Whole Life Challenge: Day 2

Just a quick challenge update because I want to get back to watching Shakespeare In Love with my sweetie. We just watched the game (LA v. Denver) so now I get to pick what we watch (when I saw I “watched” the game, I mean that Bobby watched and I read my new book, Bridget Jones’s Diary).

This morning we went to the farmers’ market in Sunnyvale, and I picked up my new food for the day (not that I need to have a new food each day – it’s by the week, but I figured I might as well go all out): Peppercorn Mousse (“a creamy and spicy combination of chicken liver & duck flavored with black peppercorns“).


Yes, that’s a type of pâté – I talked about my love of pâté in this post.  The mousse is from a local company called Fabrique Délices.  The mousse is all-natural, pork-free, and fully cooked.

Whole Life Challenge Day 2…


  1. Yoga – I did 10 minutes (barely) of yoga-like stretching after my walk today.  Down-dogs, frog pose, runner’s lunge, and a few sun A’s.
  2. Walking – 4.4 miles in 60 minutes (I ran slowly at 4.6 mph for part of it; walking got boring); 2% incline.  We also walked around at the farmers’ market for 20 minutes or so (at an ambling pace).
  3. New Meal – the mousse! (above)  I also decided to have green oats for dinner, which I’ve never done.  I have them often for breakfast and lunch, but never dinner.
  4. Organic – I finished off the last of my non-organic spinach with my second bowl of oats today; I’ll start using my organic baby spinach (thanks, Costco) tomorrow.
  5. Green oat bran – yes, 2 bowls!  Breakfast was with almond butter (fresh from WF) and dinner was with peanut butter (fresh from WF).  I’m really liking the simplicity of oats + nut butter.  It’s filling and delicious.  No need for sweeteners.

How’d you do on day 2?  Here’s a list of participants (let me know if I need to add you!).

(P.S. Don’t forget about the Blogger Secret Ingredient, kabocha! Check this post to see if I have your entry yet.  You have until tomorrow – Sunday – night to enter.)

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  1. totally agree when you said “I think that it doesn’t matter how my tummy feels anymore so I just keep on snacking”, that was me all the time with veggies, that’s the main source of my challenge. 🙂
    Two bowls of green oats? wooo….. that’s soooo yummy~~~ 😀

  2. I think it’s great that you snacked and didn’t binge…that is a great success, especially since it sounds like you really needed the snack!
    Ok, I even looked around London yesterday for some kabocha and couldn’t find any 🙁 I’m super bummed out. I’m looking forward to more recipes, though, so one day I can try them!

  3. oats + nut butter = great combination. so nice to eat, and feels great on the tummy. i’m totally hopping on board with your challenge, and will hopefully have time to do a proper post soon. i’m sad i didn’t get a chance to do a kabocha BSI entry, as i LOVE kabocha so much, but it is wonderful to see everyone else’s.

    hope you enjoy the rest of weekend!

  4. I’m having oat bran for dinner tonight, too! because of you, I got fixed on oat bran. I put a LOT of kabocha in it, though. I think I might even like them better than rolled oats!
    btw, I have an award for you at my blog…:-)

  5. I wanted to do the kabocha challenge, but with my brother & hos girlfriend visiting there was not much cooking involved this past week 🙁 Can’t wait to see the round up though and try out some recipes.

  6. I 220% get your snacking and I am currently reading a book on dealing with emotional eating. I believe eating when you’re not hungry and knowing your body probably doesn’t need it boils down to eating from an emotion or trigger. I actually just put a post about the book review and a post on a short quiz to see if you are an emotional eater! Check it out!! It really helped me and i hope it helps you too!!!

  7. What an awesome challenge! I am going to integrate it into my routine. I love that it promotes healthiness as a “whole”. Great idea hun! Thanks:)

  8. Maggie,
    That pate sounds delicious. Gotta love Farmer’s Mkt. finds! Sounds like you’re doing so well with your Whole Life Challenge. My problem at dinner is that I always try to keep it low calorie so that I can have some sort of “dessert” afterwards even if it’s just a bowl of oat bran or some squash with nut butter. The oat bran and squash is what I really want, and so I don’t know why I just don’t eat it for dinner. Trying to be better about this, but I think I just feel like I need to make a dinner and sit down and eat it with Chris instead of making him a veggie-filled dinner and then just having a big bowl of spinach oats for myself. Does that make sense?

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