BSI Update & A Whole Life Challenge

Keep the BSI entries coming in!  I have some great ones so far… (if you’ve entered and you’re not on the list please let me know!)

You have until Sunday night to submit!  Then I’ll pick a winner and announce who’s going to be hosting next week.

There have been a few challenges recently (Shelby, Coco, and probably more) that I really liked.  I’m going to propose my own challenge.  If you want to join me, pick at least one of the following tasks and keep me updated with your progress!  Ways to do this:

I’ll post summaries of your updates periodically (depending on how much of a response I get I might post this every day or every other day).  I’m calling this the Whole Life Challenge, because I think it’s important to have balance in our WHOLE life – not just bits and pieces!  This means nourishing our body, nourishing our mind, and nourishing our soul.  Feel free to use this icon or make your own…


The Whole Life Challenge starts tomorrow, Friday May 22nd, 2009!  Let’s try to do it for two weeks.  If we like it, we can continue on through the end of June.  Feel free to join at any time.  Here are the options (remember, you only have to pick one for each day, but you can do more):

  1. Yoga every day (at least 10 minutes)
  2. Walking every day (at least 10 minutes)
  3. New meals each week (at least 1 *new* recipe each week – can be for lunch or dinner; this can be a recipe that you make, or a meal that you eat out that you’ve never had before; preferably more than 1 each week!)
  4. Eating a big enough dinner so that I don’t need to snack before bedtime (aiiii, this is the hardest one!)
  5. Going organic for greens…
  6. So that I can eat a nourishing bowl of green oats each day! (any variation of “green” is good here – green smoothie, green oat bran, green oatmeal, green anything!)
  7. Pick your own!  Just let me know what you want to try to do for 2 weeks.  I’ll post about it and link back to you if you have a blog.

I’m going to try to do all of them.  Are you with me?  Try to do one each day!

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  1. I looked in our stores and can’t find kabocha. Whole Foods is a 45 minute drive away so I’ll sit this BSI out! Good luck to the rest and I’ll look forward to trying the recipes next Fall, hopefully the stores will have kabocha by then – I’m getting curious hearing so many good things about it!

  2. I’m on BOARD… I was already on my own self impsosed challenge:
    with 1 raw meal a day, 1 salad a day (which ends Monday) and yes, that’s 2 RAW meals a day…technically…

    and I just started yesterday to meditate 20 minutes a day for the next 90 days.

    so count me in…. I LOVE a personal challange and especially if it means focusing on balancing your life .

    Great Challenge Maggie

  3. awesome challenges! I’m still on gain-weight mode, so I’ll have to sit out on this one…but kudos to you for spreading this healthy challenges!
    and all the entries for the BSI sounds so great! esp the kabocha-lentil burgers…hee hee >___<

  4. I like your idea for the challenge especially the green oats and trying one new recipe a day. I’m game 🙂

  5. I’m totally with you Maggie!!!
    I just got an gigantic kabocha today, I’m going to submit my BSI entry on Saturday or Sunday (after Star leaves)…. ^_^
    and thanks for the shouting out!

  6. I’m in! I will try to do most of those. Yoga/ or meditation for 10 min a day; new meals made with higher/ denser calories; Like Sophia, I lost some weight again on accident and am working hard to gain it back so atm I’m not cutting back on any meals whether I’m hungry or not, but one challenge is to stick to this meal plan! Do something to destress every day; do something productive as far as reaching my career goals every day.

    That’s what I’ve got for now, but I”ll add if I think of anything!

  7. Mags, I fully support you 1,000,000%. I’ve been finding the ED&BV dinners I’ve made SUPER filling. I’m almost amazed at how NOT hungry I am the rest of the night. I would absolutely join you, but I’m trying to get away from rules with myself. I know you understand 😉

  8. Looks like some great recipes submitted so far! Wow!
    I love the idea of the challenge. I’m with Sarah though and working on loosening up. This is a great idea though and so positive in its message! I WILL try to incorporate some of the ideas because this is good stuff 🙂

  9. that sounds like a great idea…im on board. i agree, post-dinner snacking is my hardest challenge.

    i did a quickie yoga sesh before work the other day and i was AMAZED at how energizing just 10 minutes were. im not even a yoga person, but im all about incorporating it into my life as much as possible!

  10. I’m in on the challenge. I’m especially looking forward to finding time/making time for 10min of yoga a day. This will be a great 2-week challenge to get back in that groove! 🙂

  11. I’m starting this week. I’m doing a new meal 2 or 3 times a week. I find I need to definitely test out some new recipes (I’ve been cooking the same thing for a while).

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