What a bag of crap!

There is a point to this post.

Have you heard of Woot.com?  It’s a website that sells a new item every day at a low price.  Today’s item is a 2-pack of fire extinguishers for $9.99.  It’s been more exciting in the past – Roombas (cool vacuums), mp3 players, etc…  It’s not something I’d normally be interested in, but occasionally they sell these things called “bags of crap“.  A “bag of crap” is a way for them to clear out their warehouse and make some money off of it.  You buy 3 “bags of crap” at $1 each plus $5 shipping, so you pay $8 and agree to receive and not complain about whatever they decide to send you.  Sometimes you get broken electronics; other times you get huge HDTVs.  Sometimes you get bags of air.  It’s a crapshoot.

Bobby’s bags of crap arrived on Saturday, but we weren’t home so I had to pick them up at the post office yesterday.  He had high hopes and I was worried that it would just be clutter.  There was some clutter (a random piece of a computer, purple “space sand”, etc…), but we also got this new set of knives that perfectly matches our black and steel kitchen.


It’s an Arcosteel 5-piece knife set.  Not super-nice, but definitely made the $8 bags of crap worth it.  The knives are heavy; they’re very sharp too.  I’m having lots of fun chopping (they’re still not as nice as my ceramic knives though). In the bag was also an infrared thermometer – what do you use this for?

We also got this awesome cat-condo.  Hehe.


After I trekked to the post office to get the bags of crap (I walked 1.4 miles there and back – 2.8 total – for my exercise), I made lunch using pantry items (dried shiitakes, soba noodles).  I used this recipe but subbed in mushrooms instead of onions.  It wasn’t nearly as good and I used way too many mushrooms.  At least the mushrooms are almost gone.  I think they’re over a year old.


Today and yesterday I did yoga in the morning – Tom Morley’s buns & thighs yoga from exercise tv (~20 minutes).  I think I’m going to try to get in my yoga in the morning from now on.  It’s easier that way.

And I have an announcement – my mom is coming!!  She gets in late next Tuesday (1 week!) and is staying for a week.  I’m so excited and happy.  I can’t wait to hang out with her, and talk, and do yoga together, and all the other fun things that we love to do.  She’s going to stay in our guest room so I really have to declutter in the next week.  Good thing that’s one of my June goals.

I have *a ton* of stuff to do today (blog-related, tutoring-related, school-related, career-related, errands, chores, gah!)  How long is your to-do list right now?  Mine seems insane and almost too much (but when it’s all written down it’s so much easier to tackle).

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  1. I always have way too much to do school, career, errands. I have lists for my to-do lists and I am the post-it queen! It’s so satisfying marking things off my list though as they are accomplished.

  2. You said it Yasmin!

    I see a future challenge coming up because I have this love/hate relationship with my stickes (at work) and to-do lists…and what happens to me when they don’t get ta-done!

    (part of MY whole life challenge is to ACCEPT how the day pans out and not SULK, or get grumpy)

    I just love being productive. and I don’t get much free time, but when I use it well….well, that’s a good day

    so YEAH your Mom is visiting. I don’t think I’ve ever had my Mom all to myself for even a day. GOOD FOR YOU

  3. Never heard of that site but I am definitely checking it out! The “bags of crap” seems like quite the gamble but it looks like you got some useful things so that is kind of cool!
    My to-do list is always out of control, whether I am legitimately busy or not. I find a lot of comfort in writing things down so even if it’s something as sill as “take out the trash” I usually write it down at the start of the day!
    Good luck with your to do’s! 🙂

  4. How fun! I think I’ll try the bag of crap and see what luck awards me.

    I started with a huge to-do list the other day. I like to write them on the back of used envelopes so they get an extra use before I recycle them. Anyways, the list was down the whole envelope and as of today I have 2 things left!

  5. yay for mommy visits 🙂 sounds so fun!

    hope your able to tackle your to do list girl – don’t forget to breathe!! hope you find some time to relax.

  6. Yay for mum visiting – my brother was just here and the time goes by too fast!

    I’ve heard of Woot – but didn’t know about the bags of crap. Sounds like a crapshoot 🙂

  7. Hey new knives are always cool! I’m gunna check that website out 🙂

    Good luck with all of your to do’s! I’ve got school-related, blog-related, and just life in general on my plate right now, but I know I can tackle it all eventually!

