Spontaneous Fried Rice

I was helping make fried rice last night (for Bobby) and I decided to have some for myself too.

03 fried rice

It was so good! There’s more rice underneath the meat and veggies; I just like stealing extra toppings.  I’m going to have fried rice more often.  This might be the only way that I enjoy rice.  Just as a comparison, here are Bobby’s dinner (left) and my dinner (right):

04 fried rice dinner

He had a huge bowl of rice, a small bowl of salad, and went back for more rice.  I had a huge bowl of salad, a small bowl of rice, and went back for more salad.  The salad (Thai papaya salad) was the same one I posted yesterday but with added shrimp and no carrot (no extra beta-carotene).

This dinner definitely counts as spontaneous (one of my July goals).

Today’s question is: What’s your favorite healthy fat?  Mine is hands down peanut butter (all natural, plain, freshly ground is best).  I like it more than any other nut butter, more than oils, more than avocadoes, more than olives…

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  1. i am totally a peanut butter gal too, my friend.
    i do love my flax oil and sesame oil, even olive oil, but nothing beats a spoon of freshly ground plain peanut butter!

    good job on having the fried rice! it looks really yummy. I have some leftover rice in the fridge, and i think i’ll make some tonight!!

    have a great day!!

  2. Avocados hands down is my fav fat
    Coconut oil is quickly becoming my second.

    LOVE that you gave fried rice a go. Did you feel good later or not?

    Great first July Challenge day Mags! I think you ROCKED it too!


  3. Horray for being spontaneous! Thats so great that you enjoyed the rice, it looks really delicious! So does that salad! Mmm.

    I like to trick myself and say if the squash isn’t orange, I won’t turn orange. So when I restrict the mass amounts of orange foods I eat…I just go for the lighter toned squash haha

    Better than Abu?! I’ve gotta try this!

    I saw kohlrabi at the farmer’s market but didn’t buy it. I had no idea what to do with it! haha

    I adore avocado. I could eat it with every meal of the day. Second place would be almond butter. Yummy.

  4. Hurray for spontaneity! Good for you for going for what you really wanted.

    I think my favorite healthy fat is almond butter.

    Do you think the ABU/PBU can be made with regular skim milk rather than chocolate flavored?

  5. The fried rice looks GREAT, now I am craving it! Yay for being spontaneous! My favorite healthy fat would have to be cashews.

  6. Yay for being spontaneous :D. That fried rice looks really good, especially with the papaya salad on the side. Seems like you are off to a fantastic start–you met lots of your goals :).

    I can’t choose between AB & PB. I eat AB more often because it’s healthier, but I still do love the roasted flavor of my costco organic PB…yummm

  7. LOve the spontanaeity! That’s the way to go, and you’re already well onto your July goals! I’m impressed, Maggie!
    My fav fat is plain dry-roasted almonds and cashews and pistachios! I like crunchy things.

  8. Favorite healthy fat? Guess. 🙂

    I didn’t realize you weren’t a rice fan Maggie. Guess that’s why you ate mostly oat bran during your macrobiotic experiment? I love fried rice, but I haven’t had it in years. Looking forward to your recipe.

    My dinner would have looked like your’s: heavy on the salad and light on rice . Perfect!

  9. wow maggie! fried rice, awesome! my fave healthy fats…nut butters of course. im into cashew butter right now. also like avos and chia seed. and coromega orange flavored fish oil 😉

  10. love your spontaneity fried rice meal~~ I haven’t have it for a while and almost forgot how good it is.
    favorite fat? nut butter indeed! I might say my favorite one would be homemade almond butter (plain with pinch of salt). I also like the avocado in salad and chocolate!!!!! hahah……

  11. GOOD FOR YOU! I’m so happy you just went with the flow! I bet your mang was totally proud! Awesome job!
    I would have to say almond butter is my fave fat – or macadamia nuts, which I never eat, but LOVE!

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