Yoga Flow Sequence

My yoga is back!  Monday through Wednesday I did Tom Morley’s 20-minute routine every morning and I think I’m fixed.

This morning I set the kitchen timer for 25 minutes and decided to do a flow on my own.  I guess setting a timer is not very zen, but I’m a numbers gal.  I was a math major, don’t forget.  If I don’t set a timer I can’t stop thinking about how long I’ve been flowing, so the timer helps me relax more… if that makes sense.

I hurt my thumb yesterday.  I may or may not have sliced it while washing my new knife.  Ouch.  I’m a doofus and I do something like this at least once every few months.  It’s puffy and sore, so I tried to be gentle with the yoga.  The routine was simple and repetitive, but I liked it.

  • standing, hands @ heart for a few deep breaths
  • inhale arms up, exhale down, inhale half-lift, exhale step back, lower chaturanga, inhale up dog, exhale down dog
  • crescent vinyasa: inhale right leg up, exhale lunge forward, inhale crescent, hold for 2 breaths
  • crescent-pose

  • exhale & vinyasa, repeat on the left
  • plank waves (inhale forward to plank, exhale down dog) – a few times
  • repeat whole crescent/vinyasa fast sequence 5-6 times (1 breath per pose)
  • stepping forward, inhale halfway, exhale down, inhale chair – hold chair for a few breaths, then exhale, vinyasa, and back to down dog
  • utkatasana

  • vinyasa sequence with warrior 1 -> warrior 2 -> reverse warrior -> side angle on each side (1 breath per pose)
  • plank waves (inhale forward to plank, exhale down dog) – a few times
  • repeat 5-6 times: vinyasa sequence of warrior 1 -> warrior 2 (1 breath per pose)
  • step forward and repeat the chair sequence back to down dog
  • vinyasa sequence with warrior 1 to “waterfall warrior” (waterfall up and down from humble warrior – hands clasped behind your back and bowing down and up 3 times, then holding it for 2 breaths)
  • humble-warrior

  • crescent/vinyasa fast sequence again (5 times)
  • forward to chair, then twisting chair and step back to reverse prayer -> warrior 2 -> triangle -> half moon -> standing splits -> repeat on the left.
  • half-moon-pose

  • floor poses: pidgeon (both sides), happy baby, head stand, plow. confession: no savasana (!).
  • headstand

The ending was nice.  I’m working on building core strength, so while I was in headstand I practiced lowering and raisng my legs *with control*.  Ugh, so hard!  Then I refueled.


Mmm.  Oat bran, Mighty Maple peanut butter, spinach.  Plus my computer, blogs, and sodastream seltzer of course!

Only 5 days until my mom comes!  What’s your favorite thing to do with your parents? I’m trying to figure out what activities we should do.  I think we’ll probably go to the beach, I’ll show her all of my cool grocery stores, we’ll cook together, maybe go into San Francisco for a day…

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  1. Yeaaaah…you got your YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGA BACK!

    hate hate hate cuts. i get a paper cut a month…it’s annoying

    Setting a timer IS zen if it lets you let your MIND off the time.

    it’s a tool…. I do the same thing when I am trying to meditate…

    I need to wear a watch…not very zen-ish…but I can’t relax otherwise.

    I went to an air show with my Dad a couple years ago…that was fun…other than that I think camping is the best.

    a day at the beach sounds so GREAT.

  2. I knew your yoga would come back to you! Those poses look too hard for me, although I did attempt pigeon pose in Core Fusion this morning. I got excited when I saw it on your blog just now because I knew what you were talking about and I understood that picture! Haha.

    I’m the same way with the clock. I am no math major but I have a major obsessesion with time — knowing what time it is, knowing how long I have left in a gym class, being insanely early everywhere I go because I love to overestimate how much time everything takes. Sigh.

    Anyway, great post! LOVE the mighty maple 🙂

  3. what a great yoga sequence, lovely!! I think I may just have to try that tomorrow 🙂

    my favourite thing to do with my parents is try some of my favourite restaurants, make some meals together, walk outside, farmer’s market….tea in the sun….

    have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Yay for yoga! I should try flowing on my own on occasion. And I do thinks like that cut all the time. It’s a bit ridiculous.
    Have fun with your mom. I love when mine visits! She’s fun to shop with and my dad is fun to eat with!

  5. That yoga sounds GREAT! You definitely got your yoga back. (So jealous that you can do headstand! 🙂 ..) Delicious refueling!
    <3 jess

  6. Hi there! I’m a new blogger here, although I’ve been reading your blog for a while, and I enjoy it very much!

    I’m an engineering student and love my numbers too. I have a set schedule and the morning and have to keep my clock within view while I’m doing yoga, so similar concept ;).

    Ouch! I hope your thumb feels better.

    I love shopping, site-seeing (museums), movie-watching, and of course going to restaurants and farmer’s markets with my mom. Hope you have fun together!

  7. My parents and I love going to the mall together. And going for walks around the lakes.

    That waterfall move looks very painful.

  8. really good vinyasa sequence, i’ve never done yoga by myself… how can I think of the sequence? You’re so creative! but at the same time I think it’s more intuitive than doing a podcast…so I need to do it sometimes soon!
    fav thing with mom? cook, shopping and walk! 🙂

  9. im so impressed that you just created your own routine…ok, i know thats nothing to you, ms yoga master, but im still trying to get into it. i even bought a yoga positions pamphlet (type a much?) so i can totally understand the need to set a timer…haha

  10. Ooh thanks for the poses. That’s awesome that a math major is a yogi!

    I hurt my thumb and index finger yesterday too. I may or may not have tried to pull a muffin pan out of the oven a couple minutes after it had been put in. We better not ever get in the kitchen together; who knows what kind of mayhem and injuries may ensue! 🙂

  11. Maggie,
    Loved your confession. i often opt out of Savasana when I practice at home. I just get so distracted and feel like I need to get working on other things. That’s one of the reasons I love going to a class – gets my mind off of everything going on around me. For some reason, I can’t do that at home.

    Great flow and great looking bowl of spinach oats. I just blended some oats with broccoli for lunch and loved it. My sweetened rice protein powder helped. 🙂

    I love going out to eat with my parents. They are so entertaining. Chris and I just sit there and laugh at them, um I mean, with them. 🙂

    Have a good weekend!

  12. congratulations!!
    i got this awesome yoga book, at first i wasnt kinda into it, but then one of my friends could do all this cool flexible stuff, like the splits. And i always wanted to do that. So i stretched more often like in the monrings and at night, and yesterday i was flipping through my book and it had the headstand in it, and i was like “i wanna do that” so i tried it out.
    at first i gave up, then i kept trying again until i got it right!

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