Bag of Cheap Food

What’s even better than a bag of crap?  A bag of cheap food of course!  On my way home from signing some tutoring paperwork (I’m teaching an SAT prep course this summer), I stopped by a new Asian market.  I think this one was Vietnamese.  In the Bay Area we have about a bagillion Asian markets and I love checking them out.

This one had a bargain bin where I found:

  • 08-cheap-foodsuper-ripe mangoes for $0.39 each (I got 4)
  • a bunch of eggplants taped together for $0.79
  • a bag of lemons for $1.99

I also bought 8 kabochas.  They will last me about a week.  I got “shrimp rice sheets” for $1.29 (not on sale, just cheap).


I made a pad-see-ew type dish with a mish-mosh of things in the kitchen.  Process:

  • saute chopped turkey ham, an organic nitrate/nitrite-free beef/pork hot dog, and celery in sesame oil.
  • add peanut butter, hoisin sauce, and soy sauce.
  • chop and add the rice sheets.
  • taste, then add fish sauce, rice vinegar, more hoisin sauce, and chili powder.
  • add an egg.  be sad because no more eggs to add.
  • smell delicious noodles and throw fear of oil out the window.  enjoy real food.
  • don’t take pictures because dish is ugly.

I wasn’t going to have any but it was too good to pass up.  I supplemented my bowl with a kabocha + organic ketchup + parmesan + pate.  It was a weird dinner.

So far in my de-clutter box I have my old Vera Bradley purse and a bunch of books that I want to try to sell.  I also have some bags of clothes that I’ve been meaning to give away, but haven’t yet. Can these count towards my 30 items?  😀  I didn’t do that well with decluttering the pantry/kitchen yesterday, but Bobby did eat a Lean Cuisine out of the freezer around midnight so I suppose that counts.

Be back later with a challenge update…

Are you a clutter-bug?  What is the hardest for you to decide to give away?  I tend to buy clothes on sale that I never wear.  And then I don’t want to get rid of them because I didn’t get enough use out of them.

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  1. I used to be such a packrat, then right before I moved into my apartment I cleaned up my room and threw so much stuff out, I have to do that again soon, I do have some clutter, and in a tiny apartment clutter is no good.

  2. Which Asian market did you go to? I ask because I go to Asian markets in the bay area with my mom all the time when I’m at home 🙂 It’s definitely more bustling than the avg American market for sure!

    And I am such a packrat too. I buy clothes that I don’t really love just because they’re cheap… and then I don’t throw other things out because I’m afraid that I’ll need them later!

  3. I LOVE your bag of goodies… 8 Kabocha’s…WOW you DO like em’ 🙂

    yes, anything you put in the box counts….just because you thought about it , and didn’t earlier…doesn’t disqualify you. …silly

    I have an opposite problem…together with my husband we make a perfect pair.

    I hate stuff. It breeds. (I think moving 6 times in 5 years cured me of STUFF)

    the sum of my child was given to me one day in a “bag” and even though I still have the “my life in a bag” somewhere…I am not even sure why I have that. Thank goodness it’s in a safe place (which means I have no idea where it is) or, on a mad clean day… it would go…trash or good will who knows.

    my husband is my polar opposite. He recieved his childhood in a POD. (JK) after 9 or so years together it amazes me that I haven’t seen it all.

    he saw mine in like, 2 minutes.

    one day I’ve got to introduce him to E-Bay…we’d be RICH

    i’ma chucker. i think there’s a group for that but not one in my local area.

    What’s a shrimp- rice sheet and what do you make with it?

  4. Asian markets are THE BEST! I love all the cute candy with bunny rabbits, hello kitty and stuff on them. Asians have such cute food! Plus really interesting fruits and veggies.

  5. asian markets have the cheapest produces; unfortunately, most aren’t organic, but I still frequent these places all the time.

  6. I’m a bit of a packrat myself, so I really like the idea of this giveaway challenge. I have improved after moving so much in college and now in my young professional life…you go where the jobs are and that tends to mean packing a lot. And I HATE packing, so I get rid of a lot of things. My major problem is keeping mementos from events with the intention of scrapbooking them, and then not doing it. Therefore, I have at least one large shoebox from each of my years of college (one is the leftovers from after I scrapbooked that year! yipes).
    At least I quit saving the maps from every Disney Park EVERYtime we go (which is a few times a year).
    Good luck with your decluttering!

  7. I give away clothes very easily. But I find it hard to giveaway my old stuffed toys!
    LOL at how 8 kabochas last you only a week. Same here! We’re the kabocha-killer sisters!

  8. cheap food is soooooo good! It really makes me happy when I get good deal on groceries! 8 kabochas??? how big are those? Do you eat 1 kabocha per day?? woooooooo!!!! I’m jealous of you!
    I used to be reluctant of giving away old clothes, but I think it’s better to give to someone who needs than sitting on my suitcase…so I finally made my mind and give them away to Good Will! 🙂
    dinner combo sounds yummy although I can imagine that it might not look so pretty! 🙂

  9. I hope one day you can take me to these fabulous asian markets and teach me all about these fabulous things!

    I am a clutter bug, but more because I am kind of mess than I am sentimental. Also, my mom never ever throws away anything, so it’s hard for me!

  10. Shrimp rice sheets sound really interesting! And I love Asian eggplants. I can’t believe the price you got on those mangos.
    I’m not really a cluttered person. I’m good at throwing things away when I get around to it. Clutter just arises, because I don’t get around to it.

  11. wow 8 kobocha!! Were they tiny? My last one lasted me like a week and half. It was huge and I just cut pieces of to use and then stuck it back in fridge.


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