  8. I know how you’re feeling! I feel SO bogged down these days with things to do: forms for going to japan (renewing licenses, visa applications, etc), japanese homework, blog -stuff, hormone-doc stuff and appointments, covering a bizillion classes, setting up storage and beginning to pack and declutter for when I do move, and getting ready for a sail trip in a few weeks. Yikes! Lists are so satisfying though–they definitely help. Gmail has a cute to-do list built right in…but sometimes good old fashioned pen and paper is the best.

    Good luck with all your stuff! Glad to hear your momma is coming for a visit 🙂

  9. What a cool site! I better not tell my husband about it. He’s hooked on dealnews.com and already buys us things we don’t need because “they’re such good deals!” 🙂 But I think I’ll have fun with the site.

  10. hi Maggs!!

    Love to you and just wanted to pop over and say hi! I hope you have fun with you rsweet momma and I am partial to that kitty in the condo! How cute is THAT?

    Lovin’ the green life over at my house. My family is used to all the green food in bowls/glasses.

    Enjoy your yoga, sweetie! xoxo

  11. I’ve never heard of that site. Sounds fun!

    I’m a to-do list queen. I write everything down! It’s relieving to see everything spelled out in front of me. And so satisfying to cross something off, even if it is just “make the bed.”

    Have fun with your mom!

  12. Bag of crap? wow that is hilarious! an infrared thermometer? that sounds like part of a cheesy pick up line. “you’re so hot my infrared thermometer just popped!” 😉

    ok, i’m lame!

  13. I love that you can gamble and get something half way decent!

    I need new knives, mine are so dull!

    Have fun while your Mom’s in town, that sounds like fun!

  14. Wow. I had never heard of Woot.com. The bags of crap sound like fun, and I’m glad that the knives worked out for you.

    Good luck with the decluttering. I’m also inspired by MizFit’s decluttering challenge and am trying to declutter my life a bit. I was supposed to declutter my desk today but got a bit distracted. Well, there is always tomorrow… 🙂

  15. WOW, Bobby lucked out!! First of all, whenever there IS a bag of crap, I never ever manage to get it before it sells out. One time, I got as far as the checkout page, but then it sold out!!

    And once you DO manage to get a bag of crap, it’s so rare that you actually get awesome stuff. You guys got such a neat haul!! As for infrared thermometers, I’ve seen them used on the Food Network to check the temperature of meat or of the surface of a frying pan. 🙂

  16. that crap bag seems really fun, I’ll try my luck too! 🙂
    so exciting that your mom is coming.. it’s always nice to be around with people we lovE! ~~
    to do list? I don’t even want to begin to think of it… and since I work now and don’t have time during the day, i’ll postpone to make the list until weekend!

  17. I love woot.
    love the bag of crap.

    and it just occurred to me that WOOT is responsible for some of the clutter Im trying to get rid of this month.

    thanks WOOT 🙂

  18. Maggie,
    How fun your mom is coming for a visit! My mom travels with her job, and I really miss her when she is away. She’s in Florida right now, but I’m going to visit her next month.

    Best of luck with your to-do list. Sometimes, I just don’t feel like there are enough hours in the day to get it all done! Writing it down definitely does help.

    I’m a yoga morning girl. If I put it off, it usually doesn’t happen.

    I would love to receive a bag of crap. What a cool website. Even more, I’d like a set of ceramic knives. My collection sucks.

  19. That is fun! I feel like I would inevitably get true crap but it’s worth a shot! Your cat looks like mine kind of, he’s white underneath with little white socks haha. Have fun with your mom, I love family visits for excuses to eat out and go do fun activities.

  20. randomly surfed here from kath eats…nice blog!
    Re: infrared thermometers – they are great for making candy with. i’m a chemistry grad student and i’ve taken mine home from the lab more than once for this purpose. saves you from getting a thermometer covered in sticky sugary mess. depending on the model you have, you probably just point it at the candy cooking in your pot and should get a temp reading. they are usually pretty expensive, so i’d say you did pretty good with the bag of crap!

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