Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day, Dad! You’ve been there for me since I was little…

me dad 80s

And I love you so much!  It’s really hard being 3000 miles away, but I’m glad you came to visit me last November…

me dad 2008

I hope you have a really wonderful day 🙂

Check out my dad’s buttermilk pancakes.  He used to make these for us every Saturday morning.  He should start a blog.  He’s a great cook, he’s been running every other day (4 miles) since he was in high school, and he’s the perfect healthy role model.  Maybe he’ll do a guest post someday.

Last night I made kabocha-ushi sushi yet again because we were having friends over for dinner and I needed a winning recipe.  I bought 2 pounds of the $0.99/pound salmon at Han Kook (the ugly cuts that are leftover after they cut the sushi) and smeared it with a honey/mustard/lemon juice mixture.  Then I baked the salmon at 350F for ~20 minutes on top of foil.  When it came out I picked off all the meat and put it in a bowl.  I may or may not have snitched some during this process – yum.

01 fushi dinner

These were the toppings – lettuce for wrapping, jicama “rice”, sushi rice, cooked salmon, daikon sprouts, bacon bits, sauteed shredded kabocha with garlic, Costco rotisserie chicken, and soy sauce + wasabi for dipping.  I also made a garlic bread (from the freezer).  I now have even more kabocha converts.  (FYI – this meal cost about $7 to feed 4 hungry people.)

For dessert we had Holey Donuts (review to come).  Everyone loved the kabocha-ushi and the donuts.  I was happy.

Not sure what my plans for today are… I might head over to the Mountain View farmers’ market this morning.  I’ll do some yoga.  I’ll probably walk.  I’m tutoring a girl in pre-calc this afternoon.  Bobby has to go to work so my day is pretty free.

Happy Father’s Day again!  Go call your dad, or give him a hug if you’re lucky enough to see him today.

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  1. So good to have a healthy role model in your life! Holey donuts YUM! Yoga, a walk and a farmers market, sounds like the perfect day!


  2. Happy Father’s Day, Maggie! That is such an adorable picture of you two :D. The spread looks yummy as well.

  3. I’m gonna give my dad a huge hug right after this comment. The pics of you and your dad just makes me crave one big bear hug from my daddy even more.
    I absolutely LOVED your use of kabocha in that sushi. You’re awesome, you’re the Kabocha Queen.

  4. awwwww…Happy Father’s Day to all our awesome pops..HUH?

    I love the pics of you n Dad! So so so sweet

    hope your day was great too!

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