Best Day Ever

I was so tired last night after teaching but I walked in to the house to see these beautiful purple flowers:

06 purple flowers

And then this happened:

05 ring

I’m engaged to the love of my life who also happens to be my best friend.  I couldn’t be happier 🙂

me and bobby2

Happy Monday!

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  1. I take one day off the computer and OMG!!!!

    Congratulations Maggie! I am so happy for you both.
    Marriage is such a wonderful adventure! Enjoy !!!!!


  2. Wow! that’s a pretty ring! Congratulations to the both of you! Did you guys settle on a place and date? Do you have an idea of how you’d want it? White dress? Gosh, so exciting!!

  3. Ahh CONGRATULATIONS, Maggie! I am so happy for you and your Bobby 🙂 That ring is absolutely beautiful! I can’t wait to hear more wedding details as you progress. I’m just starting the planning process and would love to swap tips with you!

  4. wahooo!!! I am SO SO happy for you. SUCH a sweet person totally deserves to be with the person they love and cherish the most forever. 🙂 You guys totally remind me of the song “Lucky”….sometimes that’s how I feel about my bf too (shhh i’m not telling him that), but if you know the lyrics, you’ll know what i mean!! 😉
    Congratulations maggie!!!!! YAY!!!!

  5. that is completely awesome and wonderful! I am so happy you found someone to love and love you back!

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