Whole Life Challenges and the future

I just finished 2 weeks of my Whole Life Challenge.


Yoga… At the beginning of this challenge I was practicing yoga sporadically, and I felt like I had lost the passion that I used to have.  Even through the first week of the challenge, I didn’t really take the yoga part seriously.  Yes, I was doing 10 minutes of yoga or yoga stretching every day, but it didn’t mean anything.  Finally, on Monday of this week I did the video that got me into yoga in the first place – 20-minute buns & thighs by Tom Morley (exercise tv).  This was the yoga that I loved.  This brought back memories of running with my dad and trying to teach him yoga afterwards (when he visited back in November).  Memories of falling over when attemping warrior 3.  Memories of gaining the strength and flexibility that I needed to be a yogi.  Memories of finally being able to complete the routine with ease and enjoyment.   I got back my yoga, and I flowed on my own yesterday and today.  Today I set the timer for 30-minutes (5 more than yesterday), and I didn’t look it until it beeped just as I was done cooling down.  This challenge gave me back my yoga.

Walking… When we moved into our new apartment we gained access to a gym room with treadmills.  Treadmills can tell you your speed, your incline, how far you’ve gone.  I’d never had access to this information, and I became obsessed with going farther, going faster, and competing with myself.  The first week of the challenge I continued with the treadmill.  But I also took a long walk outside.  Then this week I walked to and from the post office, about a mile away.  Then I walked around the block.  Then I walked around a different block.  And now I don’t want to walk on the treadmill anymore, I want to be outside, soaking up that Vitamin D that I missed so much this winter.  This challenge gave me back my walking for relaxation and enjoyment – not walking for the numbers.

New meals… I’ve tried several new dishes over the past two weeks.  I’m not completely out of my rut, but I’d expanded my diet a little bit.  Yesterday I made this yummy dish for lunch (along with some rotisserie chicken):11-eggplant

It was about 10 organic garlic cloves (no joke), crushed and chopped, sauteed in olive oil, along with two of the cheap eggplants that I got on Tuesday.  I topped it with this cool new organic ketchup (fruit sweetened) and lots of parmesan.  Okay, this is not really a new meal, since it’s just a twist on my ketchup/parmesan obsession, but I wanted to share it. The bigger issue is…

Organic… This was fairly easy, as I just had to buy organic greens.  I ended up getting organic spinach from Costco ($3.49 for a pound box – I went through about 6 in the last 2 weeks) and I got my organic romaine at Han Kook, the Korean grocery ($1.99 for 3 heads).  It wasn’t hard for me to find ways to buy organic cheaply.  If Han Kook is out of romaine, I don’t get it and I just eat more spinach.

Green oat bran… Of course this was a breeze.  I love my green oat bran.

What did the other participants think?  Go look:

I’m going to keep up these challenges through June, but I might not post updates quite as often.  I’m going to add some more to the list:

  • De-cluttering
  • Drinking water before bed
  • Using pantry items every day
  • Breathing and thinking before making decisions
  • Cleaning/organizing (5 minutes) each day

Thanks for following my challenges!

I was talking to someone today about this recent challenge kick that I’ve been on – she was asking about why I did it and if it worked?

If you say your goals out loud and if you write them down you are so much more likely to follow through.  Get a buddy and tell him/her what you want to do.  You’ll have someone to hold you accountable, and you won’t want to let him/her down.  I could have kept my challenges to myself, but I don’t think I would have stuck with them for as long.  Publishing my goals motivated me to succeed.  I think that these 2 challenging weeks were a success, and I owe it to my readers and the other participants.

Have a wonderful weekend.  Only 4 days until my Mom visits… 🙂  (Yikes, gotta clean and organize.)

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  1. Hi Maggie! Glad to hear that your back on your yoga and that you walk outside. I’m thinking about trying this challenge myself (even though it’s technically over). I need to add some yoga, walking, and new dishes.

    I tend to stuff myself with veggies too, during dinner, and as much as I love my veggies, sometimes I’m just not satisfied, so I snack on everything in sight, even though I’m not hungry and get a tummy ache. Perhaps this challenge will help me out as much as it helped you out. I agree that writing things down and having other people know you are on a challenge helps you keep your goals.

