Mom’s first day :)

My mom has only been to California (I live in Sunnyvale) once before – when we drove across the country last February (which was my first time here too).  We’re trying to enjoy our limited time (she leaves on Tuesday) so we’re doing lots of mother-daughter things… like shopping.

After our delicious bowls of green oat bran, we hit the stores.  We went to Santana Row and the mall.  We hit up Lupicia (a tea shop) where Mom got a bunch of delicious tea (one was rum raisin flavored!).  We also went to Bath & Body Works for a big sale.  We both got candles and other goodies for 75% off.  We wandered a bit more, then went to The Container Store (love!  her first time), Lucy, Lululemon, Anthropologie, and Vera Bradley.  Didn’t get much… but towards the end we were getting hungry and just wanted to go home.


I decided to treat her to another one of my favorite recipes – Soba Noodles with Umeboshi Dressing and Sauteed Onions.  It was her first time having soba noodles and she loved them.  Delicious.  We cooked up a huge onion to put on top.  Mom drizzled a little bit of honey on hers, but said she probably didn’t need it after all.  She just really likes the Wildflower Honey that I have.

After lunch we were ready for more shopping, so we trekked out to Target (OJ for Bobby, rice for Bobby, and long & lean tanks for me and mom), Trader Joe’s (her first time), and Han Kook (my favorite Korean grocery).  We didn’t get a chance to make seitan (soon though) and settled for Hugh Jass salads for dinner.  And a steamed kabocha (the whole thing) for me.  Mom had a bite, and said it tasted like a sweet potato.  I’ll make her eat more tomorrow.  There were some other random snacks during the day too, and lovely lightly sweetened tea samples at the mall.

We didn’t technically work out today (well, I had 20 minutes of yoga this morning) but I think all of the walking probably equates to at least what I normally do.  And if it doesn’t, who cares!  I’m having fun with the momma.

We had so much fun today. I really missed my mom a ton.  I’m happier right now than I have been in a long time.  I’m realizing how important family is to me (now I sound like NJ housewife – but then again, I am a Jersey girl) and I think it’s going to majorly affect some big decisions that are going to come up in the nearish future.  Mom is sleeping now (she was still up before 6am this morning even though she didn’t get to bed until about 2am), and I think I’m gonna go make some more kabocha.  Or eat some blueberries.  Or sit on my butt and do more crossword puzzles and watch trashy late night TV while waiting for Bobby to get home (poor boy has to work late again).  Or all of them.  Yes, definitely all.  Mmmm… kabocha.

Do you live near your family?  Do you see them often?  If you live far away, do you miss them?  How do you deal with it?

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  1. What a fun day! Seriously, I would give anything to go shopping with my mom back in Cali 🙂 I didn’t know there was Lulelemon in Northern CA, either, so I will check it out next time I am home!
    It’s hard being away from my family but there is a little comfort knowing that I will hopefully be back with them soon (we’re hoping to settle in the Cupertino area when we move back).

  2. I miss my family when I’m at school, but I’m happy to be living at home again with them this summer. We email a ton when I’m at school and keep each other up-to-date on our lives when we’re apart, which makes them a little better.

  3. I live in southern CA and my family is all spread out along the east coast. We talk and text and email all the time, but it is kind of tough sometimes, knowing I can’t just pick up and go see them on a whim. I’m working on getting the parents to come visit! Maybe I should bribe with shopping 🙂

  4. ha, i live AT home- which is a little intense, or just TENSE 😀 But I agree with need for family- I’m an only child and def can’t be alone for too long!

  5. I live very close to my mom, very far from my brother. I miss my brother like crazy! I want more than anything for him to move back!

  6. So SO SO happy you are enjoying your Mom.

    all our fam is at least an hour away in different directions.

    rarely see em! 🙁

    I miss my pops the most and he’s the farthest…(and we probably see him the most too) wierd huh?

    Love the cuisine you are making for her!

    Have fun today!

  7. i live with my family, but when i think of moving out and not being near them 24/7, it sounds exciting but scary.

  8. I live far away and it gets tough sometimes. We have up and down relationships, so I wouldn’t want to live next door, but definitely a lot closer so it wasn’t 20 hrs of driving or a required flight. It gets expensive too, buying tickets, hotels, boarding the pets, etc. I wish it were easier to see all of them when I wanted to.

  9. aww i’m so glad you’re having fun with your mom! i love santana row, especially the crate and barrel over there.

  10. “I’ll make her eat more tomorrow.”
    -That made me laugh so much! haha

    I’m glad you’re having such a great time with your mom! That’s always nice =)

  11. What do you think of Lululemon? Their stuff is adorable but so expensive.
    I live 2000 miles from my parents. When I was a teenager, I wanted to be on a different continent from them. 🙂 Now I could happily live next door.

  12. I live with my parents–a lot of my American friends think it’s odd, but in Korea, you’re “supposed” to live with your parents until you get married. However, I can’t imagine living without them, because they are the only ones who understand my weird quirks. Actually, I don’t think I can leave Seattle because my whole family is here (cousins, aunts, uncles galore!).

    Glad to hear you are having a blast with your mom! Hope you have a fantastic day with her!

  13. Awesome! I was born and raised in Sunnyvale, Ca! So awesome that you live here.

    If you haven’t already, check out Thea Mediterranean restaurant on Santana Row. TO DIE FOR!

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