Another Green Start

I forgot to mention last night that I made Mom try my pâté… and she *loved* it.  She thought it was so funny that I would have pâté in my house since I’m such a health nut and eat vegan about 90% of the time.  We both agreed that Dad probably would have loved it even more.  Yum.  My parents always enjoy having meat (in moderation of course) because both of my siblings are vegetarian (my sister is actually vegan) and my parents are way too accommodating (kidding… kind of).

This morning we started out again with green oat bran, ‘cept this time I put more spinach in Mom’s (at her request)!  She actually went all out and made a cool savory concoction – so good.  I would definitely make it for dinner.


Mine was simple: oat bran, extra peanut butter, salt & vanilla, spinach.  Mom’s was savory: oat bran, a teaspoon of olive oil, salt & pepper, oregano, spinach – topped with parmesan!  She’s very creative.

Today’s plans include… Santa Cruz (for beaching), then Half Moon Bay (for cuteness), and foot massages (for relaxing) after we get home.  Sounds good to me.  Happy Thursday 🙂

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  1. I had my mom try some of my green smoothie today too and she had this “I can’t believe this is spinach” look on her face ;). Beaches and foot massages? Sounds super fun and relaxing. Hope you have a fabulous day too, Maggie!

  2. Maggie,
    What a wonderful Thursday, and I now know where you get your love of Parm. 🙂

    I’m so glad you are enjoying having your mom in town. My family is here in Nashville, and CD and I have decided not to move to Colorado. So, as excited as I was about our move out West, I am happy that I will be close to my family as I don’t know what I’d do without them.

    So good to know you also eat an entire kabocha in a day. I was starting to think I had a squash eating problem.

    Enjoy your foot massage!

  3. Foot massages? FUN!!
    Your green oats look great and sound delicious. Your mom is creative for sure! Gotta love parm 😉
    <3 jess

  4. Ok, confession time…my in-laws always try to get me to eat pate and I always say I don’t like it, but I have actually never tried it! Usually I will try any food once but pate freaks me out for some reason. Just wanted to come clean with someone 😉

    Enjoy your day, Maggie!

  5. Oh, I love Santa Cruz. I’m hoping to make it up there sometime this summer. I hope you have a great time there with your mom!

  6. im not gonna lie, pate reminds me of cat food. when i lived in spain my senora made me sandwiches with it and i just threw them out. wasteful yes, but better than causing me to hurl!

    ok, so for some unknown reason my blog makeover has hit a road bump, so although my blog address is the same, you have to change the google reader subscription to

    not sure why, but don’t forget to make the switch, i lost all my readers (tear)

  7. sounds like you are having a wonderful time with your momma. i’m so glad that she could come and visit–it looks like you are making the most of your time!!
    good for her for making the spinach oats her own! yay!!

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