A break from…

I wanted to do something new for breakfast since I wasn’t in the mood for green oats.  I decided to go all macrobiotic and do an oat bran + miso soup brekkie.

17 breakfast

The oat bran was:

  • 1/2 cup oat bran
  • 1.5 cups water
  • dash of salt
  • 4-5 tablespoons of my ABU (1 part almond butter to 3 parts chocolate soy milk)

The miso soup was:

  • matcha soybean green tea for the base (with lemon)
  • wakame
  • spoon of miso

16 lemon green tea

I try to make a big pitcher of tea every morning and drink it throughout the day.  It was really good as a miso soup base.  I especially liked the hint of lemon (I slice a whole lemon and dump it into the tea).

18 green tea

I get the tea from Lupicia – I have a ton of different flavors and I’m trying to use them up so I can get new ones.  This is “Matcha Black Soybean Rice Tea“.  One of my (and Bobby’s!) favorites.

This breakfast was surprisingly filling, since the green oat bowls are actually bigger than what I made today (spinach gives it volume).

Don’t forget about my June challenges.  I’ll be updating about them either tomorrow or on the first of July. I have to admit, I kind of forgot about most of them.  I was supposed to declutter and give away one thing every day, but I think I only have 2 things in my declutter box.  I suppose I can find 30 things to give away tomorrow though.

Do you have any challenges that you want to work on?

P.S. Bobby comes back from Miami tomorrow morning and I couldn’t be more excited.  I missed him 🙂

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  1. Oh my goodness, Maggie, i had no idea that they were poisonous :(. Hope you are still ok! I totally know what you mean by the whole sick thing–I just wait and hope that it will just pass by. I can’t stand getting sick!

    A challenge I want to work on is to get closer to God, and to understand that I am never alone with Him by my side 🙂 (since I often feel lonely). It’s so great that you enjoyed your breakfast with no interrupts–I must start doing that too. I also could use some intuitive eating tips, i.e. enjoy what I’m eating and find out what I enjoy! Hope you enjoy the lovely day!

  2. Just as I say hello to kabocha, you say goodbye.

    I am actually on a bit of a challenge myself, not so public, but I’m happy to report, I’m winning!!! You are so inspiring to me Maggie!

  3. I totally know what you mean about associating foods with sickness. When I was younger, I hate about 8 oranges in one sitting, and the acid totally just killed my stomach. I was terribly sick, and for awhile, I didn’t want to eat oranges. Glad to say that I can now eat oranges and I’ve learned not to eat so many at once… I hope you feel better soon! 🙂

  4. I am sorry rhubarb leaves gave you a scare. I am sure you didn’t eat enough of it…. Carrot tops are toxic too…I just found that out…I could have easily juiced that.

    I am really looking forward to a new July Challenge. June’s was great for me but I am ready to move on

    June was a very emotionally draining month for me (it’s cuz I am older now HA) so perhaps for me ..JULY (and since it’s gonna heat up) should be about rest, recharging batteries (I see a fast in my future)… other than that I am still working on running and BALANCE…I don’t think I am ever gonna tire of that one…

    I think eating what our bodies tell us to is so so so important and a great goal.
    I ate a wasabi avocado sandwich yesterday… just HAD TO. and it felt so so so good. Our bodies are good at speaking to us if we learn to listen…
    Happy Monday

  5. Mmm that tea looks refreshing! I totally know the feeling of associating foods with sickness. Last summer I got food poisoning after a dinner of mussels (one of my FAV seafoods) and haven’t been able to eat them since b/c same thing – now just tastes like throw-up. Johnny can’t eat chicken noodle soup (the canned stuff) b/c he associates it w/ always being fed it when he was sick.

  6. So cool that you eat on your knees! I need to challenge myself to NOT read or look at magazines etc. when I eat. I need to work on just focusing on the good food I’m eating:) Thanks for the inspiration. We’ll see if I can start that tomorrow.

    Hope Bobby gets home safe and sound:)

  7. Sorry about the green oat debacle. I’ve had a few mishaps in the kitchen lately as well – it’s been a Heat the Salmon Butt kind of week! At least you made up for it with a yummy breakfast today.

    I’m looking forward to following you on your July challenge as you know I struggle with just eating what I want. It’s going really well though – I’m much happier too. 🙂

  8. I am definitely still struggling with the no binging thing. I was good for about 3 months and then I completely blew it yesterday at the “White Trash Baby Bash” I threw for my friend (pics on my blog). I did all the cooking and baking and there was tons of cake and chips left at my house. Not good!!!! My husband threw some of it away and I covered the left over cake and cupcake containers with a towel so I don’t have to look at them. Hahaha!! Great job making it this far. You got this!


  9. I’m SO glad you’re still ok. What a scare. What would this blog world do without our dear Maggie?
    I can’t wait to hear abt your July Challenge, Maggie! I totally agree that we need to learn to eat what we want without feeling the urge to binge.

  10. I totally understand the food sickness thing! I once was veryyy sick on grape jelly on toast when I was little and it took me a long time to be able to eat it again!

    Good luck with the new challenge, you CAN do it!!!

  11. sorry about your green oat aversion maggie! i totally feel ya on the food association thing. maybe it will wane in time. how about some fruity oats? im loving ginger peach oat bran with dates or figs right now.

  12. Such a coincidence Maggie that both of us (kabocha lovers) are taking a break from kabocha. I know it will be hard, but at least I’ll give it a try! 🙂
    sorry that you had to take a break from green oats too. But maybe it will give u chance to explore new combos! 🙂

  13. I like your July challenge! that is a really good goal.

    I am always looking for a good tea, that sounds tasty. I like to put soy in mine for added flavor. …but I have never heard of soybean rice tea. I need to see if we carry that..interesting!

  14. Dear Maggie, I am so inspired that you have really kicked the bingeing in the butt. I am working through it, but I still need all the tips and tricks I can get. Maybe I will try your “one food” thing….would you say it has helped more than it has harmed? It seems like it really helped you.
    Looking forward to your potential soy fro yo creation…I tried it a few times and it wasn’t what I hoped, but I don’t have a very good blender.

  15. Associations with bad food and being sick is no fun. When I was 6, I threw up after eating waffles. I couldn’t eat them again until I was 20. I also got sick after eating some salsa once. It took several years before I could eat jarred salsa again.

    Good luck with your challenge. I still need to work on my snacking challenge.

  16. Am glad you’re okay! I learned early on that rhubarb leaves are poisonous because we used to have a plant of it in my garden when I was a child so my parents drilled it into my head- but most people have no idea.

    Good luck with July’s challenge! And that’s a great idea for using the tea as a soup base.

  17. sorry to hear that the Rhubarb is having such bad effects on you with food. I was really shocked to find out that it was poisonous. Hope you begin to feel better soon!

    Congrats on the 2.5 month mark!! that’s huge news! You must be proud. I know I would be!

    Can’t wait to see what lays ahead for the July challenges.

  18. Phew! Glad to hear you didn’t boot – that would have been sad, and even more scary, I’m sure. Good to know rhubarb greens are poisonous though! Definitely not common knowledge, so don’t feel bad. 🙂

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