Sometimes life gets in the way

I have some new veggies.  I got these lemon cucumbers at the farmers’ market on Sunday:

02 lemon cucumber

Lemon cucumbers are a bit sweeter than normal cucumbers.  The guy I bought it from said “you don’t even have to peel it!” I’ve been having the cucumbers raw, either dipped in salt or as a salad topping.

03 lemon cucumber

I still haven’t tried my bootylicious chayote, but maybe I’ll make it tonight.

I also got these Indian bitter melons:

05 indian bitter melon

But I chickened out.  I cut them open, took one whif, and pitched them.  I don’t like (actually despise) normal Chinese bitter melons and I wasn’t in the mood yesterday to be disappointed by my food.

In yoga news, I discovered yesterday that Cardio Yoga is back on On Demand!  You can find it in the “Lose the last 5 pounds” section (or something like that).  Cardio Yoga is my favorite Tom Morley video (20 minutes; vinyasa) and it’s actually the video that got me into yoga oh-so-long-ago (or last fall).  I did it after my treadmill walk/run with Bobby.  He woke up today with no back pain and credits it to the video.  Every time he does yoga his back issues disappear almost immediately.

Today’s question is – what do you do to unwind/destress?

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  1. Ooo I remember those lemon cucumbers from when I worked at a CSA farm last summer. They were one of my favorite things to harvest!

  2. hey Maggie,

    just browsing your awesome blog
    sad to see you threw out the Indian bitter melon
    they are quite bitter at first but they are one of my mom’s favorite foods
    there are alot of different recipes for them
    so if you ever think about trying them, let me know.

    hope you’re well

  3. Those lemon cucumbers sounds yummy, must try and find it sometime. Haha, I don’t peel kabocha either–it’s good the way it is and quicker ;).

    So sorry you had lots of stress, Maggie. I don’t cope with stress well, but I find that talking to people and crying helps a lot. I’m emotionally attached to food too (I just love food so much), and sometimes a comforting bowl of good eats helps as well.

    Yoga eases my back pain a little too. I just need to be consistent with it (only been doing it once a week these days)!

    Hope today is a better day for you 😀

  4. OH I hear you!!

    my whole life has been dictated by someone else and I so tire of it.
    and I LOVE how I eat now…but as I am learning patiently, Rome wasn’t built in a day and sometimes others just need to read the MEMO.

    Sorry you are stressed (or were), glad you hit the treadmill… I SO NEED it too when I am down.
    i have been learning to get outside and move, walk and get my attention OFF my troubles until I am in a better frame of mind…and then tackle what needs to be tackled…OR NOT if that seems prudent too.

    (and sometimes a big bowl of pasta just calms the soul!)

  5. Hope you feel better, Maggie! Life definitely gets in the way and sometimes thats good and sometimes bad. But I’m sure things will improve…sweating is usually a good release.

  6. Maggie,
    Sorry you had a bad day yesterday, but I’m glad you’re feeling better today. I’m really happy with you’re diet too, and so don’t go changing things. 🙂

    I will spend hours cooking in the kitchen to de-stress, take a long walk, or go get a pedi and pray that the nail salon has the latest issue of US Weekly.

  7. How cool are those lemon cucumbers?! I rarely peel anything either. If you buy organic you don’t need to worry about the waxy gross stuff and the peel is where a lot of nutrients are. Even the root veggies like potatoes and carrots are good with a quick scrub!

    Johnny’s mom gave us this weird little fruit to try.. I forget what it was, but looked kind of like your melons – weirdly prickly and oblong. I cut into them and was just like.. eww, no. Johnny was brave and tried, but immeidately spit out. I hate wasting food, but you know what?! sometime’s it’s warranted!!!! 🙂

  8. *hugs* I hope you’re feeling better now, Maggie! I always go for a loooong walk to de-stress.

    Those cucumbers are adorable.

  9. Those lemon cucumbers look like little squashes that my family eats. I used to eat it as well with fermented fish. It was definitely one of my comfort foods. I’ll have to recreate that. Thanks for reminding me!

    Wowza that Indian bitter melon looks creeeeEeepy! I’ve never seen it before. I didn’t know that there were so many different ethnic types of bitter melons out there. I wonder how it tastes like, other than bitter, of course.

    What are those Chinese bitter melons are you referring to? My family and Long’s family eats a bitter melon as well, we have a traditional soup for it. The one we eat is light greenish in color and looks almost like a wrinkly pickle–not as scary as the Indian bitter melon. And it’s pretty big. LOL

    I hope that yoga helps you de-stress. Life can get pretty hectic and crazy. When I get stressed out, I bake and bake and bake. I also do a lot of venting, but if I can’t vent, I just submerge myself in something that will get my mind off of the stress for the time being. I deal with it later when I’m more calm and clear minded. I hope this helps!

  10. I’ve never ever heard of lemon cucumbers before! Crazy. Those melons look interesting too–sorry you were under stress and pitched them 🙁 I hope you feel better soon!

  11. I’m sorry things are stressful. Never fun. Hope things go better.

    The lemon cucumber sounds really neat. I’ve never heard of it.

    I’m determined to try Chinese bitter melon this summer. It really intrigues me. My Sunday School co-teacher is Laotian and I know she has a recipe for them. I want to ask her for some good ideas.

  12. I hope it wasn’t anything serious that caused you the stress!
    I’ve never seen lemon cucumbers, they are so cute! And I hate bitter melons, there’s no way that I can like it. I like your quote about not changing to please anyone! 🙂

  13. Those melons scare me. They remind me of a cactus or a green blowfish, and I find neither of those things appetizing.
    First time commenter here!

    Anyway, people think I’m nuts but I get in such a crappy mood when I get something to eat that disappoints me (especially in a restaurant). Part of it is the money spent for something I didn’t like, but part of it is that I feel like a meal was “wasted.” I missed an opportunity to truly enjoy some great grub! Sounds odd, but I just like food too much to not be disappointed when it stinks (why would you go see a terrible movie if you know you would have like another one more?)

    Anyway, I unwind by walking and walking and walking. If I can focus, I do yoga, and working out in my garden (anything outside if it’s nice) clears my head.

  14. I never heard of lemon cucumbers! Now I need to try them. Maybe Whole Foods would have them? To destress, I lay in bed with a book and a glass of wine!

  15. lemon cucumbers?!?!? how neat! I am gonna try to find them at my asian grocer store.

    to unwind I try to spend some quality time with my dog and read in bed – other than that, I guess I really need to seek out more relaxing things to do.

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