Chillax exercise & a fun flow

I’ve been talking a lot about food lately, but I’ve been exercising too.  If you’re ever curious about what I do each day, check out my WORKOUT page.  I list my daily workouts.

The past few weeks I’ve mostly been doing yoga and walking.  Every since my Whole Life Challenge I’ve done yoga just about every day.  I’ve been doing a morning flow – it varies between 25 and 35 minutes, and it’s all on my own.  I set the timer and go.  (Try this!)

As for walking, I’ve tried to get outside and walk at least once a day.  Today I had to go to the post office, so I walked there and back (1 mile each way).  I also had to pick up some groceries (I like to go often and only get a few items), so I walked to Han Kook and back (0.7 miles each way).  I got in 3.4 miles of walking just by doing my errands.

On Saturday I tricked Bobby into going for a walk with me… it ended up being a 4 mile walk around the block.  He was surprised at how easy it was to walk 4 miles, but he felt the effects the next day.  He said his feet were really sore.

My new favorite yoga flow is this (repeat on each side):

  • from standing, inhale chair, exhale on the right to twisting chair pose (3 breaths)
  • twisting chair

  • look down, stepping the left foot back, revolving lunge (3 breaths; bind optional)

    revolving lunge

  • cartwheel the hands and lower the back foot, warrior 2 (3 breaths)
  • warrior 2

  • inhale to reverse warrior
  • reverse warrior

  • exhale half moon, right foot standing (3 breaths)
  • half moon pose

  • lower the left hand down, warrior 3 with hands down (2 breaths)
  • ICP

  • lower the left leg and inhale to chair pose
  • chair pose

  • then exhale to mountain
  • inhale chair, twist to the left, and repeat the sequence on that side…

Most of these pictures are of my yoga idol, Sadie Nardini.  Next time I’m in New York I’m going to take one of her classes for sure.  Until then, I guess I’ll have to continue doing her Youtube Videos.

I hope you get a chance to try this short flow – add it in to a quick morning routine.  Start with some deep breathing, do a few simple sun salutations, do this flow, and follow it with some stretching on your mat.  It’ll wake you up, I promise!

What’s your favorite flow?

24 Replies to “Chillax exercise & a fun flow”

  1. You’ve inspired me to try yoga when I get to college. I think it’ll be therapeutic, and a great stress reliever!

  2. I love doing sun salutations with downward dog, plank, chatarunga, and upward dog. Great for the spine, abs, and arms. It’s based on the yoga zone dvds I enjoy :).

  3. I’ve done sun salutatiosn a few times and liked it. I’d love to be doing yoga on the beach like that one picture!

  4. My bad… I haven’t tried doing yoga by my own.. I just feel that I won’t push myself as hard as the instructors do because we all have our comfort zone and sometimes it’s hard to get our from it! 🙂
    I wish I can walk more.. but now I think I walk less than a mile per day 🙁

  5. I never knew you could do Yoga on Youtube, you opened a world for me! Thank you! I love Yoga but I really need to learn all the poses, so this is really helpful.

  6. So lucky everything is so close by to walk to! I love walking but it has super hot here in Tn. Walking in 100 degree temps just takes the fun out of it :(.


  7. hi maggie! love the new look. i teach power vinyasa classes a few times a week, here is one sequence i did a few weeks ago.

    fall forward > monkey > fold > PLANK SERIES > left leg suspended > PLANK SERIES > left 3 legged downdog to left knee/left elbow oblique squeeze x4 > right leg back, left knee down into pigeon, fold forward > set hip down, bring right leg around into revolved head to knee > single leg seated forward bend

    boat pose > roll back, bicycles > roll up into boat > roll back, wide leg crunches (options: legs straight or knees bent, pressing through heels) > roll into boat

    right knee bent, single leg seated forward bend > revolved head to knee > left leg back, right knee down into pigeon, fold forward > back to plank, right leg suspended > PLANK SERIES > right 3 legged downdog to right knee/right elbow oblique sqeeze x4 > downdog > PLANK SERIES > child’s pose

    PLANK SERIES > left leg 3 legged downdog, open hip > flipping downdog > flip back into side plank > downdog > PLANK SERIES > right leg 3 legged downdog, open hip > flipping downdog > flip back into side plank > downdog > inhale up

  8. Maggie,
    Just catching up. Loving your new blog format – very clean and simple. Your flow sounds great – some quad work for sure. 🙂 I’m learning to love Half Moon. It used to be such a challenge for me…well, some days it still is.
    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  9. Sadie Nardini is great. I love your yoga routines–she makes them look so easy and beautiful.

    I love walking, especially on hikes with Loomis. 🙂 Doing errands by walking or on your bike is a great way to kick in a “workout.”

    P.S. I am definitely loving this bright new look!

  10. Maggie,

    Sometime have your boyfriend take photos of you doing the yoga poses.

    So cool that you tricked him into walking!

    I liked your Fathers’ Day post too, your Dad sounds like a great example!

  11. That flow looks wonderful! Man I love yoga. I like sun sals, but not too many. I like mixing it up like you did here.

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