Happy Birthday Bobby!

Happy Birthday Bobby! He’s 23.  I got him this cool game and gave it to him last night:


It’s called Puerto Rico and it’s an incredibly confusing board game.  It’s made by the same people who make Settlers of Catan, another funky board game.  I’ve never played either one, but Bobby played Settlers at work and liked it a lot.

My mom and I picked up the game after we… got foot massages!  They were wonderful.  It was the same 1 hour for $20 ($5 minimum tip) that I did about a month ago.  Before the foot massages we wandered around the Santa Cruz boardwalk for a little while, and then we drove up the coast and stopped in at Half Moon Bay on the way home.  We ended up not stopping for lunch (since we’d eaten breakfast around 11am and it was filling) but by the time we got home at 4 we were hangry.  We each made humongo salads.


Mom’s salad was a base of romaine, topped with fresh peas (from a roadside stand), red pepper, tomato, cucumber, onion, daikon sprouts, and chicken.  She used Annie’s Lite Honey Mustard dressing at my suggestion.


My salad was an even bigger base of romaine, topped with fresh peas, red pepper, tomato, onion, daikon sprouts, cherries, steamed kabocha (of course), and a butt-load of vegan parmesan.  I used Annie’s Lite Honey Mustard for dressing too.


I think I ate something else with this but I forget what it was.  I know that my mom had a piece of bread with a new cheese that she got at Half Moon Bay.  After our salads we went out for the foot massage and Bobby’s game, and when we came back I had my typical dinner (kabocha, veggies, and some chicken.  and then more kabocha and a peach and some raw peas).

The other day when I was talking about simple foods, a lot of people commented about how they like simplicity in most things… but they *love* crazy complicated salads.  I’m the same way.  I love throwing in a big mix of things from the fridge.  I do like simple salads too, as long as they’re huge.

We haven’t eaten breakfast yet because our water has been shut off from 9am – 2pm.  I forgot 🙁  And did not plan accordingly.  I think we’ll do green oat bran again because I have a container of water in the fridge.  It’s just frustrating that I can’t shower or use the sink until 2pm.  I hope that it goes on before then!  I’m going to do a little bitta yoga once I finish blogging.  Mom is in the pool and hot tub.

Today we’re going to try to go to a nature preserve that’s a little bit south of San Jose (maybe 30 minutes from my apartment?), possibly seitan (but this might be tomorrow instead), and a nice Japanese dinner for Bobby’s birthday.  We haven’t picked a place yet but once Bobby decides I’ll make a reservation.

Happy Friday!

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  1. NO WATER…booo
    Happy Birthday Bobby!!! 23…YIKES I am old!!!!

    I remember 23. I remember 32….HA

    Glad you and Mamma are having such a great week!

  2. Happy Birthday Bobby! My ex was obsessed with Settlers, we used to play it all the time- it’s a great game! Puerto Rico looks really good too. Have a great weekend!

  3. Happy Birthday, Bobby! Hope you guys have a great time wherever you go tonight!

    Sorry to here you haven’t eaten yet :(. At least that green oat bran is waiting for you!

  4. Happy Birthday to Bobby! I hope you guys have a great dinner out! And what a cool gift…I actually LOVE board games…I’m such a dork. lol.

  5. Happy Birthday Bobby! Those salads look great. I love having HUGE salads with tons of ingredients! It makes it so fun 🙂

    I hope your day was great, and have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Happy Birthday Bobby,
    Another wonderful day with your mom Maggie. 1 hour of foot massage for $20 – that’s a bargain! I so need that right now…think I’ll treat myself to a pedi soon, but first I need to restock my kabocha.

    Hope you guys had fun at dinner tonight. 🙂

  7. happy B-day Bobby!!! he’s soooo young!!! I’m sure he’ll have a great celebration with u! 🙂
    simple or complex salad??? mmmmm….. I think both are fine for me as long as it’s huge too!
    have a great weekend! 🙂
    Really jealous of you having your mom with you to do everything!

  8. Settlers of Catan is a great game! I’ve never heard of P.R. Sounds fun too.

    I like both simple and complex salads. Complex ones probably taste better but often take more energy to make than I have.

  9. Happy Birthday!

    Those look like some tasty salads. Trying adding Jane’s Crazy Mixed Up Salt for some flavor. My favorite.

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