Retiring old friends, and getting some new!

I think borrowing is one of the best concepts ever.  I love getting books from the library, borrowing movies from friends, and most recently – borrowing an awesome cookbook from our cousins:


It’s in English and Chinese (I don’t speak any Chinese at all, but I would love to learn.  I have the Rosetta Stone for it).


Speaking of new things, it was time to retire these Vera Bradley gems (they served me well).  You can’t see it in the picture, but one of the straps is being held on with a safety pin.  The straps are so worn that I don’t think I can even try to sell this.  Anyone want a free used Vera bag? If you live around here (Sunnyvale, CA) you can pick it up.  The wallet is in better condition, but it needs to retire too.


I replaced them with some new ones!


I buy Vera Bradley New With Tags (NWT) on Ebay for much cheaper than in the store.

Onto the real point of this post. MizFit is having a de-clutter challenge, and I’m going to join.  The gist of it is to give away 30 things in 30 days.  So one thing every day for the month of June.  I know where my local Goodwill is, so all I have to do is start picking items.

I’m going to be adding my own second part to the challenge though.  I have SO MUCH food in my kitchen and pantry.  There is no reason for me to have all of the random items that I have.  I’m going to try to use 30 pantry items in 30 days to declutter my kitchen.  Are you with me?  (Some pantry items might stretch out over a few days – I’m obviously not going to eat a whole package of pasta in one day.  The goal is to use something from the pantry every day.)

I’ll also be continuing my Whole Life Challenge through this Friday (and probably beyond), so June will be a challenging month.  Using up pantry items will probably help me stay on track with the *new meals* part of the Whole Life Challenge.

What will you challenge yourself to do in June?

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  1. Haha you wanting to learn chinese remind me of the time I tried to lean Japanese. That did not go over so well!

    I’m challenging myself to go 100 days with out binging. It is going to be HARD but I’m so excited!

    Hope you have a great Monday 🙂

  2. ohhhh I am IN.
    I LOVE personal challenges…ADDICTED to em. I’ll have to challenge myself to one day, NOT CHALLENGE myself.


    we live in a very clutter free world. Next to my hubs, I’ma SLOB… ( and I’m not at all) he’s just the neat KOOK. HA

    But I love the give away a day challenge. my closet could use organization, more than de-clutter, so that’s my JUNE Challenge besides, the whole life challenge…eating HIGH RAW…and my run a day list!



  3. I love your new Vera Bradley bags! Her stuff is great — I have the giant tote that has carried my laundry faithfully to my mom’s and back for a few years now! In addition to some other items too!

    I love the clutter challenge. I would SO participate except that I am at my apartment maybe once every other week and I don’t have enough stuff at my boyfriend’s yet to start giving things away.

    In June though, I am challenging myself to make smartes food choices that don’t leave me in pain and feeling regret! Stupid GI problems. It’s about time I took ahold of them.

  4. what an awesome challenge .. giving to others is such a beautiful concept! good luck 🙂 i always have such trouble parting with things!

  5. Great idea Maggie! I’m totally in. Especially since i’m leaving the country in less than 2 months….definitely need to use some of those pantry items. This idea of yours will lead to many interesting meals, i’m sure.

    And what cute bags!!


  6. Thanks for your challenge too. I’m still continuing since I’m only on my 2nd week, but every time I go to the grocery store now I think of your challenge (I’m trying something new every week).

  7. Ooo I love that Mizfit challenge! Great ideas both with the pantry AND buying Vera Bradley NWT, smart!

  8. I’m in!! I’ve been meaning to declutter for a long time and have only managed little things here and tI here so far. I love all your challenges! And I will be making those corn muffins too. Last night for dinner I made a pot pie with cornbread biscuit topping that was soooo good. And was “meant” to make about 6-7 servings but for my eat more at regular meals part of the challenge I consumed it ALL. Oh my, I feel like such a pig admitting that, especially because I still had my huge nighttime snacking session later :X. One challenge at a time, right?
    Yoga/ some sort of movement is going well. I’ve been studying a little bit and I’ve been having your green inspired breakfasts every morning I can and it feels really good to know I’ve already fulfilled such a big portion of my veggie needs so early on and can eat more intuitively during the day.

    Thanks so much for your email! I feel special 🙂 I will respond to your email later tonight when I get some more work done!

  9. MizFit’s idea is really good. I need to focus on cleaning up…not necessarily throwing things away but just putting things away.

    My main goal for the month is to continue to refrain from snacking mindlessly.

  10. The 30 things in 30 days is a really good one! I’m moving out of my current place at the end of June anyway, so I should go through all my stuff before I move it.

    I’m glad you’re continuing the Whole Life Challenge probably! I’m totally with you if you keep going! I usually feel like its pointless to walk less than 30 minutes (since the American Heart Association or whoever said that is how long you should walk a few times a week), so I don’t walk extra at all unless I plan on walking for at least 30 minutes. Several times during the past 2 weeks though, since you said it was ok to walk for just 10 minutes, I’ve gone out and walked when I otherwise wouldn’t have – and it always ends up being longer anyway.

    This comment is long, so I’ll write about the challenge and yoga later. Have a good night!

  11. using up pantry items! love it, because my pantry is chock-full of stuff, too! but…so is my fridge…I guess mine would be to use up the perishable items in the fridge first, then on to the pantry!

  12. HAHA it is so ironic as I’m ABOUT to write ya i totally want your bags! I’m thinking…hmm how many old bags do i already have laying around?? Hmm declutter much? 😀 Your new bags are totally gorgeous and bright i love them, good luck with the challenge it sounds great!

  13. cute bag! you know what’s really funny though, I just posted a blog post about my new bag too! 😆 Yours is much prettier than mine though. Mine is plain and boring. haha.

    Your challenge sounds really fun. Pantry items help with keeping on budget too!

  14. I need a cleaning month during June!!! 😀 the last couples of days were tooooo good to not over expand with my usual eating style! hahahah… but totally enjoyed it!
    I’ve tried to use up pantry food too…. but haven’t had much success… I guess I need keep trying!

  15. Love that you’re continuing the challenge… it’s a long term lifestyle challenge for sure!

    I discovered a used bookstore this weekend that’s just a couple blocks away and I’m in cookbook heaven.

  16. i neeeeeeeeeeeeed to do this! ive been cooking my dried chickpeas every day, so that counts, i think…

    i have been making nearly weekly trips to the salvation army to get rid of excess crap btw. its very therapeutic, until i start seeing people in my clothes…haha

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