Celebration Dinner & A cute lunch

Thank you so so much for the amazing response to yesterday’s announcement.  I am overwhelmed. Details – not sure when or where.  Depends on where we’re living in a few months!  Honeymoon – Hawaii, Caribbean cruise, the Bahamas… somewhere warm.  The food – lots of awesome Japanese and Asian stuff, macrobiotic dishes, and crazy cool Maggie food.  I don’t think I could have a wedding without kabocha.  I will definitely be updating as I figure out more.

Last night we decided to go out to celebrate.  Of course we went to our favorite Thai restaurant, Blue Mango.  This is the only restaurant I ever go to anymore – I know that their food is awesome and they have tons of options.  We went all out and got three dishes to share.  First up, the Combo Fried Rice – with prawn, chicken, pork, tomato, onion and egg.  I had a little bit of this; Bobby had most of it.

10 combo fried rice

Next was the Bamboo stir-fry (vegan unless you get it with chicken) – with cashew, baby corn, straw mushroom and onion.  We got it with chicken.  We pretty much split this exactly.

08 bamboo stirfry

And lastly, the Mushroom Mountain stir-fry (vegan) – soft tofu, baby corn, bamboo, straw mushroom and bean sprout stir-fried with a bit of green curry paste. Sesame seed are sprinkled on for a beautiful finish.  I had most of this and Bobby had a little bit.  I wish they’d put more sesame seeds.

09 mushroom mountain

We just about cleaned all the plates (brought home a few pieces of chicken that I stuck in Bobby’s lunch today).

I decided to practice being wifey and make Bobby a bento lunch.  I did Soba Noodles with Umeboshi Dressing (macrobiotic), topped with sauteed onions, a hot dog, and leftover chicken. I sliced up a peach as well, and there’s an unpictured hotdog bun (with smart balance).  He also has an arsenal of snacks like milk chocolate, crackers, and sembe (Japanese cracker things).  The cutest part though is the 2 carrot hearts that I made and put on top of the noodles.  Very bento-ey 🙂

11 bobby's lunch

Here’s another thing I’ve been putting in Bobby’s lunches that he loves… Ants on a log!  You all had this when you were little, right?  Celery + peanut butter (PB&Co’s Mighty Maple here) + raisins = ants on a log.  We had a long and rather inappropriate discussion about names that would be better than “ants on a log”, but I’ll spare you the details (which mostly revolved around “poo”).

07 ants on a log

I’m off to do some yoga.  Though I can’t seem to stop staring at my ring finger when I’m in downward dog and doing chaturangas.  I might get a strange crick in my neck if I keep this up!  Speaking of yoga, I have done about 40 minutes a day for the last week… and that’s about it, for exercise.  I haven’t even been walking much.  But I feel great. Here’s my exercise log.

Today’s question: what’s your favorite childhood food? I think mine would have to be the breakfasts that my dad made on the weekends. Pancakes, waffles, and French toast.  Pancakes were every Saturday and Sundays alternated between waffles and French toast.

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  1. Congrats again!!! Your thai food all looks incredible, now I have a craving! Mmmm.. haven’t had thai in a while, must go soon! The carrot hearts are adorable. I can’t wait to hear about your wedding planning as it happens! I would be the same way if I had a ring, staring at it NONSTOP!

  2. OH and I forgot to say, pancakes, waffles and french toast were my favorite foods back then and are STILL my favorite foods!

  3. i’m going to start following your blog as of now. i really like it! congratulations on being engaged! that’s so exciting! i’m really jealous. i’m only 18, but i can’t wait to get married one day.

    that bamboo stir-fry looks delicious, and your bento lunch is so cute! ants on a log, yummy! and soba noodles are the best. my favorite childhood snack was a croissant with melted cheese on top (i wasn’t vegan back then. haha.)

    have a lovely day. and once again, congratulations!! i’m JB, by the way. 🙂

  4. Oh! I’ve been meaning to congratulate you on your engagement! YAY! CONGRATS! How exciting! Might I suggest Costa Rica as a honeymoon locale? My mom is from there and i’ve visited enough to know it is just the most beautiful country ever.

  5. Mine is probably my grandma’s homemade blueberry pancakes. Oh YUM!

    Congrats again and your dinner looks delish!
    <3 jess

  6. You’re gonna have to create some variation yoga pose so you can just stare at your beautiful ring! It’s totally acceptable to stare 🙂

    My favorite childhood foods… revolve around my dad’s epic sunday cooking sessions. He would make tomato sauce, pasta, caponata, meatballs, baccala, for the week. The house would smell amazing all day!

  7. Looking forward to seeing your plans progress!

    My favorite childhood foods were usually unhealthy. I specifically remember A LOT of sour cream and chives potato chips.

