Guest Recipe – Tomato Oats!

I have amazing readers.  I loved hearing about all of your own sweetest presents yesterday.  I hope it’s okay that I post a few of them from the comments:

  • Cindy‘s greatest gifts are her kids
  • Annabel says she’s thankful for thoughtfulness in any form (definitely a good mindset)
  • Heather likes it when someone listens to you and gets you something that you might mention briefly (I love this kind of gift too)
  • Emily‘s favorite gift was a meaningful letter from her sister
  • Lara gets mom hand-me-downs too – even a simple sweatshirt is meaningful when it’s one of your mom’s favorites
  • and more 🙂

Another very cool reader named Brian sent me this great idea for a savory breakfast.  He was getting tired of the same old oat bran, so he made oatmeal with a twist!


Here’s the recipe:

  • 1 can Campbell’s tomato soup
  • 1 can skim milk
  • 1/2 cup Quaker rolled oats (next time try 1 cup)

Brian says he would use a whole cup of oats next time to make it thicker, but it still was delicious and he would make it again.  Thanks for the idea Brian!

I didn’t make a twist on my usual green oat bran (oat bran, peanut butter, salt & vanilla, spinach)…


But I did get a new bowl.  This one is from Daiso, a cute Japanese dollar-store type place.  Instead of everything being a dollar, most things are $1.50.  This bowl was $1.50 and it’s nice and big.  I really like it.

I have been making a change with my huge salads – instead of parmesan (which apparently bugs my stomach), I’ve been putting vegan bacon bits on top.  So good.  This salad was romaine, green peas (fresh, no spray), red onion, rotisserie chicken, chopped cherries, bacon bits, and newman’s own lowfat sesame ginger.


I’ve been neglecting posting about my June challenges (decluttering and a continuation of my Whole Life Challenge) but I’ll do an update soon.  I also have an update about an interesting health tip that I’ve been trying out too.  Here’s a hint – organic apple cider vinegar.  (Okay, that wasn’t a hint, that was it – but I DO have more to say on it.)

Off to my mat.  Happy Wednesday 🙂

14 Replies to “Guest Recipe – Tomato Oats!”

  1. Okay, that tomato oats is a weird idea. But definitely interesting! I think one of the best parts about the health blogging community is the crazy things that we eat… (and what makes it even more crazy is how GOOD all of these unusual combinations taste!)

  2. I love Daiso! They have the cutest stuff there for so cheap. I’m looking forward to that interesting health tip :). Hope you have a fabulous day!

  3. Aww, I’m glad you liked my story 🙂
    Thank you for your condolences on my blog, btw.
    I love the bowl that the tomato oats are served in. It reminds me of the hand-painted pottery we saw in Italy!

  4. Tomato oats might have a more “dinner” feel to it

    but look how fast GREEN oats have caught on!

    if someone is brave enough to to a taste test and it works…

    that post it!


    i’m off to buy some Kabocha!

  5. Yoga is a great idea!! I’m actually just getting back into yoga – I took a class in undergrad and fell asleep! – but I would like to do it more often. A DVD would be a great idea if the hotel has a DVD player, I’ll have to look into it. Thanks for the ideas! 🙂

  6. where can I find Daiso?? i love that bowl and for only 1.50??? that’s such a great deal!!!
    Maggie, I keep finding articles about the problem of consuming raw spinach…. have u did more research on that?

  7. How are the vegan bacon bits? Have you ever tried cooking with them, like sauteing them in oil before starting a meal? I cook a lot of Italian soups and ragouts, and often they start with pancetta and oil, and I’ve been trying to find a good substitute ever since going vegetarian 3 months ago.

  8. Cool recipe! I don’t know if I’d want it for breakfast, but I think it would make a great lunch. I’d want a grilled cheese sandwich with it 🙂

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