing yoga, I started loving to sweat, and I moved to a new apartment.  I don’t know if any of these things are connected, but they all happened at the same exact time.  What’s the deal? I’m not really complaining, I’m just curious.

Do you have any suggestions for getting my yoga focus back?  I think I’m going to start doing the 20 minute yoga downloads again since they require a shorter attention span than the longer podcasts (Dave Farmar, Philip Urso).  Has this ever happened to you (not just with yoga, but with anything)?

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  1. Try different yoga videos/studios. That might help.

    I highly recommend Sarah Ivanhoe’s Yoga Makeover series. I do at least 2 videos everyday =)

  2. I think it’s common to get distracted by usual routine sometimes. It happened to me with yoga a couple of times, just didn’t feel like doing it, craving more sweaty workouts. But fortunately my love to yoga always came back! I did nothing to call it back, just follow my intuition and what my body wants! 🙂 But I did notice that when I did more cardio I got more anxious than when I do yoga. Maybe that is the reason that at the end yoga always came back! 🙂

  3. that has absolutely happened to me. only with yoga; never with running or anything else i do. i just wait it out, do other workouts, and try not to push it, because that is even more frustrating.

    ice cream for breakfast sounds good to me!

  4. I think any major life change (and you just listed quite a few) changes things for me. Sometimes it’s smaller things that only I notice, and other times it’s a major re-haul like not watching any of the shows I used to watch, or don’t listen to the same music anymore. I say as long as you’re happy and content, there’s no need to push it. There’s nothing saying you HAVE to be a “yogi.” That might have worked for you in the past, and maybe you’ll revisit in the future, but if you’re ok w/ no yoga right now, that’s normal too!

  5. ice cream brekkie! wowza.

    i bought kabocha today…cant wait to make it!!

    oh, and those oatmeal balls look tasty tasty

  6. Hi,

    You just said it yourself. All of your routines have been disrupted. All of you coping mechanisms have changed. Now that you are in a new environment it will take a while to recover some of the old, and discover the new routines in your life. Don’t worry about it.

  7. Yup Maggie

    Same exact thing just happened to me…got on this jogging kick…HUH..ME???

    My Chiropractor just shook her head today as she straightened me back out…. crazy girl!

    just can’t get into it, and I was on such a great run too!

    I think everyone’s on to it pretty good… lots of changes equals lots of changes … if your craving higher intensity workouts..go for it…

    i bet it’s a distraction thing… yoga requires (in my opinion) a lot of focus…and with a lot going on in your life…it’s hard to do that.

    (like meditating) the more that’s going on the harder it is to shut out the head “noise”. (but that’s when we need it most! ) so go figure!

    enjoy your treadmill…. tomorrow, I’m hittin’ mine!

  8. Hey! I know I don’t have a blog and am kind of just a lurker but I love following your posts and feel I can relate to a lot of what you’ve been through. That’s why I thought maybe I could shed some light on your current dilemma. As someone with an eating disorder history myself I know how hard it can be to find ways to cope with all these life changes. You may not feel it consciously, and they may all be changes for the better that you’re excited about, but your subconscious is probably feeling the anxiety all the same. For me, I also steer towards a focus on numbers when a lot of things change, and I have noticed in the last few posts that you’ve gone back to doing the same. Also, when I feel a lot of anxiety about other things in my life, I get too restless to do yoga and feel the compulsion to go back to more intense workouts.
    That’s not always healthiest though because it all comes back to the numbers, the calories in my foods, the time of my workouts, calories burned, the speed and incline on the treadmill, etc. when previously you had stopped calculating the nutrition in your food and were not concerned with how many minutes the yoga workout was.
    That being said, none of your actions or these changes are unhealthy per se, I simply notice because our coping mechanisms are the same. Listen to your body and do some running if that’s what makes you happiest now, but also take a look at how you’re doing internally, take care of your emotional side because it’s going through a lot right now. The 20 minute classes are great, and I always do that on days I don’t really have the attention span for anything else. Make sure you’re not overdoing the running or feeling like you NEED to do it, and try to stay away from numbers!
    Email if you need anything and keep up the lovely blogging 🙂

  9. back up maggie! you aren’t “supposed” to be anything. you are what you are, day to day. embrace your change/transition into new interests. it is OK! 🙂

    have you tried yoga with Eoin Finn? he has great podcasts. i also have been enjoying these:

    sometimes it takes awhile to release your mind into a yoga practice, so maybe 20 minute quickies are just your “im supposed to do yoga so im gonna at least do this” sessions? maybe if you want, try a longer session to see if you can release into it after awhile?

    all the best, maggie, and don’t stress on it! its YOGA…no stress!

