The Last Hurrah

I have 3 goals in mind for July:

  1. Less kabocha!
  2. More healthy fats!
  3. Be spontaneous 🙂

I had a kind of last hurrah with kabocha last night and finished a whole one (and it was big).  I think it’s time for moderation.

As for healthy fats… I do enjoy my nut butters and olive oil, but not enoughMaria posted about this yesterday, too.  I have nut butter with breakfast and usually a little bit of olive oil with dinner and lunch – but it probably totals about 2 tablespoons altogether.  So I’m going to go for it and start incorporating more fat.

Spontaneity is also something I want to improve on.  This is just eating what I want when I want it, rather than waiting for the normal times that I eat and eating the same things.

Yesterday wasn’t a total bust in terms of goals though – I made a kickbutt Thai papaya salad based on my recipe here.

02 papaya salad

Ingredients – 1 shredded green papaya (50 cents on sale @ Vietnamese market), 1 shredded organic carrot, 2 chopped plum tomatoes (also on sale), 5-6 cloves of garlic.

Dressing – soy sauce, rice vinegar, lemon juice, worcestershire sauce, fish sauce, sugar (sweet simplicity), PB2, chili powder, chili flakes… (I might be forgetting something).

This is Bobby’s and my favorite salad, and we ate the whole thing while we were watching jeopardy and wheel (million dollar winner last night!).  Yes, we are old and we love jeopardy and wheel.  I probably had about 80% of the salad, but I was impressed at how much of it Bobby ate.  He’s not as much of a veggie disposal as I am.  The whole salad cost me about $1 to make because of this great Vietnamese store that has a cheapo rack. I got a green papaya ($0.50), a big bag of 4 chayotes and 4 tomatoes ($1.50), and 6 eggplants ($0.50).  I think that’s all.

01 shrimp konnyaku chayote

In the afternoon I made a lunch sort of thing with shrimp, konnyaku, chayote (on sale), olive oil, stir-fry sauce, and mustard (added later).  I’m almost done with the shrimp. I’m liking chayote – it’s kind of bland, but it’s nice and crunchy and good with other flavors.  I had a few other random snacks, so this wasn’t really a lunch.  Yummy though.  More like a snack to hold me until dinner.

Want to join me with any of the goals?  What are your goals for July?

Before I forget, Justine is having a really cool giveaway, so I’m going to do a confession of the day to get an extra entry – I hate clutter, but I have a terrible time getting rid of things.  I try to make Bobby give away all those ratty t-shirts that he never wears, but I always want to keep mine.  I hate the clutter but I’m scared that as soon as I give something away I’ll need it!

One more thing – my friend just launched this cool recipe search engine, NomFinder.  Check it out and let me know what you think.  I’ll pass on suggestions to him.

21 Replies to “The Last Hurrah”

  1. Maggie, looooove your goals this month! And not just because I’m in the shout out 😉 (thanks by the way!). I need to workout on spontaneity myself– I’m such a planning kind of gal. I don’t eat too much kabocha though, so I’m striving for #2&3. Plus, I’m thinking more yoga and walking, rather than running, which gives me pain in the legs/feet.

    The papaya salad looks lovely! Whoa cheap produce! Can’t beat that. Happy Wednesday!

  2. I’m IN…(did you think I would sit out???) LOL

    I am going as RAW as I can (see where it takes me) while trying to remain OKAY with wherever the day takes me…know what I mean?

    be very HIGH RAW
    be okay with the rest
    stay stocked up on what I need to make it happen
    and get some fun and laughter in because my poor heart has been heavy!

    (and make my daily exercise …DAILY) ha

    and do a JULY painting. I miss it

    is that a big enough list?

    I am glad you are working on healthy fats. I used to FEAR fat… and I have learned not only how important they are but not all fat is equal. good healhty fat is so good for us, like all things, IN BALANCE (which is why I love your whole life challenges!)

    rambling! sorry

    Happy Wednesday!

  3. One of my goals is less pumpkin! Haha. Also, to get my new apartment all set up and figure out school stuff for next year.

    Your papaya salad looks great!

  4. No kabocha! So sad.

    I tried papaya salad recently and I wasn’t a huge fan. Not really sure why. Your recipe sounds good. Maybe I’ll give it another try.

  5. My goals are to try the “high raw” thing as much as I can, to keep up my marathon training, to plan for my next school year (as a school social worker) without feeling stressed, and to relax and enjoy every moment!

    Love your goals too!

  6. Less kabocha could be a good thing. You could discover a new yummy food you love even more!

    I’m trying to encorporate more healthy fats too. Oh and more whole, natural foods. No more processed stuff for me thanks. I don’t feel great when I eat it anymore.

  7. My goals:

    Less processed foods
    More healthy fats
    Eat when I am hungry and ENJOY it
    Try not to overdo it at restaurants and other events! That is the one that I just can’t seem to tackle..

  8. Hey, thanks for the link girl! Can totally relate on the confession. I think your goals sound great! Gosh, I wish we had cool little stores like that where I live. Goals?

    *Walk more on my off days from the gym
    *Clean up more around the house
    *No binging!!!
    *Eat more for my breakfast and morning snack

  9. omigod ….I think that’s awesome that your always trying to do better. For me I am gonna try not to stress out as much and do more yoga~and be gratefull for everything….my freind just got laid off this afternoon 🙁

  10. LOVE your goals! It seems so strange to say “I need more fats” since fat is such a taboo, but that’s SUCH a myth! Fat is absolutely essential and important…like most of our brain is made with fats!
    Anyway, I also love your goal for spontaneity. You only live life once, why not experience anything and everything?

  11. the goals sound great for july! i have def been working on getting in more of the healthy fats too! it makes me feel so much better really! what a difference!

  12. I’m totally with you on these challenges Maggie! less kabocha, moderation is so important in life! Spontaneity, I guess I’m doing good on this one and more healthy fats, yes, this too! 🙂
    that salad looks delicious and fresh~ need to try it out!

  13. cannot. process. less. kabocha. ???

    just kidding. sigh, i really wish i could cut back on the carrots, im sick of being orange sometimes.

    maggie do you have any recommendations for substitutions for fish sauce? i HATE fish sauce, but tend to like all the other flavors in thai recipes.

  14. great goals Maggie! I’m the same with the healthy fats- love em…but probably a liiiittle fear there 😀 Do u like avocados, that’s another great one!

  15. Does EVOO count as healthy fat? If so..then that’s it. I use it in all my cooking except Asian. I especially like to dip fresh baguette in it …and my pizza crusts!

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