Fun foods!

Yesterday afternoon I treated myself to this:

19 fraiche

A soy frozen yogurt from Fraiche in Palo Alto, CA.  I topped it with cinnamon and cocoa powder (free!).  I wandered around while I ate it and drank cold ice water.  I stopped by Lululemon (a few good sales, but nothing in my size) and followed it up with a manicure.  My nail/wax person, Tina, asked me if I use self-tanner on my hands.  Guess the kabocha is finally kicking in.  I told her about it and she said that it must be good for my skin because my face looks great.

Tina also told me about “nghe” (she didn’t know the English word for it; she’s Vietnamese.  What looks like ginger on the outside but is bright yellow on the inside?  Turmeric!  I googled around and found out that nghe is Vietnamese for turmeric.  You can make a paste from the rhizome and put it on your face and apparently it’s great for the skin.  She said it’s also good if you eat it… and she says it won’t turn your skin yellow.  I think I might try it if I can find it around here.

Last night I decided to use more pantry items for dinner and made a shrimp/greens/spaghetti sauce meal.

20 shrimp greens

I sauteed a whole lotta garlic in a whole lotta olive oil (healthy fats), added shrimp, added greens, added sauce + water, and topped with lots of vegan parm (which is nowhere near as good as real parmesan).

And I only ate half of a kabocha last night.  😀  Coco‘s trying to cut back on kabocha as well.  I think it’s good to have things in moderation.

This morning I did what I did yesterday… ABU oat bran + miso soup.  I missed my miso!

21 breakfast

I also missed my Bobby!  I’m going to pick him up from the airport as soon as I hit “Publish”.  Happy Tuesday 🙂

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  1. Oh yeah, I heard that turmeric has lots of minerals (like iron), antioxidants, and other good for you things. I try to incorporate it in my cooking, but haven’t done too much with it yet. Sounds like you had a really fantastic day,especially with that soy froyo. Mmm, wish we had some of that stuff around here! I have kabocha daily too, but only like 1/8 of one or something like that. It’s sooo yummy!

    Have fun with the boy 😀

  2. Turmeric is great for you – inside and out – in both the fresh and dried form. I’ve never seen it fresh around here but it is a great anti-inflammatory and is even being sold in capsule form now.

  3. I love cinnamon & cocoa powder together. Your soy frozen yogurt with cinnamon & cocoa powder looks soooooo good! And your shrimp dish is exactly my kind of meal…

    I love going to the airport to pick up people – all the anticipation on the drive, while parking, while waiting, when you first see them… 🙂

  4. Omigod I have been having frozen yogert on my lunch its deelish! I get fruit on mine… I love fro-yo!

  5. ahhh that is why I love cali. You can get fro yo on every corner!!! My favorite of all is the taro flavor from yogurtland…I dream about it at night…really!!

    I love that you always introduce new ingredients. Turmeric is one of those things you hear about but don’t use at all!! So interseting Maggie! Thanks!!!

    P.s. I reallllly love the new blog colors!!!

  6. fun foods indeed!!! and so fun that you’re finally turning orange.. hahaha….. it took u too much kabocha to get it!! hahah…..
    I’m cutting back on kabocha totally! No kabocha this week! It’s hard, but fortunately I have dairy free chocolate pudding to compensate!
    oh…. manicure, I need one!! 😀

  7. Cinnamon and cocoa powder is such a great combo! That froyo looks yummy. Ahhh yes, the orange hands. I need to cut back on the beta-carotene pretty soon! Pumpkin is my kryptonite, though. It’s so delicious 😀

  8. I miss my miso too. I haven’t been drinking it in the mornings since I started drinking coffee again. Thanks for the reminder Maggie!

    Glad Bobby’s getting back tonight – I know you’ve missed him.

    My last kabocha was moldy and nothing but mush inside. 🙁

  9. I heard turmeric is one of the superfoods! Froyo…what a great treat!
    Aww…cutting back on kabocha? Oh well, you’re right, moderation is good! I guess I’m turning a bit orange, too.

  10. Mmm frozen yogurt! I like how those shops have so many different, sometimes weird, flavors. Makes life interesting. haha.

    I love tumeric. I use it all the time in curries, stir fries, Indian cooking…vegan food! It’s soOo good for you. The gazillion health benefits are astounding–anti-inflammatory, aiding in digestion, and even treat depression. It reminds me of ground flaxseeds!

    Have fun with Bobby!

  11. I’ve heard that turmeric has great anti-inflammatory properties. But, beware, it will turn wooden utensils yellow!! (I discovered this when making cous cous once!). By the way, I found my first kabocha recently at Kroger of all places!

  12. That’s a really sugary drink but anyway….but it’s good in the winter… I put cinnamon sticks in my coffee to get that same chocolaty cinnamon taste …its so good.

  13. ORANGE HANDS AND FEET CLUB! do you want to be president? ill be the treasurer. 🙂 my pedi lady always teases me when i go in. “squash or carrots?” BOTH BABY! lol

  14. Soy Frozen Yogurt?!??! YUMMMM..that looks delightful!

    I need to start eating before i read your blog LOL

    Have a great day!


  15. I am so jealous! I would love to be able to go out for some frozen yogurt. They need to open up in my area.

    Glad the kabocha is working so well! I may have to seek some out.

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