  10. Hey Maggie,
    Don’t worry–yoga will come back to you. Everyone’s practice has its ebbs and flows, its ups and downs. There have been periods where I have had to force myself to do yoga, and subsequently not enjoyed it. I would advise against this. You should not feel forced into yoga, it should just come to you…and it will come back. I think the shorter sessions are a good idea, and if that still isn’t working for you, maybe after your walks/runs just do like 5-10mins of “yoga stretching” afterwards. A teacher once told me “if are drawn to yoga in this lifetime, it is because you practiced it in another lifetime.” So don’t worry yogi friend, you will be back on the mat when the time is right. For now, listen to your body. Maybe the urge to sweat and run is something that your body needs right now (maybe it is helping you cleanse yourself of the pill).

  11. omg green tea ice cream. i am SO jealous!!!!! i can’t wait to go to japan in the summer 😉

    i will be back to see what comments you get about the yoga, since i would be very interested to hear myself.

  12. Nothing like ice cream for breakfast. 🙂

    I don’t have any good suggestions for yoga. Perhaps just take a break from it until you miss it enough to get back into the habit. Or just force yourself to do it every day until it becomes such a habit that you don’t think about it.

  13. I’m the wrong person to comment since I was never able to get into yoga, but it sounds like you just need some time to adjust to all your recent changes. I’d say try doing a small amount of yoga in addition to your sweaty exercises, like you said the 20 minutes. Even if you do just 10 minutes, don’t stop doing yoga completely and I am sure you will get back into it.

    I am like this all the time actually. I will be obsessed with a workout until I’m not anymore. Then I need time away before I can go back and get obsessed again!

  14. The same thing happens to me. I love do yoga — or more accurately, love the THOUGHT of yoga. And 20 minute sessions are nice, but I can’t go over half an hour unless I’m in an actual CLASS, versus a podcast.

  15. Yummy looking indeed. I love all the green!
    Strangely, I can’t get into the gym and running right now. I loved it for a long time, and now I just want to do long yoga podcasts. I don’t think either is bad. I think phases are normal and probably a way of our body telling us things.
    I would just roll with it. You have gone through some pretty big changes lately!

  16. I go through these phases with different types of exercise, too!
    I was into intervals for MONTHS, then I went on a yoga kick. Then I got into the 30 Day Shred, then I became a running fanatic, and now I’m into weight training.
    Just like our minds, our bodies get bored, too. I think that this is probably our body’s way of letting us know when we need to switch it up.
    I don’t think its a bad thing that you’re not grooving with yoga right now; my advice would be to just keep doing what you’re enjoying right now. Your body will let you know when its time to switch it up again.

    If you are really set on yoga and you are loving sweaty workouts, I would suggest bikram yoga (where they keep the room SUPER hot). You will most definitely sweat! Not to mention, its so warm that you’ll manage to bend yourself into positions you’d never imagined!

  17. I think its great to stay connected to your yoga practice, but there’s nothing wrong with switching things up, especially when you are at a time of transition in other areas of your life. Maybe you can do yoga as a short warmup or cool down before your gym cardio, or just do a short twenty minute session before bed. I think a love for sweaty cardio is a blessing that should be embraced!

  18. Ice cream in the oat bran – I love it!! Sounds like it would be deliciously creamy!

    As for the yoga issue, maybe just take a little break from it. You shouldn’t be forced to like/do something – then it’s a chore. Hope you get your groove back 🙂

  19. Extra green ice-cream oats – Maggie, I LOVE YOU! Do you know I still can’t find kabocha anywhere, not even at Whole Foods. I’m going to a big Asian market here in town tomorrow. Praying they have it.

    As far as the yoga goes, I find I don’t look forward to doing the longer at home podcasts nearly as much I enjoy going to an actual class. I need that group environment in a small intimate studio…that’s how I learned to love yoga. I do love the 20 minute Yoga Downloads and all of Polly’s videos, but I’d much rather take a walk outside than do a 60 or 90 minute podcast at home. It just doesn’t appeal to me, even though I love yoga.

  20. I’ve had this happen to me so many times! I’ll do yoga to the point where I start to identify myself as a “person who does yoga,” or solely run so that I feel like a “runner” . . . I think the “yogi” identity is probably more of a problem than the desire to explore other forms of fitness right now. I’m sure you’ll start to crave yoga again if you take a little break from it right now in favor of the treadmill!

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