Mmm… Apple Cider Vinegar

For the past 2-ish weeks I’ve been having shots of organic apple cider vinegar in the morning because… well, I don’t really know.  I just thought it would be a good idea.


I first tried apple cider vinegar a few years ago when I asked my chiropractor what I could do to “cleanse”.  He suggested diluting it in water and taking it with honey in the morning.  He also said you have to use organic. I thought it tasted gross and I didn’t do it for more than a day or two.

Then 2 weeks ago I came across my bottle of vinegar.  I decided to try doing shots again.  I actually stuck with it this time.  So far I’ve noticed:

  • a daily dose of vinegar makes you very “regular”
  • my skin got really really bad in the middle of last week but now it’s clearing up again
  • I want to do yoga more (?)

I have no idea if these things are actually related to vinegar consumption.  Maybe?

Here are some other benefits that supposedely come from taking apple cider vinegar:

  • good for digestion
  • good for complexion
  • helps with weight management
  • reduces bad cholesterol & regulates blood pressure (from the pectin, a fiber)
  • helps your body better extract calcium from foods
  • lots of potassium – helps eliminate toxins
  • beta-carotene helps you maintain firm skin and keeps you looking youthful (though I think I get enough of this already…)
  • malic acid helps fight infections
  • relieves joint pain
  • helps with all these things: constipation, headaches, arthritis, weak bones, indigestion, high cholesterol, diarrhea, eczema, sore eyes, chronic fatigue, mild food poisoning, hair loss, high blood pressure, obesity

Sounds pretty awesome right?  I got most of this info from this article if you want to read more.

Will you try it?  Have you tried it?  What did you think?

I’m going to leave you with this teaser of what I had for lunch yesterday. I found this awesome blog and got inspired.  Is that white rice??  Maggie eats rice??


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  1. I used to use ACV on my face to clear my skin but it was too harsh. Then I tried drinking it but blehh! Maybe I will try it again soon. Sounds like great benefits!

    Love the wrap! Must be jicama rice?!

  2. To be perfectly honest, few things sound grosser than shots of apple cider vinegar. But with all those benefits… a shot never hurt anyone, right? 😀

  3. oh gosh, me and the office gals of 1995 went on an apple cider vinegar kick…to cure all.

    all I managed to do was smell like an easter egg for a month.

    I do love to rinse my hair with it and let it drip dry… but again…smells like an easter egg

    gotta love it

    your wrap looks fab and I love Emily’s cutie pie blog (and her curly hair!)

  4. Hmmm, my mom told me that drinking vinegar (brown rice vinegar though) straight up had benefits years ago, but I never did it for long because of the same reasons as you (it’s gross). Now I’m curious, maybe I’ll try it out again, because whoa look at that list ;).

    I think I spy some raw sushi rice in there?

  5. Interesting! I would be interested to know if you continue to experience positive effects from vinegar shots. I’ve read about it, but mostly to say there was no conclusive evidence that it was beneficial. Still, I’m more interested in people’s personal experience!

  6. I use apple cider vinegar on my salads everyday. I also like to make a tonic with vinegar + raw honey + cayenne, sometimes, when I’m not feeling great. Vinegar is one of my absolute favorite “flavors”, though, so I have no problem at all drinking it, but I can see how others might not like it so much!

  7. Haven’t tried it- I’m a little wary of the idea but it’s always interesting to hear the results of such experiments!

  8. I’m glad you posted this. I used it regularly for months and then sort of forgot again. But it is awesome. I definitely noted the “regular” benefit.
    I don’t know about the bingeing thing, but I did not have any issues with it when I was drinking it. Interesting. Maybe it helps curb cravings?

  9. hiii Maggie!

    YEAHHH I’ve tried it! My mom is a HUGE fan of drinking vinegar (fruity kinds like plum) until her chinese doctor told her her kidney’s weren’t doing so well and there was too much acidity in her urine. It’s definitely good for your health, but do LESS than one shot per day my dear!!

    Guess what!! UNFORTUNATELY I have twice bought kabocha that has grown mold on it!! It’s really incredibly sad actually and the second time it happened to me, I literally shed a tear. 🙁 Do you have a proper kabocha storing technhique??? I just put it on my counter top for a week and it goes FURRY. It’s disgusting actuallly….. *sigh*

    P.s. I’m doing my very own big lucky giveaway (lame name …sorry!! hahah) but please come check it out!! 🙂

  10. Hm… I am tempted to try apple cider vinegar shots! Does it burn going down? I imagine it must not have a pleasant taste either. Oh and congrats on being two months binge-free! 🙂

  11. I’m intrigued. Relief to bloating, digestion, and bingeing? It sounds too good to be true. I might just try it. Even if it’s just a placebo effect, I’m cool with that!

  12. Wait, so you think it helps stop you from turning orange?? If so, I really need to take it! Haha. It’s a daily struggle to not eat too much b-nut squash or pumpkin, cause my hands definitely turn orange from it. The decreased joint pain benefit sounds good, too.

    I’ll have to look into this– thanks! 😀

  13. Maggie yum I love apple cider vinegar! I think I took shots once when someone told me it would help you pass a drug test. J/K!!! or maybe not. hehehe!!!


  14. That was such an interesting article, I had never thought about ACV in that way! Although now I AM scared of having kabocha (never knew was it was until it blew up recently in the blagosphere) but I am scared it will turn my orange….

  15. I’m definitely trying this Maggie!!! I want those benefits that you get even though you’re not sure about if it was due to apple cidar, but I’ll give it a shot. I hope I can avoid turning orange by consuming more kabocha.
    So, are do you take it? every morning before having breakfast? how much of it and with how much water? Do you take it during the day too?

  16. Missy and I went through a phase last year where we drank it every day with water & honey. I didn’t hate it but also didn’t notice any benefits, and eventually I stopped out of laziness. Maybe I should start it up again!

  17. hello maggie!

    finally back to civilization and internet. just catching up on your posts! love your new blog look.
    apple cider vinegar sounds just like what i need! And I have some i’ve been trying to use up too!

    so do you take it first thing in morning? how much? and what is the ratio of vinegar to honey you use? do you mix anything else in??

    hope you’re doing really well!!

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