  8. can’t decide on what was a favorite but i LOVED it when my Mom made breakfast for dinner… it normally meant no PEAS! yeahh for syrup and pancakes for dinner.

    maybe that and pot pies. my Kyle asked me the other day for one so I am thinking of a summer version to make for him!

    Stare at that beautiful ring all you like! it’s a special time! (Love the heart carrots)

  9. Glad you celebrated! Thats sooo wonderful!
    And that lunch is so cute. It’s fun to be domestic sometimes!

  10. Maggie,
    You keep staring at that ring my friend – it’s beautiful!

    OK, so what’s up with the kabochas lately? None of mine have been very good – fed the last one to the dogs. I’m scared to buy them from my Asian Mkt. anymore. Might switch back to butternut and sweet potatoes for a while.

    Lovely lunch – you’re going to be an amazing wife, and bobby will make an equally amazing husband. That’s what happens when you marry your best friend. 🙂

    BTW, poop discussions happen daily in the HEAB household. No shame. 🙂

  11. Oooh, I adore Thai food as well, and all the stuff you two order looks delish!

    Hehe, yay for being a soon to be wifey! Awww, love the bento style lunch and the carrots, Maggie :D.

    Hmmm, my favorite childhood foods include the ubiquitous pb&j sammies, fried rice, and Korean sushi (kimbap). Yummmy!

  12. What a lovely celebration dinner 🙂

    Hmm…favorite childhood food probably has to be rice pudding my grandma made for us…or grits! I used to eat that very often as a kid.

  13. Love the bento lunch!! Hmmm favorite childhood food would have to the chocolate and toast my mom made me for breakfast. It was a big mug of hot chocolate and anywhere from 2 to 4 buttered toasts for dipping. Healthy start to my morning right?


  14. Love the carrot hearts! How romantic:)

    I think my favorite childhood food was my grandmother’s banana pudding. It’s sad now because sometimes she will make that or pineapple upside down cake(another favorite) and I can’t even eat them anymore. Oh well, it’s the thought that counts and is very sweet:)

  15. That lunch you made for your hubby to be is great!

    I would love to make lunch for my husband, because he’s so busy he hardly ever takes time for lunch and doesn’t want me to bother!

    I totally had a flash back of when I got engaged 16 years ago! I couldn’t stop staring at my ring either it was so pretty!

  16. CONGRATULATIONS!!! That’s so exciting!

    (My favorite childhood food is absolutely breakfast type food :)).

  17. Oh Hawaii is my dream vacation!

    Meatloaf, mac n cheese, and mashed potatoes was my favorite growning up! Mmmmm…now i’m hungry 😉

  18. I LOVED my Mexican honeymoon,but I have traveled to Costa Rica before too and I highly recommend it 🙂

    And lots of foods scream “childhood” to me, but one particular one is raspberries, since my dad always grew them in our garden….

    Congrats again!!

  19. that is awesome about you going to FIU!
    again congrats your wedding is going to be amazing! no going bridezilla on everyone.haha i kid.
    My fav childhood food would prob be mac and cheese

  20. My childhood fav food? Don’t laugh…it was ramen…the instant, Korean spicy one called Shin ramen…
    Why don’t you go to Singapore? It’s kabocha is DIRT cheap…really, I buy a whole fat kabocha for about $1 by U.S dollar. And it’s warm all year round, and it is close to Malaysia, where you can find pretty deserted but gorgeous beaches…and it’s close to Thailand where you can find dirt-cheap tropical fruits!

  21. I just had one of my favorite kid foods today for lunch–grilled cheese. There was a time when that was ALL I would ever order at a restaurant. I still love it!

  22. You’re always practicing being wifey? so fun!!! that a great lunch that you packed for Bobbi, he must be proud of you! 🙂
    childhood favorite dish? actually fruits because they were expensive and I only had it once in a while!

  23. You’re putting us other wives to shame…I never pack Matt’s lunch! Haha, and it’s so cute with the carrot hearts. You guys are just so cute. I would be staring at your ring if it were on my finger, too….it’s gorgeous!!

  24. challah french toast and chocolate ice cream are foods i’ll always associate with childhood. i think one of the best realizations i ever came to is that it’s ok to enjoy them as an adult too. 🙂

    kabocha at your wedding? i want to come lol!

  25. Those Thai dishes look awesome! And I love that you want kabocha at your wedding 😀 The bento lunch is adorable! My fav. childhood food was kraft macaroni and cheese, but with the shapes! The shapes taste so much better 😀

  26. congrats again 🙂 that Thai dinner out looks like a great way to celebrate! i love the bento lunch, too.

    my favorite childhood foods are my mom’s french toast, her chicken casserole, holiday fudge pie, and my dad’s scrambled eggs + bacon 🙂 good memories.

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