Bag of Cheap Food

What’s even better than a bag of crap?  A bag of cheap food of course!  On my way home from signing some tutoring paperwork (I’m teaching an SAT prep course this summer), I stopped by a new Asian market.  I think this one was Vietnamese.  In the Bay Area we have about a bagillion Asian markets and I love checking them out.

This one had a bargain bin where I found:

  • 08-cheap-foodsuper-ripe mangoes for $0.39 each (I got 4)
  • a bunch of eggplants taped together for $0.79
  • a bag of lemons for $1.99

I also bought 8 kabochas.  They will last me about a week.  I got “shrimp rice sheets” for $1.29 (not on sale, just cheap).


I made a pad-see-ew type dish with a mish-mosh of things in the kitchen.  Process:

  • saute chopped turkey ham, an organic nitrate/nitrite-free beef/pork hot dog, and celery in sesame oil.
  • add peanut butter, hoisin sauce, and soy sauce.
  • chop and add the rice sheets.
  • taste, then add fish sauce, rice vinegar, more hoisin sauce, and chili powder.
  • add an egg.  be sad because no more eggs to add.
  • smell delicious noodles and throw fear of oil out the window.  enjoy real food.
  • don’t take pictures because dish is ugly.

I wasn’t going to have any but it was too good to pass up.  I supplemented my bowl with a kabocha + organic ketchup + parmesan + pate.  It was a weird dinner.

So far in my de-clutter box I have my old Vera Bradley purse and a bunch of books that I want to try to sell.  I also have some bags of clothes that I’ve been meaning to give away, but haven’t yet. Can these count towards my 30 items?  😀  I didn’t do that well with decluttering the pantry/kitchen yesterday, but Bobby did eat a Lean Cuisine out of the freezer around midnight so I suppose that counts.

Be back later with a challenge update…

Are you a clutter-bug?  What is the hardest for you to decide to give away?  I tend to buy clothes on sale that I never wear.  And then I don’t want to get rid of them because I didn’t get enough use out of them.

What a bag of crap!

There is a point to this post.

Have you heard of  It’s a website that sells a new item every day at a low price.  Today’s item is a 2-pack of fire extinguishers for $9.99.  It’s been more exciting in the past – Roombas (cool vacuums), mp3 players, etc…  It’s not something I’d normally be interested in, but occasionally they sell these things called “bags of crap“.  A “bag of crap” is a way for them to clear out their warehouse and make some money off of it.  You buy 3 “bags of crap” at $1 each plus $5 shipping, so you pay $8 and agree to receive and not complain about whatever they decide to send you.  Sometimes you get broken electronics; other times you get huge HDTVs.  Sometimes you get bags of air.  It’s a crapshoot.

Bobby’s bags of crap arrived on Saturday, but we weren’t home so I had to pick them up at the post office yesterday.  He had high hopes and I was worried that it would just be clutter.  There was some clutter (a random piece of a computer, purple “space sand”, etc…), but we also got this new set of knives that perfectly matches our black and steel kitchen.


It’s an Arcosteel 5-piece knife set.  Not super-nice, but definitely made the $8 bags of crap worth it.  The knives are heavy; they’re very sharp too.  I’m having lots of fun chopping (they’re still not as nice as my ceramic knives though). In the bag was also an infrared thermometer – what do you use this for?

We also got this awesome cat-condo.  Hehe.


After I trekked to the post office to get the bags of crap (I walked 1.4 miles there and back – 2.8 total – for my exercise), I made lunch using pantry items (dried shiitakes, soba noodles).  I used this recipe but subbed in mushrooms instead of onions.  It wasn’t nearly as good and I used way too many mushrooms.  At least the mushrooms are almost gone.  I think they’re over a year old.


Today and yesterday I did yoga in the morning – Tom Morley’s buns & thighs yoga from exercise tv (~20 minutes).  I think I’m going to try to get in my yoga in the morning from now on.  It’s easier that way.

And I have an announcement – my mom is coming!!  She gets in late next Tuesday (1 week!) and is staying for a week.  I’m so excited and happy.  I can’t wait to hang out with her, and talk, and do yoga together, and all the other fun things that we love to do.  She’s going to stay in our guest room so I really have to declutter in the next week.  Good thing that’s one of my June goals.

I have *a ton* of stuff to do today (blog-related, tutoring-related, school-related, career-related, errands, chores, gah!)  How long is your to-do list right now?  Mine seems insane and almost too much (but when it’s all written down it’s so much easier to tackle).

Retiring old friends, and getting some new!

I think borrowing is one of the best concepts ever.  I love getting books from the library, borrowing movies from friends, and most recently – borrowing an awesome cookbook from our cousins:


It’s in English and Chinese (I don’t speak any Chinese at all, but I would love to learn.  I have the Rosetta Stone for it).


Speaking of new things, it was time to retire these Vera Bradley gems (they served me well).  You can’t see it in the picture, but one of the straps is being held on with a safety pin.  The straps are so worn that I don’t think I can even try to sell this.  Anyone want a free used Vera bag? If you live around here (Sunnyvale, CA) you can pick it up.  The wallet is in better condition, but it needs to retire too.


I replaced them with some new ones!


I buy Vera Bradley New With Tags (NWT) on Ebay for much cheaper than in the store.

Onto the real point of this post. MizFit is having a de-clutter challenge, and I’m going to join.  The gist of it is to give away 30 things in 30 days.  So one thing every day for the month of June.  I know where my local Goodwill is, so all I have to do is start picking items.

I’m going to be adding my own second part to the challenge though.  I have SO MUCH food in my kitchen and pantry.  There is no reason for me to have all of the random items that I have.  I’m going to try to use 30 pantry items in 30 days to declutter my kitchen.  Are you with me?  (Some pantry items might stretch out over a few days – I’m obviously not going to eat a whole package of pasta in one day.  The goal is to use something from the pantry every day.)

I’ll also be continuing my Whole Life Challenge through this Friday (and probably beyond), so June will be a challenging month.  Using up pantry items will probably help me stay on track with the *new meals* part of the Whole Life Challenge.

What will you challenge yourself to do in June?