  2. So glad to know that your inner yogi is back! I really want to try that yoga class that brought you back… I’ll try to look it in blockbuster!
    And I’m so agree with you that treadmill may trick you and lead you to compete yourself with numbers… that’s why I enjoy walking outside whenever I can with someone either Star or my friend. I hope I can have some good walk this weekend.
    June seems to be a challenge month…everyone is doing some kind of challenge… I like it! So far so good! 🙂

  3. the best things i learned from this were 1)starting my work days with something as simple as 10 minutes of stretching and half ass yoga poses realllly made a difference and 2) choosing to snack on ONLY one thing (like fruit) after dinner really was just as satisfying and i didnt feel deprived. as for the walking, well i always love doing that, and i really think i found some new fave food items, even if it is at the expense of my wallet (kombucha)

    sooo THANKS!!

  4. Thanks so much for coming up with the challenge. It’s made me think about trying new things, and even though I start with just baby steps – trying a new healthy recipe every week – it made me more conscious of a lot of things.

  5. Hi Maggie – I’ve gotten inspired to start the Whole Life Challenge. Thanks for the inspiration!


  6. Maggie!! CONGRATS! you did FABULOUS on your challenge…wow…you really gained some precious things in your life! I esp liked what you said here: “This challenge gave me back my walking for relaxation and enjoyment – not walking for the numbers.” Yes! You’re learning to really enjoy your body, your health, your movements, your life!

  7. Great recap! I totally agree with you about the walking outside thing. often we get too focused on a certain number(s) when we need to focus on enjoying ourselves and bettering our bodies.
    Thanks for this post!
    <3 jess

  8. I totally know what you mean, by trying to “fill your self with veggies” when you are hungry. Because it is safe. Its scary to close your eyes and just bite the bullet 🙁

    Job well done.
    this WHOLE FOODS CHALLENGE this amazing

  9. Hey Maggie!
    I so hear you about the Treadmill issue…I am doing the same exact thing with my lunch hour routine.

    I actually like my OCD over this because it REALLY motivates me to keep going esp when I feel like my running goals are not happening fast enough…

    GREAT GREAT WHOLE LIFE CHALLENGE and THANKS for the INSPIRATION…I think you’ve lit a lot of FIRES!

    on to WEEK 3 (and my closet)

  10. I like the recap of the challenge! You did really well and have gained a very straight to the point attitude about the things that still need improvement. I feel the same way. I know I improved on a lot of things, but I need to keep going. So the challenge does not end here for me! And as I started packing for my trip this morning, I also was going through my closet and pulling out a few things I don’t need too.
    I also wanted to let you know, I finally started my blog! It will be mostly travel centered so I can write about my trip, but I know I”ll also talk about my other interests too, so check it out if you’d like! I listed the website, and hopefully I”ll figure out how to make it prettier soon.

  11. Congratulations Maggie. I’d say this challenge was a success!

    My mom was asking me why I always am trying things like these challenges and I told her that I don’t ever want to stop “challenging” myself. EVER.

  12. I’ve been trying to have 3 large meals in the hopes that I’ll snack less, not just dinner. It seems to be working so far. But that may be because I’m really concentrating on it. In some ways I don’t think snacking is bad as long as you’re listening to your body and only eating when hungry. But…the body can really try to fool you with hunger-like cravings.

  13. Maggie’s got her groove back. 🙂

    So glad you are enjoying yoga and walking without numbers. There is nothing like a good walk outside in the warm sunshine. That’s all I’ve been doing the last 3 days as my shoulder was bothering me a bit. So, no yoga – just walking. We have some great trails near our house, and I love just wandering around the woods. Makes me happy.

    Oh my gosh, that is my favorite ketchup ever – CD’s too. My only complaint is that it’s so hard to get out of the freaking jar. I love that’s its in glass and not plastic, but I wish it was squeezable!
    That eggplant dish looks delicious – I love garlic.

    Hope you’re having a good Sunday Maggie. Good luck with the cleaning/organizing. I need to do some of that today too.

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